Cleaning out my closet! Fun times.

It’s later than I usually post, but I decided to get one in for the day! Might as well!

After I got called off work on Monday, I caught up on an episode of Real World (I know that nobody past the age of 14 should watch this show, but OnDemand is lacking in shows lately and I just started watching it and now I’m hooked again) and then decided to clean out my closet! I have no idea what got me in the mood to do it. Perhaps it was watching the Tiny House documentary on Netflix making me feel like I need to downsize and live minimally!

I’ll just preface this by telling you all that Jon has been telling me for way too long that I have way too many clothes! I’ve gone through my closet tons of times and taken stuff to Goodwill (last year I think I took about 10 bags to Goodwill) but you know how you just hang onto things because you “might” wear them again? Well, I just kept all of those things when I’ve cleaned out my closet in the past because I really did like them! I recently cleaned out my dresser when we got a new bedroom set, so for the most part, all the clothes in there are things that I’ll wear.


I went balls to the wall and just got rid of everything! Purses with the tags still on? Gone! The Banana Republic dress that is really nice and I absolutely love but is just too big (dang those dressing room mirrors)? GONE! The “going out” shirt I wore back in 2007 and I have no idea how it even covered my boobs?! GONE!!!! The really cute dresses that I actually loved and were not cheap but didn’t fit nearly as well as I remembered (strapless does NOT look good on me)?! GONE!!!! GONE!!! GONE!!!!!! I even got rid of my favorite green St Patrick’s Day halter top (for real, it’s cute, and I could wear it now still but time to let go!) Know what else is gone? All my Charlotte Russe hangers from when I worked there and hoarded them! I got rid of so many clothes that I now can use all nice hangers for every article of clothing AND I filled our spare closet with hangers too! I literally tried on every piece of clothing in my closet other than dress pants and the clothes that I actually wear on a regular basis. I wish I had taken a before picture…


And there she is! As minimal as my closet will probably ever get. It may be hard to tell, but my clothes are now taking up exactly 1/2 the closet. Jon finally has 1/2 of the closet all to himself. I never thought the day would come! I feel so free! It feels really good to know that I actually like and will wear every single article of clothing that I currently have! Now, hopefully I don’t go looking for any of the things that I got rid of… But I’ll just have to remind myself that those things didn’t fit right.

I can’t believe I just talked about cleaning out my closet for that long. Can you tell how excited I am? It’s a big deal. Really. And it took over 3 hours of my day. I sold 10 items to Plato’s Closet today for $50! I was excited about that, but considering they took two Coach purses with tags still on them, I should feel a bit cheated.

I finished my Monday off with another barre class at Svelte and loved it. I was super sore the next day but still missing my harder workouts. Unfortunately, I went for a 2-3 mile run on Monday before Svelte and I think I re-aggravated my hip. It feels inflamed again and has been a bit more painful, even just at rest. It’s not terrible, but I think after I attend my next 2 ClassPass classes (I already registered), I’ll take a break from doing ClassPass and just go to LA Fitness where I have complete control over my movements and don’t try things that irritate it at all for a week or so.

Tonight I did my first TRX class and was totally bummed out by it. I thought I’d love TRX and it may have been the studio, but it wasn’t nearly as hard as I thought it would be. Also, I felt more pressure on my hip during that than with anything else I’ve done and my knees started hurting, so I think TRX will be out, at least at that studio (and not many offer it).

Anywho, tomorrow is back to work for a day. Then I’m excited to have two days off in a row to really finish up taxes! Jon and I just scanned in a bunch of W2s and hopefully I can get the tax workbook sent into Travel Tax so that we can get moving on all of this. I’m just really dreading all of this tax stuff this year. It’s looming over my head big time. Ugh. Being an adult really sucks sometimes. Especially with complicated taxes.

Time to go relax with Jon before Nashville! Have a good night, guys!


4 thoughts on “Cleaning out my closet! Fun times.

  1. Cleaning out my closet is something I’ve been wanting to do as well. I feel like I get so much random stuff that just accumulates that I almost never wear. When I see my work schedule and see I have two days off, I always get so excited too.

  2. runninginscrubs

    I’ve cleaned my closet out when I changed seasons and made a huge pile to donate and now that pile is living in the corner of my bedroom. Fail.

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