Pittock Mansion & Portland

After tossing and turning for hours last night, I got out of bed at 11:45 so that I could spend my very last free day in Portland doing something better than laying around! I headed out the door to see the Pittock Mansion, which I’ve heard has good views of the city and was all decorated for Christmas! The mansion was built in 1914 by a couple who basically helped develop Portland as a city!


The mansion was beautiful on the outside but no Christmas decorations! I was really expecting some Christmas lights on the outside or something! It was pretty neat though because all the snow was blowing off the trees, so it felt like it was snowing outside!


You all know I love me some Mt Hood! Not only that, but I could see Mt St Helen’s and Mt Adam’s as well! My phone wouldn’t have captured them and I haven’t uploaded the photos yet from my camera, but this was the good one! Apparently Mt Rainier is visible on clear days as well!

The mansion was only $10, but I was really disappointed in it! The actual mansion itself was really neat, but the Christmas decorations were so gaudy! I wish I had taken one on my phone! In on of the bathrooms, they stuck two gigantic gingerbread houses that literally took up the entire bathroom so you weren’t able to see any of the original features. Strange. But I still enjoyed the afternoon! It was definitely much quicker than I had planned!

I headed into Portland to see the Ira Keller Fountain but all the water was drained for the winter! I was so bummed! I probably should have snapped a few photos of it empty, but it just looked like a bunch of cement blocks! I did buy a new scarf from H&M and get to walk around the cute streets of Portland again though!


I ran by work to grab my daily planner (I was lost without it and so worried I’d mess up my work days) and then headed to Whole Foods for some groceries. I threw together some stuff to take to work and then headed out to the gym! I ended up doing a mile run (I made it to 6.2 with no pain!) and then walked 3/4 of a mile at an incline. I get so much more tired doing that than running right now (since I’m still watching my pace till my hip is 100%) and I’m kind of liking the different challenge. I had planned on doing some legs, but a bunch of bros were taking up my leg area so I just did a few leg presses and a few planks and moved on with my night!

Not that I’m a foodie blogger, I figured I’d snap a quick picture of my dinner tonight (that I ate at 10:30pm)! I found some pretty good peppered deli turkey at Whole Foods and got some salami for my protein. I really would have liked some cheese on that spaghetti squash and on my meats, but I thought I had a lot left so I didn’t buy any when I went grocery shopping. Come to find out, I barely even have enough for my hash browns these next few mornings! Ah well. And I had more grapes but dropped them on the floor, and since the floor here is lived on by a 2 year old, I decided to just let those ones go.



I’m going to chill for a bit and I’m really hoping to get to sleep around 1am! I’ve been relying on Benadryl for sleep a lot more lately and I really want to try to go without it, but I just don’t do well swapping back and forth so much with the hours that I sleep! I notice that I’ve been tossing and turning a whole lot more lately than I ever used to!

Tomorrow marks one week until Jon gets here and 9 days till I leave Portland!


8 thoughts on “Pittock Mansion & Portland

  1. This has been a really, really short assignment for you! Either that or the time just flew by lately because it’s the holidays. I dunno. That stinks that the mansion was decorated so gaudy for Christmas and disappointing, but downtown Portland looks really cool! I’ve never been to the Pacific Northwest so I love all the pictures you share of it and seeing the different geography.

    • It was only an 8 week assignment, so it was 5 weeks shorter than my last one! Definitely made it go by fast! But I really liked the 8 weeks and wish that all the assignments were shorter! The PNW is so awesome! I recommend anywhere over here!!

  2. The mansion looks so nice and big from the outside, and kind of creepy too haha.

    I hate not having cheese on things that I usually have it on with, I just love cheese, even if it’s just a sprinkle on my pasta lol.

  3. runninginscrubs

    Those views are amazing but sucks the Christmas decorations were lacking. I feel your pain with the switching on and off between sleeping at night vs day and I don’t like to rely too much on something to help me sleep but sometimes it’s so worth it! I try to stick to melatonin unless I’ve really struggling, but sometimes I feel like it has an idiosyncratic affect on me and I’m wide awake.

  4. See if you can get to a less touristy place like Sauvie Island before you leave…much better and quieter than the tourist destinations! (I’m a PDX native). Glad to see in an earlier post that you discovered Short Sands Beach – that’s where my husband and I got married 🙂 Have fun!

    • I was actually going to go to Sauvie Island last weekend for a bike competition thing but ended up not making it! Unfortunately, all my days left here are work days, so I won’t get to explore more! But I sure do love it here! It’s so beautiful!

      • Bummer! Well if you do have time in the city, I recommend getting a spot by the fire at the Heathman Hotel and a hot toddy 🙂

      • I do have one night and one day next week when my husband gets here before we start heading south to go home! I will definitely keep that in mind! Sounds like something I’d enjoy having him here for! Thank you!

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