Happenings of Home Life

We are FINALLY getting some beautiful weather in Georgia! A cold spell is on its way in, but I don’t even care! As long as it’s sunny, I’m happy!

Yesterday morning I lazed around and stayed in bed reading until 11:30! It felt so good. With all the traveling and working I’ve done in the last month, I really haven’t spent a ton of time relaxing (other than nightly Netflix documentaries with Jon). I really enjoyed just staying in my warm bed with my cats snoring next to me!

I ended up getting called into work as soon as I got up though, which was a bummer. I had planned on it happening but was still less than excited to get the call from my supervisor! So I headed into work for a few short hours and then as soon as I left work, I found out Jon was off early!

We decided to go try to enjoy the last bit of daylight and get in a Stone Mountain hike!


I love the skyline from the top of Stone Mountain! And it was beautiful with the sun setting too! The skyline looks so small and far away in the picture, but it really is much bigger looking in person! My iPhone couldn’t capture Mt Hood either. Shame.

We ended up heading out to a new Whole Foods that I’ve heard good reviews about and had a quick dinner there. Then we hung out on the couch for the rest of the evening with the fireplace going! I can’t tell you all enough how much I love being home and relaxing on the couch with my husband and cats on a nightly basis!

Jon was off work today and I had my “intro” gym session since I just rejoined at LA Fitness, so we both headed out around 9am. I’m really trying to get him to be more active and thanks to all our Netflix documentaries about the food in the US, he’s on a much healthier eating kick too! (Side note: We have found that Costco actually has quite a bit of organic food for much cheaper, along with coconut oil and maple syrup for super cheap and it’s the good kind! Been cutting way down on our Whole Foods bill- although I still buy my meat from Whole Foods.)

My gym session was nice. I was surprised that I could still do 33 pushups in a row, especially after not working out for a full month. We did a lot of TRX type squats which took the weight off my hip and I could actually do! Unfortunately, you have to do the personal training there to be able to use the TRX stuff, but now I’m considering looking into TRX classes (I know it’s not cheap, but since I can’t do CrossFit right now, maybe it’s a good alternative). After being back in the gym finally, I see a huge regression in the healing of my hip after that road trip so that was a huge let down. I’m actually thinking I may need to go to rehab for it, but I’m obviously going to wait till I have a diagnosis from an MRI- which should hopefully happen in the beginning of February.

Jon and I decided to enjoy the beautiful day after the gym! We headed down to the Beltline  (a 10 mile paved trail) in Midtown and went for a walk and then headed out to get some coffee! Now we’re home and I’m about to shower and get ready.



I’m volunteering tonight (one of the nurse practitioners at work told me I have to before grad school- she also does interviews for programs at Georgia State and is writing my recommendation letter- so I’ll do what she says) at a health clinic. I am less than excited about it and have no clue what my role will be there. Hopefully something simple like handing out clipboards and checking vital signs! It should last from about 5:30-8:30 and then I imagine I’ll be watching another documentary with Jon tonight or reading a book by the fire!

Have a great day, everybody!


12 thoughts on “Happenings of Home Life

  1. It looks like you’ve had fun the last few days. Glad you rejoined the gym because I know how much being active means for you even if it’s not CrossFit. I’ve heard good things about TRX and if it works with your hip, that’s really great. Long rides in the car and sitting really aren’t good for anyone but I think it’s worse when you’re injured, my hip issue turned out to be piriformis, which was worsened by driving/traveling a lot over Christmas, but is a bit better now.

    Costco is amazing for organic and healthy products! Yes, they do sell a lot of junk too, but that’s where we buy all our fruits, veggies, seafood, and most of Clay’s meat. We love the big bags of kale/spinach/chard greens that are only like $5 and I love the frozen salmon burgers for throwing on the grill. Ours also has a really good chocolate vegan protein I like too.

    • What protein do you get from Costco? We bought spinach the other day but it was almost completely bad when we opened it on the first day! Disappointing! But the greens at Whole Foods are actually similarly priced so I’ll just get them there!

      I don’t even know what piriformis is! I’ll have to look it up! I looked up TRX gyms but they’re all SUPER expensive and only offer a few TRX classes a week and then have other classes! I’m hoping to figure something out for now! At least till I can get back to working out how I want for good!

      • I buy Orgain Organic protein in chocolate. $30 for big container. It is delicious. If you buy something at Costco and it is bad just take it back. We bought some grapes once that had a funky after taste. I returned 2/3 of the container (Clay took them to work which was where he discovered they were bad) and they gave me a full refund.

      • That’s awesome! I had no idea they would do that if you returned food! I’ll keep that in mind! I think I looked at that protein powder today, or maybe it was just another Organic plant based protein powder! I’m still deciding if I really want to buy it cause protein tends to make me feel really bloated and I hate spending $30 to find that out!

      • If you try it and it makes you feel bloated, take it back. It’s Costco. I would’ve had bought it there either if I couldn’t return it because it’s a huge container. But I love it :). Normally I do a sample pack or two before buying a big container of a protein.

      • I didn’t know you could return it if you just don’t like it! Awesome! I think I’ll try that then!

    • Looked up piriformis! It’s sciatica! I have that in my left butt cheek! It’s really fun. And then my right hip is a mess, so the car ride was PAINFUL getting home.

      • Mine’s in my right butt cheek, making car rides painful since… about 6 weeks ago.

      • I’ve had mine since I used to drive to Jacksonville when Jon and I were long distance! It mostly only bothers me if I spend more than 2-3 hours in the car, but after being so irritated, it took a little longer to go away! I try to recline while Jon drives now to avoid the pain if we’re doing a road trip!

  2. I’m down in Florida right now and it’s so much nicer and warmer than up north, escaping the negative degree weather!

    I try not to spend too much at Whole Foods because it’s extremely over priced. Whenever I’m near a Trader’s Joe I’ll go there because it’s basically a cheaper smaller version of Whole Foods.

    I did some TRX stuff when I was going to the free training sessions at the other gym. I don’t think it’s as affective in gaining muscle mass but it is a good workout regardless. And doing squats on it does relieve your hip more because your arms are doing work too. At my current gym there’s equipment that you’re not allowed to use without a personal trainer but everyone uses it regardless and no one says anything. Maybe you won’t get in trouble using the TRX without a personal trainer?

    • I asked them if I could use it and they said no! Which is crazy cause today it was roped off and NOBODY was using the area! I think that because I can lean back some, it stopped the impingement from closing my hip so much! I did a few squats with just 30# today and it just felt tight but not painful. I doubt I’ll do much more than that though!

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