Monday Eats & Daily Life

Since I’m being lazy and have pictures of most of what I ate on Monday, I figured I’d just do a WIAMonday and WID(id)Monday.

6:45am: Woke up and laid in bed, hoping to fall back to sleep.

8:00: Jon left for work. I was hopeful of going back to sleep still.

9:30: Nope. Not happening. Got up and ate 2 scrambled eggs and a glass of Organic Wallaby blueberry kefir (no pictures, sorry). Started some laundry, unloaded and loaded the dishwasher, and looked at ClassPass.

11:00: Got dressed and brushed my teeth.

11:15: Headed downtown to The Training Room for a FitCamp class.

12:00: Class for an hour. This was essentially the exact same as CrossFit, despite the coach telling me that it’s different than CrossFit and is more of a personal training type of thing. Well, in almost 6 years of CrossFit, I can say that this was a CrossFit gym without having to pay the affiliate fees. Smart. They did also have a personal training area in the back, which is nice. I fell in love again with HIIT and was able to do 135# deadlifts with no pain. I didn’t push it any further, but I think I’d have been fine to go up in weight. We basically did 6 minutes of abs, 2 deadlifts (mine at 135#) every 2 minutes for 4 rounds, and then a 20 minute AMRAP of 10 deadlifts (85#), 15 box jumps, 20 knees to elbows, and 30 plank rows. I made it for 4 rounds and 35 reps. It felt fantastic and now I’m considering if I really want to even keep up with ClassPass or just head back to CrossFit and work with my hip there.

1:00: Left gym and headed to Costco for 2 dozen organic eggs, organic plant based protein powder, organic bananas, and organic medjool dates (so easy to go organic at Costco).

2:30: Came home to throw together some post-gym food and switch over some laundry. I decided to count the protein in my meal- 35-40g of protein. I was too lazy to count anything else but was curious for a minute. (Pancakes made with 2 eggs, 1/2 banana, 1 1/2 scoops of protein powder, a tablespoon-ish of cocoa powder- made 4, but I saved 2 for later.) I should have turned my plate the other way and I would have had a smiley face.


3:30: Went to Whole Foods for some steaks, raspberries, arugula, frozen hashbrowns/fries (also all organic- look at me go), kefir, cream cheese, bacon, and sour cream.

4:45: Got home. Long drive thanks to traffic. Switched over some laundry and started making some bacon wrapped dates filled with cream cheese. Ate 5 of them upon completion. So. Stinking. Good.


5:15: Started working on taxes. Decided that I hate my life and wondered how I ended up being the one who has to take care of taxes in our family. And paying bills. And grocery shopping. And managing money. And cleaning the house.

6:15: Finally took a shower. Admired my legs that are finally getting some muscle back in them, even if it’s not much. Also admired some abs since I feel like I’ve been doing more ab work lately.

6:45: Jon came home and I cleaned up the kitchen some more and prepped some meals for work for Tuesday and Wednesday.

7:15: Started looking at houses on Trulia.

8:00: BACHELOR! (How did I even get into this show?) I drank a large smoothie made with 1/2 banana, arugula, frozen mixed berries, and carrot juice.

10:00: Spent some time with Jon.

10:30: Got ready for bed.

10:50: Read the end of Wild. Good book. Everybody should read it and then go hike the PCT with me.

11:15: Went to bed and cuddled with Kitty till I fell asleep.


4 thoughts on “Monday Eats & Daily Life

  1. Yay! You got the Costco protein ;). I do love that store, they have a lot of good healthy food options and organic options for cheaper prices. Of course they also sell a lot of tasty but unhealthy foods too. Either way, I just love Costco and that you can return things you don’t like or don’t work, etc. Glad you had fun at CrossFit (err, the non-affiliate but still crossfit class) too.

    I am dreading taxes. Always got pay in big $$$$$

    • I’m so curious what I’ll end up owing on taxes OR hopefully getting back! I honestly have no clue! I just got my taxable income for my traveling and it was low! So my taxed income won’t be much this year! Costco really is the best! I don’t love the protein powder! It reminds me of a really chalky one I have from Whole Foods that’s plant based, but I guess I’ll keep using it!

  2. How’s the plant organic protein treating you? I don’t have issues with the whey protein but some of my friends do so I’m curious. No stomach pains with it?

    I have to do my taxes too and I was unemployed and collecting for six months so I don’t even know how that’s going to workout. I did pay some taxes while collecting, hoping that will be enough to not hit me hard.

    • I only had it that one time in the pancakes and felt completely fine. No bloating at all. But I’ll update you when I drink it alone instead of putting it in food! I’m curious about that too.

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