Friend Dinners, Coffee, Gym, Cat

It has been a busy week so far! Still loving being at home! I made an awesome chicken/veggie soup on Monday that was delicious! I’m really loving the whole cooking thing again! I actually get excited to be making food in my own house!


Monday night I met up with Gina and Kassie for some dinner at 10th & Piedmont in Midtown. Not really my favorite restaurant, I’ve decided. I gave it two chances but I think that’ll be the last. But it was great catching up with the girls and hearing about Kassie’s new job and her engagement!



Tuesday I worked all day and had a fairly good day! Jon and I watched McConkey on Netflix last night. I definitely recommend it! Very interesting documentary on Shane McConkey, who was a famous free-skier and base jumper. The views in the movie were also totally awesome since I’m obsessed with snow covered mountains.

Today I woke up and headed out to the gym for a quick (accidentally) fasted workout. I did a quick run and some legs before heading home to shower. I had lunch with a friend at Fresh 2 Order and it was good to catch up with her! Her and her husband (who was actually Jon’s twin sister’s ex-boyfriend) just moved back a few months ago and I have only seen her once since she came back to Georgia!

After lunch, I headed out to the Chattahoochee Coffee Company! Hands down my new favorite coffee place in Atlanta! It’s about 20 minutes from my house but the coffee was delicious and look at the view:



It was the perfect place to go on such a beautiful day! I stayed there for close to 2 hours! I’m pretty sure I’m going to have a weekly date with myself there!

I stopped by Whole Foods for some dinner foods (we had a big mahi mahi fail tonight- hate when fish fails since it’s not a cheap fail) and then watched two episodes of the Bachelor before Jon got home from work. Tom and I had a cuddle sesh and took some selfies. He wasn’t entertained.



Jon and I went on a walk together and then had our bad dinner. Now I’m just typing this up, preparing to go to work tomorrow!

In other boring news, I’ve started rolling out my feet finally. I have one of the foam rollers that has the little jutting out pieces on it, so I’ve basically been doing an ischemic compression technique on the foam roller (read about it if you’re bored). I’m hoping to help with my flexibility in the bottoms of my feet. My plantar fascia is so insanely tight and I wonder if that actually has something to do with why squatting was always so difficult for me. My posterior chain is really tight anyway, but maybe it’s stemming more from my feet than I thought! Either way, I’m giving this a shot. And, also in boring news, the gym is definitely back to being a normal habit. I’ve gone every day that I’ve been off again and I never really feel like skipping it anymore!

Alrighty, have a good night!


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