Working Out Through An Injury

As we’ve previously discussed multiple times now on this here blog, I popped my right hip at the bottom of a squat. No clue what happened (in the squat I do- I didn’t stretch enough beforehand and came out of the squat too quickly) to my hip. I was in such severe pain the first night that I couldn’t even sleep. I took 3 full weeks off from the gym entirely and tried not to do anything strenuous. I’ve been back a the gym for 3 weeks, but have been careful about doing anything that aggravates my hip and I have been going 2-3 times per week (all for less than 40 minutes each, and I do a lot of upper body lifts and run a mile in about 12 minutes every time I go).

I had a comment on my last post about how I should just hold off on the gym until it gets better, especially since I do occasionally go on (really short and easy) hikes and am still up and about all the time. I have always told people to rest with an injury! I tend to take time off completely when I have an injury. I didn’t initially with my thumb awhile back because I really though it was nothing. Once it was diagnosed, I stopped using it and started running.

So I thought to myself- why is it so hard for me to just not go to the gym right now?! 

I think the big reason really is my sanity. When I took 3 months off the gym for my thumb, I was busy! I was just moving into my condo. I went to Europe for 3 weeks. It was summer and I hung out with all my friends! Jon and I were in our early stages of dating again! I hate tons to do!

Now… I’m in Washington/Oregon alone. I have two friends here and one has a kid. They both work 9-5 jobs and also have lives outside of me (how dare they!). I get bored and I get lonely and I get grumpy. Those endorphins keep me going! I can be in a foul mood and that trip to the gym just resets me!

I also finally feel like I got back in the habit of the gym. I’ve always been really all or nothing with the gym. I either skip an entire month (or four) or I go all the time. There’s not much of a gray area! Lately, I’ve started seeing things other than CrossFit as exercise for me, and now even see things like hiking as exercise. It was hard for me to see anything where my heart race doesn’t really get up and I work up a huge sweat as a workout. I’ve been working on my overall fitness level in general and have really wanted to stay in the habit of going to the gym on a regular basis (whether that be 5 times a week or 2-3, I just don’t want to go an entire month or more without going anymore).

There’s two big reasons for that: 1. I really and truly believe in the good of exercise. I think it’s absolutely crucial to living a long healthy life and I see too many lives suffering because people didn’t care for their health (thank you, nursing). I can’t just preach everything and then do something completely different. 2. Jon and I have decided to have kids in the nearer future than we originally planned. I know it takes time to make something an actual habit (for a lifetime- not just a month long while I have time for it). My life will be crazy- working, grad school, and momming it (I can’t believe I’m referring to myself as a mom- weird). I need to make sure now that I will make time in the future to go to the gym, despite my crazy life, because I need to. I need to start creating a lifelong habit when my life actually allows for that (hello 36 hours of work a week with no other commitments at all). This is the least stressful my life has been in years. Maybe ever, aside from my deployment! (Thanks to not being a student and not working any overtime!)

We all know I used to struggle pretty severely with depression for years. I’d say at least a good five years, and there were frequently times where I felt suicidal. I absolutely worry about postpartum depression and know that in the past, staying active has really helped with that. So I want to know that if my life is crazy and I feel overwhelmed, that I will look to the one thing that has worked well in the past, and that’s being active. With the habit I’m creating now, I’m hoping to curb that postpartum depression (and hopefully that doesn’t happen to me, but I’m honestly going to be very shocked if it doesn’t) in the future.

So, as of now, because I have no diagnosis of what’s wrong, I can keep on going with my more minimal workouts. If I prolong the healing by a few weeks, then so be it. I’m not in a hurry to get back to CrossFit (that’s sort of a lie- I actually really want to go back, but I feel patient about not being able to for awhile) and I’m definitely not trying to run any races in my near future! I sort of feel like the overall emotional benefit is going to take precedence over the physical benefits of not going to the gym at this time.

This outlook may change in the future. I may get frustrated with the daily pain. I may decide I do just want to get back to CrossFit once and for all. But I’m not there yet.

Mt Hood: Mirror Lake and Trillium Lake in November

I finally made it to Mt Hood yesterday! I’ve been some awesome places, but nothing amazes me like volcanoes! I just want to see all of them! I ended up checking online to view the roads on the webcams that are set up at the national parks up here and the roads were looking free of snow, so I headed on out!

