Things I’m Loving Friday

No, it’s not Friday (but it does feel like it, since I haven’t gone to bed yet). Do I care? No.

1. I absolutely love all the coffee in Portland! It may be one of my favorite parts about this city, actually! Even when I’m not out getting Dutch Bros and Peet’s, I’m kind of liking having a regular coffee pot at home (I only have a Keurig in Georgia) cause there are so many different flavors of ground coffee! I really do look forward to my cup of coffee every single day!


2. This vest from lucy. I had been looking for a plain vest for awhile and never found one that fit me like I wanted and didn’t have too much going on! I just wanted something plain and simple (my style)! I finally found it at lucy (part of The North Face, I hear). It was my first time visiting that store and it was comparable to Lululemon in price and style, but unfortunately, I don’t think it’ll be a regular store for me because almost all of their clothes ran too big for me! Absolutely love the vest though! (Also, love my headband/ear warmer thing from there too!)


3. I found this chocolate at Whole Foods a few weeks ago and bought it again when I went the other night! Adding it to my list of chocolates that I love! I hate really gritty chocolate lately and just want really creamy chocolate. This does it for me! I typically snack of Enjoy Life chocolate chunks, but this is a nice switcharoo.


4. This next one may be cheating since I didn’t buy it, but this shirt is pretty perfect for me! I mean, a “Meowy Christmas?” Come on, guys! Awesome! I think the creators of this shirt probably had crazy cat ladies like me in mind with this one. If only I had some tacky Christmas party to wear this baby to! Or if I wasn’t on a budget…




1. Falling asleep when it’s cold out. My face freezes so I have to bundle up with all the blankets and then my hair peeks out and tickles my face. Then my arms get cold when I try to push my hair away. Then my feet are cold. Then my legs get hot under so many blankets. I can’t win. No picture of this necessary.


That was it for that list. I’m too much of a grouch to make an entire post about things I like, so I thought I’d  throw that negative one in there! #negativenancy (Isn’t it annoying when people throw hashtags into their paragraphs? That’s okay- I’m going to do it anyway.) I figured I’d get that one out of the way before I start bitching about wearing my hair down and wearing a scarf at the same time.


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