Christmas and Home Life Updates

I keep meaning on making a post with some pictures, but that hasn’t happened! It’s been such a busy few weeks! Jon and I headed down to Jacksonville for Christmas and stayed at his parent’s house for the first time ever (for me)! His mom went all out decorating our room for Christmas and it was so nice of her! I enjoyed my niece and nephews tons over the holidays! I really think that being an aunt is the best thing ever!


We definitely got to enjoy our first married Christmas together! It was kind of hard not to enjoy it though, since we were able to go play with the kids outside in the beautiful weather! We made it to the beach one day and went out to dinner with Jon’s sister and her husband and my adorable Batman nephew (the one all the way in the back was Batman).


We got in Saturday night and I headed into work for 5 hours because they were offering double incentive pay and I was feeling poor after our road trip!

Sunday morning we had brunch with my mom and dad and it was so nice to see them after 11 weeks! I’ve missed going over there for Sunday dinners! And it’s always nice to have a hearty brunch too! The rest of our day was spent running errands and cooking for the week together. We even managed to cuddle up on the couch and watch Restrepo! But I was still in bed by 9:50 cause I’m getting old!

Today I worked from 7a-5p and it was insanely busy! I’m pretty stoked though because they agreed to up my PRN level at work starting in 2015, which means I will make way more an hour than I am right now (same as what I made prior to leaving for traveling)! Since I’ll be home for another 3-4 months, I was really glad to hear that they would let me (they had previously told me they wouldn’t change any levels for 6 months). Now at least when I get killed, I feel like it’s a little more worth it! And I’ll definitely be more inclined to pick up call for that 1.5x pay!

Aside from that, I’m just getting used to being home again! This time has been much easier than last time I came home! I’ve been really wanting to get back to the gym, but after 10 days in the car, my right hip was really bothering me again (after being nearly better) and the sciatica in my left hip was off the chain. I’m going to join LA Fitness again when I’m off on Wednesday and hopefully be back again this week! I guess I’ll be taking it super easy again! I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll have new insurance set in January and be able to get an MRI!

Anyway, Jon just finished making me some din din, so off to eat! Have a good night!


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