I didn’t do anything particularly crazy or exciting, but I made my first stop at Trillium Lake! I actually went to the DMV for a Sno Park Pass (I wasn’t about to get another ticket after my last $100 lesson) thinking that I’d need it to park while at the park. I didn’t need it once. I suppose because it wasn’t snowing, they allowed parking all over the place. At least that’s what it looked like!



It was beautiful there! I definitely would have loved some calm waters to make for an amazing reflection, but it was far too winy! As a matter of fact, it was a bit miserably cold! The wind was painful on any bare skin that I had!

After my stop at Trillium Lake (which I was able to park right at), I decided to head to see the Timberline Lodge from The Shining. Everybody says you have to! I find a lot of these roads a bit eerie in the winter since so few cars pass by and I’m already terrified of getting stuck in the middle of horrendous weather and not being able to get my car off a mountain! The clear skies eased my mind, but still!

IMG_7120 2

You get up close and personal with Mt Hood from the Timberline Lodge! It was definitely much closer to the summit than I was expecting!

IMG_7121 2


I wasn’t able to walk out to see many views, just cause the parking lot was so incredibly icy and I wasn’t about to bust my butt out there! I already have a hurt hip- can’t be doing that! I should have gone into the lodge, but I was anxious to start my Mirror Lake hike!

I headed back down to Mirror Lake and got a nice parking spot! I can see how parking would be difficult in the nicer months! The “parking lot” was right off the highway and allowed for about 10 cars total. I actually read that the parking would close on Nov 1 so was really worried about that, but it ended up being almost full at the parking area.

I headed out on a total of a 3.9 mile hike (I think)! It was all uphill to start so I was definitely working up a sweat in all my layers! Never wear a down vest hiking! Lesson learned!





I was absolutely freezing by the end of my stop at Mirror Lake! I cooled off from that hike in no time and then my hands and face became unbearably cold! I was the only one at the lake and got a little scared when I realized I had no idea which trail I took into the lake! I started on the Tom, Dick, and Harry Trail (I really want to do this hike- but it’s 7 miles and I definitely didn’t have the time or stamina in that weather!) and realized it pretty quickly and made my way back to the right trail!

I was starving by then, so headed to a place in Portland to eat (Blossoming Lotus)! I got bibimap and it was totally weird. I was not a fan! I don’t get why vegetarian places need to put soy in every dish! Do people still think soy is good for you?! Weird. And it didn’t taste good. It’s hard to believe I was a vegetarian for 14 years and actually liked that type of food.

I skipped the gym again last night due to hip irritation still. I feel like it’s not improving anymore now and that it actually seems to be getting worse! I think the insurance dilemma will be worked out sooner than later though, so I’m hoping maybe an MRI is in my near future. But I’m at the 5 week point now, so if it’s a sprain of some sort, then it’s still well within the healing range. And if I really did some damage, a few months is normal. Still not sure what good an MRI will really do unless it was surgical, which I’m doubting. So, maybe I don’t even care about an MRI. I don’t know. I’m clearly back and forth with it.

I’m now snowed into work! About to go to sleep in my Hotel Ortho. I hurried out the door early today when snow started accumulating in Washington! It was quick to cover the roads (it went from 0 to this in about 30 minutes) and it was slick getting out! I’ve never actually driven in much snow (aside from Crater Lake) so I was really hesitant to get on the road!


Since I’m back to work tomorrow anyway and my roommate said Washington roads are still pretty bad, I’m camping out on the ortho floor at the hospital! I’m one of two, since Portland really isn’t too bad and most people working here live in Oregon!


Time for me to go sleep tight before another day of work tomorrow! I’m hoping to wake up in time to finally go get brunch from a Portland breakfast place since I’m downtown!

Beacon Rock State Park, Lan Su Chinese Garden, & Stopping The Pill

Since I told you all about my $100 parking ticket, I figured I’d include my $100 photos in today’s blog! This is at Beacon Rock State Park in Washington! While the photos are pretty, this was really all there was and it was definitely not worth the $100! (Some parks, I’d be much more okay with $100 tickets- like Rocky Mountain or Arches- not this itty bitty “state park.”)



I came home as it was starting to get dark, and Mt Hood was looking pretty spectacular! This is where I’m living out here, so on a clear day, Mt Hood is my usual view! It would seriously never get old to see her every day!

