Just a quick post T-day Update

Nothing too exciting to report here! I just finished working my three days (Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday!) for the week! In my work week, I ate far too much food, including pumpkin bread pudding with a toffee sauce that tasted just like heath bars. I was in heaven. I stayed late last night. And then, as always, after my three days of work, I crashed and slept for 11 hours last night without waking up once! I’m a little too excited to get back on my 7a-7p shifts!


I also got a bag of vomit spilled on me. So glad we keep extra scrubs in our locker room! I rocked this cute outfit home and got jiffy feet walking out to my car and then to the house in my sock-only feet while it was raining. #nurseproblems My goal for the weekend is to find new work shoes since mine got puked on (and I’ve had mine for 3 1/2 years and keep telling myself that I’ll buy new ones).

After a very unhealthy week of eating and lots of stomach problems yesterday, I decided I have to go back to 90% Paleo. I kept saying I would once I leave this city of delicious food, but I can’t make it another two weeks! I still plan on having kefir and cheese (they never upset my stomach) and I’m going to eat white potatoes if I feel like it, but the grains, sugar, and beans have got to go. ASAP.

I’m about to head to the gym now, but I ended up being famished when I woke up after not really being able to eat much yesterday, so I had a full breakfast (at 5pm) and am now waiting for it to settle! I did get to FaceTime with Jon for awhile which will probably be the highlight of my day! I’ll be heading to the airport to pick him up at this time in 11 days and I am beyond excited!

Off to handle some bills before the gym!

8 thoughts on “Just a quick post T-day Update

  1. You def rock those scrubs girl! XO

  2. Hey! I love your blog on traveling as an RN. How many years of experience did you accrue before you signed up to be a travel RN?

    • I had 3 full years in the ER before going! And thank you! I LOVE traveling 🙂

      • I have almost 2 years of experience in med/surg which is what I want to be a travel RN in. Do you think that would be okay? If you don’t mind me asking, do you get really difficult assignments?

      • I think you’d be fine! 2 years is what’s recommended! I’ve only done 2 assignments! One was a challenge but I rarely got anything I didn’t know how to do- it was more the staffing and the way the ER was organized that made the job such a pain in the ass. The last one was super easy! I occasionally got things I didn’t really know (like using versed and fentanyl for sedation rather than propofol), but it wasn’t hard by any means! I’ve always heard that most people are given the easier assignments when traveling but that doesn’t always happen. On Facebook, check out Travel Nurse Network- The Gypsy Nurse! Great info.

      • Thank you! This is actually pretty encouraging. I always hear that Travel Nurses get the most difficult assignments or “dumped” in which is why I get nervous. I’ll check out the site (I don’t have a Facebook but I’ll get one just to take a peek. lol

      • You may not need one because it’s public? I’m not sure! It’s really helpful! I think it can definitely happen, but that’s why you ask the managers questions during the interviews and you can get an idea on the Gypsy group on Facebook too of the decent places to work!

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