1. I’ve been eating a bunch of dates filled with cream cheese. Wrapping them in bacon proved to be too much work, so I just decided to skip that part and enjoy them sans pig. I actually think I like them better without anyway. Less grease and therefore, I feel better after eating them. They’re also super good for you. I can just pop them in the toaster oven and have a nice pre- workout snack. Mmm mmm.

2. Jon and I were too lazy to try and make something for dinner out of our already lacking options the other night, so we headed up to the new fancy Whole Foods for a quick plate of dinner. Although we’re usually disappointed by the hot bar food, we still go when we’re lazy and feeling like we need to eat healthy. The best part of the outing was finding out that Wallaby makes raspberry kefir! Raspberry is my absolute favorite, but I quit drinking the raspberry Lifeway kefir (I can’t remember why- more ingredients? more expensive?) and so I’ve been sticking to blueberry and strawberry kefir cause that’s all Whole Foods by me has. So I bought 3 bottles of this yummy goodness and am very happy! (By the way, I promise I’m not all granola for drinking kefir. I see people making fun of “those people who drink kefir.” But I love yogurt and since it upsets my stomach, I’ve just had to learn to love kefir since it doesn’t and is still a good, filling snack, especially when I’m at work.)


3. I cleaned the house today and am so happy. I love a clean house more than I love a lot of other things (less than I love my cats and Jon though). We’ve just had a lot of stuff all over the place lately so I spent a good hour putting stuff away and sweeping up loads of cat litter and cat fur. Clean house, happy wife. Or maybe it’s happy wife, happy life. Whatever that saying is.

4. I went to a kettlebell class this morning. It wasn’t extremely challenging but I was pretty happy with it! It was located in the back of a pilates studio and I’ve never done pilates before. I walked in and was wondering what the hell these bench contraptions were. I was actually really concerned that I signed up for some BS pilates/kettlebell class and that I was going to have to use those table-lookin’-things. Thankfully, I was led to a back studio, where a guy was doing the kettlebell class. I really hate to be a sexist gym goer, but I really have to admit that I really prefer classes taught by men. I typically prefer the company of males over females anyway (unless it’s my good friends) because I just relate to them better and that comfort definitely extends into the gym. It was nice having a guy go over the movements and he focused on making things harder instead of the whole “let’s do light weights to build long muscle” mentality that I don’t like. I don’t want to be long and lean. I’m short and I would rather be short and squat instead of short and lean. I also really liked this class because it was just me and one other brand new woman (the other three were doing TRX and were all experienced, so the coach spent his time with us mostly), so I was actually able to discuss my hip with him and work around it instead of feeling uncomfortable and dumb for not being able to do easy moves. I would definitely go back again!

5. Next week I’ll be taking it easy on ClassPass classes and just stick to some of my regular workouts at the gym again. I need to make sure to let this hip get back to normal and I think I’ve been overdoing it. I did make myself skip the gym on my workdays this week (I wanted to go in and get some cardio and strength done) so that I’d have 3 full rest days…

6. Once Jon gets home, we’re heading to LA Fitness for another workout. Nothing crazy, I just want to get my sweat on with some incline walking tonight. I’ve really been wanting to run but I know I can’t do that yet. Ah well.

7. I’m off tomorrow and am doing a gym class with Laura at 9 and then we’re having brunch. I assume Jon and I will spend our day together, probably getting coffee and hopefully doing something outdoors. Sunday I have to work till 3 and then we’re going to my mom and dad’s house for dinner! I like being home from traveling and getting to spend Sunday evenings at my parent’s house!

8. This was boring. Sorry. Not.

2 thoughts on “Randoms

  1. I actually found it really interesting. I never thought to try dates and cream cheese.

    I’m glad you are enjoying all the classes. I tried kettlebells once and gosh I was sore. I cannot even imagine not even being that sore.

  2. Dates and cream cheese actually sounds like a good combination. I’m glad you liked the class- some of the best group fitness instructors I’ve had were men. My friend Will is an amazing BodyPump and spin instructor, he went to another gym so I miss doing his classes- his passion and personality always came through. I think having a few guy instructors on staff gets more men to try classes, too.

    Glad your hip is feeling better and you’re finding ways to work around it but also heal. I hope it will be ok bc I know how much it means to you to work out like you want to!

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