IMG_6965 2

Yesterday was definitely a tough day. I know I’m beyond fortunate to be out traveling all over the place, but I’m feeling like things have just been knocking me down lately! Thankfully, I love my job, so my job isn’t a contributing factor! I’m missing Jon like crazy on this assignment though, and so much is up in the air with him at this time, so I have no idea if he’ll be coming out here in December or not! I’m also feeling behind on bills (we have plenty in savings but I really try my hardest not to take money out of savings!) and knowing I’m about to spend much more heading home in a month than I did coming out here, and that I’ll be making WAY LESS money at home is a bit stressful! I’m glad to be going home for the holidays, but 8 weeks isn’t long enough to save up on a travel assignment! And getting that $100 ticket when I was already feeling a little down was just knocked me down some more! On top of all of that, my hip has been hurting a more over the last few days and I haven’t even been going to the gym (I also fell down the stairs tonight and irritated it even more!). I have a hard time dragging myself out of bed here since I tend not to flip flop my schedule very well either.

Finally, like I mentioned, this is my very first time in 11 years off my birth control! I’m only on my 2nd week off, so I had my usual “withdrawal” week, and now I think my body is just out of whack! I had been really emotionally stable over the last few months (aside from brief periods of time) and these days, I am feeling like a total wreck! After some googling, I’m realizing it’s pretty normal (also, a lot of women complained of headaches and feeling tired, both of which describe me at the moment also)! I’ve heard from friends who have gone off the pill that they felt great after and had no more mood swings! I’m feeling the total opposite! I’ve always been a little concerned about the effects of the use of the pill long term but never really researched it. I got my period when I was 15 and have been on the pill since I was 17, so I don’t even really know what my body is like without it! I’m hoping these moods even out! I did make it to the gym tonight and felt much better after going, but with my hip still bothering me, I’m trying not to go on a daily basis! It’ll definitely be interesting to see how things go for me.

Anyway, I slept till 1 today and then decided I needed to do something with my day! I started at Cup Coffee Co and had the best bagel ever! I try not to eat bagels because I try not to eat much bread, and that’s all a bagel is! So it’s been since NYC and I must say, it was a dang good first bagel to have!


I think I need to go back there! I was feeling a bit happier after sitting at a coffee shop on a fairly decent day (meaning not so overcast)! I headed to the Lan Su Chinese Garden  next! It reminded me of the Yuyuan Garden in Shanghai but way smaller! (For any of you visiting Shangai, I very highly recommend the Yuyuan Garden!) It was a nice day for it and not too insanely crowded!



I enjoyed about 45 minutes there and then headed to do some shopping! Made it to the gym tonight and wore myself out with clean and jerks (a sad 45#)! I did the elliptical backwards with a high resistance to work my glutes since my hip makes it so hard to do anything to work them! I do sumo deadlifts also, but I can’t go heavy and I can’t hit the weight on the ground because of the hip, but the elliptical felt good!

Tomorrow I’m really hoping to wake up early for a Mt Hood hike, but it’s almost midnight and I’m not tired, so we’ll see!

Random Survey and Parking Tickets

I had a bad day and got a $100 parking ticket at a state park in Washington for not paying the $10 parking fee! Now, if you want people to pay the fee, put the dang fee station where people can find it! Also, if you can have a ranger go around and ticket people all day long, why not just have him man a pay station so that people know where to pay you? So for an hour of outdoor activity, I now owe $100! W.T.F. Can things maybe start looking up sometime?! And I’m completely off my birth control for the first time in 11 years (we are not having a baby yet, mmmkay) so I think my body is in a state of hormonal confusion so I cry about everything- like parking tickets- for at least 45 minutes. (Also, this is the FIRST TIME I have not paid a fee at any park and it was really not on purpose- I had cash and I would have paid. M’F’ers. What kind of f’ing state charges $100 for a PARKING TICKET at a STATE PARK?! Take me back to Georgia, please. That’s how I feel today. TAKE ME HOME!)

So let me just cheer myself up with a boring old survey. I feel like pretending I’m in high school.

I Mustache You Some Questions

Four names that people call me, other than my real name:

  • Flizzy/Fliz (high school name that somehow stuck)
  • Babe (Jon)
  • Powerhouse (only Crista calls me this, but I don’t have many nicknames apparently)
  • Little Bit (random people who like to point out that I’m small)

Four jobs I have had:

  • Nurse (ER)
  • Tech (ER and med surg at hospitals)
  • Soldier (medic)
  • Best drive thru worker ever at Arby’s
  • The only other two jobs I ever had were seasonal jobs at Charlotte Russe and Aeropostale- each one lasted for about a month and I hated them both immensely and preferred fast food over retail any day!!!!

