Monday Updates: ClassPass, Shooting, Super Bowl

Happy Monday! I was actually supposed to work form 11-3 today for somebody, but they JUST called me off work for the four hours! I can’t say that I’m the least bit disappointed since I was really not feeling work today! Aside from a Svelte class (from ClassPass) this evening, my day is now wide open to get cleaning and taxes worked on! How fun.

This past week was a fairly busy one! I worked pretty much every other day, and the days I was off, Jon was off as well. I never really talked about it in my blog, but Jon quit school this past semester so that he could hopefully get a job as a clinical rep. It was a fairly long process and he found out at the end of January that he didn’t get the job, which came as a bit of a surprise. He is still only working Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays for right now (that’s what he was working while he was in school) and we’re hoping to get his work situation sorted out soon so that he can go back to full time. I want to make sure we have stable health insurance coverage if we’re going to be having babies. That’s also why I was waiting on an MRI, but clearly, that won’t be happening now. (I’m not too worried about the MRI since I’m definitely improving now. Slowly but surely!)

Anyway, when Jon and I have days off together during the week, we typically spend some time hanging out with each other so I don’t really get on the computer much! This past week we ran a bunch of errands and enjoyed a coffee shop together!


We were hoping to hike, but it never ended up happening! We did go to the range one night for some shooting fun! I don’t think it’ll be a regular outing as it cost us close to $150 (WHO KNEW?!), but it was good to shoot my gun again and I got some hands on time with Jon’s. I like to make sure I remember how to use them every so often since they’re in the house and when Jon is out of town, I have to protect myself against any intruders! The cats won’t be much help. Also, that $150 was totally worth it because at the end, this guy came in with some really awesome guns and he let Jon shoot them and I haven’t seen him that excited in a long time! He was like a kid in a candy store. (That gun in the picture is mine. I prefer revolvers.)


Last Wednesday night, Laura and I tried a Pure Barre class in Druid Hills and it was absolutely terrible. We were totally lost and the woman kept telling us to tuck and extend. Who knows what we were tucking. I thought our tailbone, but then in most of the positions, there was no way to tuck it? We were lost. We hated it. Fail. We won’t be going back. I did my first BodyPump class at Adrenaline GX on Saturday morning. It was super crowded but it was also a pretty good workout! I sweat a little bit, even if only from the warm air in the room. I was also excited to do squats, even if they were only with about 30#! No pain in my hip! I would like to give it a shot at LA Fitness when I can really focus on the movement, but I’m hopeful! Lunges are still out, but if I could do squats, I’d be a happy girl! Overall, I’m enjoying checking out these studios and getting a different type of workout! I do miss going to either CrossFit or LA Fitness because I’m not getting in much cardio or strength at these gyms, and I definitely miss it. This week I’m trying a TRX class (I am SO excited about this one!), a kettle bell class, and then Laura and I are going back to our Cardio Muscle Mix class that we did the other week. I may try to make it in to LA Fitness on my work nights this week and try to go for a run on my days off since I have a 5k coming up.

Also, I’ve had a lot of recent search terms about ClassPass and their cancellation policy! My guess is because it is nearly impossible to find anything on the website about it and there is no contact number to call them! But when I missed my very first class because I couldn’t find it, I had emailed ClassPass and they responded saying they know that sometimes people get sick or something happens and to just email them about it so they can cancel that $20 fee. The website tracks your classes, so I assume if cancellations happened frequently, the response may be different… But I was happy with the customer service regarding that class!

Last night Jon and I went over to Crista and Billy’s for the Super Bowl. I was totally not interested at all and was looking forward to going home after work, but it was good to see Crista! Thankfully we had a really slow afternoon at work (funny how people stay out of the ER when it’s convenient for them) so I wasn’t totally beat, but by the time we got home, I got ready for bed, read for 20 minutes, and crashed hard. I didn’t wake up till Tom sat on my face this morning for his morning cuddles!

Alrighty, time to go attempt to be productive in this dreary weather! It’s bumming me out!


7 thoughts on “Monday Updates: ClassPass, Shooting, Super Bowl

  1. Our weather here is dreary too, yuck! It’s crazy that your blog gets hits from Class Pass cancellations but it sounds like aside from the issues you had that the class pass is a neat way to switch up workouts. That sucks that the barre ones wasn’t fun but you live and learn and know not to go back, I guess.

    • I was surprised too since I didn’t think I had ever mentioned canceling it, and usually my blog gets hits from titles of each post. Ah well! I think barre isn’t totally my thing, but I like giving it a shot!

  2. I want a gun when I move out to my own place, I want to live with the thought that I have protection as a single woman. I need to research in how to obtain a gun permit since Massachusetts has the strictest gun laws in the US. The number one thing I hate about this state, because the criminals are obtaining guns legally! But most liberals won’t use rationality to that, sigh.

    That’s expensive for the shooting range! I think here is slightly cheaper, even more so in New Hampshire.

    That’s good about your hip! It’s getting there!

    • I think the range was so expensive cause Jon rented a gun and we ended up buying 5 boxes of ammo there! But still, that was with “ladies night” so my admission was free. It was easy in GA to buy a gun and for concealed carry here, anybody who was in the military can carry with the submission of one form. Not hard. I’d definitely get a gun though! I felt safer living alone!

  3. runninginscrubs

    I love that mug, where’s it from? Shooting ranges are so expensive, I looked at getting a gun in my old house but ended up not, but the research told me it was WAY more than I thought’d be!

    • I love that mug too! It’s at the Land of a Thousand Hills coffee shop! I want to buy one SO BAD but I’ve been buying mugs from all my trips and Jon is so irritated with my plethora of mugs! But it’s the best! Guns can be super expensive! My revolver was only $80! I went with a guy who’s really into guns and we went to some kind of sketch gun shop closer to the mountains and they had a lot of used ones. It’s WAY more reasonable to buy a used one! And I really like my gun a lot! I shot a glock that I really liked at the range and then found out it was a $800 gun. No thanks!

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