Four movies I’ve watched more than once:

  • Erin Brockovich (am I the only one who oddly loves that movie?!)
  • Dennis the Menace (my favorite childhood movie- I knew EVERY line)
  • Super Size Me (love that movie)
  • Center Stage (see how infrequently I rewatch movies? haven’t seen this one in years)

Four books I’d recommend:

  • The Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf
  • I can’t even recall any books that I’d recommend… It’s been awhile since I’ve read anything mind blowing

Four places I have lived:

  • Wisconsin
  • Florida
  • Ohio
  • Georgia (all states I lived in while growing up)

Four places I have been:

  • Australia
  • China
  • Greece
  • Spain

Four places I’d rather be right now:

  • Cuddling up with my husband and cats!!!!!!!!!
  • Germany
  • Iceland
  • The Netherlands

Four things I don’t eat:

  • Fast food beef (last time I had it was before I was a vegetarian, so before I was 11)
  • Raw sea animals of any sort
  • Those are really the only two I draw the line at…

Four of my favorite foods:

  • Coconut in general
  • Squash maybe?
  • Sweet potatoes maybe?
  • Really anything that fuels me in a healthy way… lame, I know, but food that’s what food is meant to do

Four TV shows that I watch:

  • Parenthood!
  • Nashville
  • Real Housewives (trash, I know I know)
  • Forensic Files! (about to hit up some Forensic Files right now, yo)

Four things I am looking forward to this year: 

  • I’m going to make this for 2015- EUROTRIP!!
  • Iceland (2015)
  • The newest niece/nephew (official announcements haven’t been made- so who is pregnant in mine/Jon’s family is going to have to be a secret for now)

Four things I’m always saying:

  • “I want to go there!” (any country/city/state ever mentioned- I want to go everywhere)
  • “So what is your EMERGENCY today?”
  • “Thank you” (thank you is very important- always thank people!)
  • “I love you” (mostly to Jon and my parents)

Drift Creek Falls and a Quick Update

This past weekend I went out to see Ben and Kaitlin at their beach house again. I got there on Sunday afternoon and we headed out to hike Drift Creek Falls! It was a really easy hike (maybe 3 miles total?) and had a beautiful waterfall at the end! I’ve done a lot of waterfall hikes and this was actually probably one of my favorite falls I’ve seen! There was a lot of water coming down that fall! And the suspension bridge going over the little gorge area was so fun! We climbed up all the rocks to get back on the trail and my butt has been so sore! I suppose that’s what happens when you can’t squat anymore!

IMG_6840_2 111111

IMG_6831 1111111

I left around noon on Monday to go to Pheasant Creek Falls, but after not passing any cars for miles and off roading to the trailhead, I was a bit creeped out. I’m sure it would have been completely fine, but I was worried that random forest creatures would get me! It was only a mile to the fall and it had great reviews, so I was really a bit annoyed with myself for getting too creeped out to hike it and now am convinced that I have to go back. (By the way, this is where I’m really glad my car didn’t break down!)

IMG_6894 11111111

IMG_6903_2 11111

Despite skipping the hike, I still saw some beautiful scenery! All the trees in the woods are covered in moss and I’m still catching the end of the colorful leaves!

We reviewed my Terrible Tuesday already! Today is shaping up to be better than yesterday! (Not hard to do.) I woke up at 9:30 and headed out to the gym for a bit. I was only there for about 40 minutes and then came home to shower and make breakfast! I’m feeling a bit sluggish (as usual) before work and would love to lay down for a nap, but I have to head out shortly. I tend to wake up once I have my coffee and actually get in the hospital. Can’t see all the dreary weather then!

That’s really about it! Just dropping in for a quick hello and to share a few pictures of the hike!

Bad Day!

I started out having a good day today. I made a great breakfast and cleaned up the kitchen. Then I had to leave to run some errands!

1. I stopped by Bank of America to see if they could give me a money order and notarize my affidavit of citizenship (that I already submitted two years ago to the Georgia Board of Nursing). They wouldn’t do either because I only have a credit card account. Not even if I gave them cash. Fine.

2. Went to the lawyer’s office across the street like the bank told me to. They only notarize for their customers.

3. Went back to the bank to cancel my credit card cause if they can’t give me perks, why even bother?

4. Went down the street to find the notary that the lawyer’s office told me about. I couldn’t find it.

5. Followed my GPS to the UPS store. It took me to the middle of a neighborhood.

6. Found UPS. Got my forms notarized with no problems.

7. Went to the USPS store to mail fingerprints for a background check.

8. Couldn’t find the address to mail my fingerprints to. Called Cogent, was told I also have to include the registration number on the back. Don’t know it.

9. Go buy an envelope anyway. Stand in line for 25 minutes to do so.

10. Get to my car. Try to turn it on. Try again. Nope. Car is not starting.

11. Call Jon. Cry. Call State Farm Roadside Assistance and try not to cry. (Remind myself not to get angry at Jon for telling me 3 weeks ago not to change my battery when Valvoline recommended it).

12. Sit in car for 45 minutes and wait for somebody to jump me. (Thank the sweet heavens for not letting my battery die yesterday while I was 7 miles into the woods with no other cars or cell reception.)

13. Get jumped by a nice fellow. My car, I mean. His battery box jumped my car.

14. Take car directly to O’Reilly so ($130 later) a girl from Georgia can change my battery.

15. Go look at kittens at the humane society to cheer me up.

16. Feel bad for a Siamese cat that was too sweet for its own good. I can’t save it. Cry to the cats at the humane society. (Overly emotional.)

17. Sit in car and cry some more. Not sure what I was crying about.

18. Work out. Some hip pain. Made it to a 6.2 on the treadmill with no pain.

19. Grocery shop.

20. Forgot mouthwash.

21. Go to Safeway for mouthwash and exit with mouthwash and Tillamook Fireside Smores ice cream.

22. Go home. Eat ice cream.

23. Address a ton of envelopes.

24. Be thankful for my husband who, despite telling me not to change my battery, is still my husband. And I love him lots and miss him like crazy. Be thankful again for not breaking down in the creepy wilderness in the middle of nowhere yesterday. Be thankful that I at least have $130 to spend on that stupid battery. Be thankful that I can still work out, even if a speed of 6.2 is exciting for me these days.

25. Time to watch A to Z, the new show I found while OnDemand surfing last night. Must prepare for 3 days of work.

Quick Update: Portland Day


Happy post Halloween from the “sexy nurse.” Clearly my duck face could use some work. I’m a sexy nurse every year so maybe next year it’ll be better. I enjoyed three days at work this past week. I forgot what it was like to have critical patients, but I got my taste of it on Thursday night. I enjoyed it for one shift, but I think I’ve had my fill for awhile. Just give me abdominal pains and coughs for the next five weeks! I also dropped it like it was hot to pick up a roll of tape and I hurt my hip a bit again!

I made it down to Portland today for some adventures!

IMG_6644 1111111

You can walk along the water for a really long ways and cross all the bridges! It was another overcast day, but it was nice to get out and see the city!

IMG_6673 1111111


IMG_6753 1111111

IMG_6688 11111111

IMG_6736 111111

I tried Voodoo Doughnuts today as well! It was right near where I was walking so I decided to stand in line and finally try them! I’m honestly not sure what the hype is for! The donuts are really nothing special and Back Door Donuts in Martha’s Vineyard was 100x better! But I went. Portland staple.

IMG_6789 111111

I also bought new Michael Kors bag! I’ve never been to a Nordstrom Rack and hear great things, so I went. I found a bag for $99 and since it’s been years since I got a new purse, I went for it. I figured since I’m making the big money, I can afford it! Then I checked my Amex when I got home and realized that traveling across the US and paying our car insurance all in the same month is really expensive, and I think my health insurance is due on the 5th of this month (which I should get back since I plan on canceling in two weeks). Plus we have to pay for our bedroom set as well. So, that’s the last of the fun money! I need to start saving for the trip back home now since it’s only five weeks out and we have to catch back up on these bills! I may try to pick up two extra shifts in the next month. I just need to talk to the manager about it.

I planned on working out tonight, but after all the walking around today, my hip was bothering me. I decided to take it easy and have just been hanging out with Juliette and Roy at home!

Tomorrow I’m headed back to the beach to hang out with Ben and Kaitlin. His parents are there this time around, but I’m only staying till Monday evening and then heading back. Back to not spend any money at all.