Mt Hood: Mirror Lake and Trillium Lake in November

I finally made it to Mt Hood yesterday! I’ve been some awesome places, but nothing amazes me like volcanoes! I just want to see all of them! I ended up checking online to view the roads on the webcams that are set up at the national parks up here and the roads were looking free of snow, so I headed on out!

I didn’t do anything particularly crazy or exciting, but I made my first stop at Trillium Lake! I actually went to the DMV for a Sno Park Pass (I wasn’t about to get another ticket after my last $100 lesson) thinking that I’d need it to park while at the park. I didn’t need it once. I suppose because it wasn’t snowing, they allowed parking all over the place. At least that’s what it looked like!



It was beautiful there! I definitely would have loved some calm waters to make for an amazing reflection, but it was far too winy! As a matter of fact, it was a bit miserably cold! The wind was painful on any bare skin that I had!

After my stop at Trillium Lake (which I was able to park right at), I decided to head to see the Timberline Lodge from The Shining. Everybody says you have to! I find a lot of these roads a bit eerie in the winter since so few cars pass by and I’m already terrified of getting stuck in the middle of horrendous weather and not being able to get my car off a mountain! The clear skies eased my mind, but still!

IMG_7120 2

You get up close and personal with Mt Hood from the Timberline Lodge! It was definitely much closer to the summit than I was expecting!

IMG_7121 2


I wasn’t able to walk out to see many views, just cause the parking lot was so incredibly icy and I wasn’t about to bust my butt out there! I already have a hurt hip- can’t be doing that! I should have gone into the lodge, but I was anxious to start my Mirror Lake hike!

I headed back down to Mirror Lake and got a nice parking spot! I can see how parking would be difficult in the nicer months! The “parking lot” was right off the highway and allowed for about 10 cars total. I actually read that the parking would close on Nov 1 so was really worried about that, but it ended up being almost full at the parking area.

I headed out on a total of a 3.9 mile hike (I think)! It was all uphill to start so I was definitely working up a sweat in all my layers! Never wear a down vest hiking! Lesson learned!





I was absolutely freezing by the end of my stop at Mirror Lake! I cooled off from that hike in no time and then my hands and face became unbearably cold! I was the only one at the lake and got a little scared when I realized I had no idea which trail I took into the lake! I started on the Tom, Dick, and Harry Trail (I really want to do this hike- but it’s 7 miles and I definitely didn’t have the time or stamina in that weather!) and realized it pretty quickly and made my way back to the right trail!

I was starving by then, so headed to a place in Portland to eat (Blossoming Lotus)! I got bibimap and it was totally weird. I was not a fan! I don’t get why vegetarian places need to put soy in every dish! Do people still think soy is good for you?! Weird. And it didn’t taste good. It’s hard to believe I was a vegetarian for 14 years and actually liked that type of food.

I skipped the gym again last night due to hip irritation still. I feel like it’s not improving anymore now and that it actually seems to be getting worse! I think the insurance dilemma will be worked out sooner than later though, so I’m hoping maybe an MRI is in my near future. But I’m at the 5 week point now, so if it’s a sprain of some sort, then it’s still well within the healing range. And if I really did some damage, a few months is normal. Still not sure what good an MRI will really do unless it was surgical, which I’m doubting. So, maybe I don’t even care about an MRI. I don’t know. I’m clearly back and forth with it.

I’m now snowed into work! About to go to sleep in my Hotel Ortho. I hurried out the door early today when snow started accumulating in Washington! It was quick to cover the roads (it went from 0 to this in about 30 minutes) and it was slick getting out! I’ve never actually driven in much snow (aside from Crater Lake) so I was really hesitant to get on the road!


Since I’m back to work tomorrow anyway and my roommate said Washington roads are still pretty bad, I’m camping out on the ortho floor at the hospital! I’m one of two, since Portland really isn’t too bad and most people working here live in Oregon!


Time for me to go sleep tight before another day of work tomorrow! I’m hoping to wake up in time to finally go get brunch from a Portland breakfast place since I’m downtown!


6 thoughts on “Mt Hood: Mirror Lake and Trillium Lake in November

  1. The pictures are really beautiful and I know you enjoyed the hike. It’s crazy how warm you get when working out (hiking, running, and walking) when it’s chilly. I tend to over dress as well. Sorry about the snow and having to spend the night in the hospital, ugh!

    I agree with you on the soy thing at vegetarian places. I eat seafood, so I’m not a true vegetarian, but I honestly feel like eating shrimp and salmon is better for me than processed meat substitutes. Not that I don’t eat soy sometimes, I do, but I guess I’d rather have a food that’s closer to nature even if it’s animal based. Give me a huge salad with some shrimp or salmon any day…

    • I typically dress pretty well for hikes (I’ve done a lot of Army hikes and ended up totally miserable when I overdressed, so I learned quickly), but I had no idea how hot those down vests would get! I should have known cause my winter jacket is down and it warms up quickly!

      Soy just has SO MANY negative studies about it and I feel like a lot of vegetarians pride themselves on being health conscious (not all, obviously) so WHY eat that?! And I use to think soy was great- but there is just too much evidence against it!

  2. Your pics are gorgeous! Sleeping at the hospital sucks, but at least you have a bed- last year when we had a blizzard in NC, they ran out of places to put people so couches, empty cribs, you name it were fair game. Luckily, I could and still can walk to work!

  3. Everything looks so pretty, I want to visit all the volcanoes now. The wind is the worse part of winter, it just slices right through you. The west always gets snow before us but it’s mostly a dusting of snow. I’m not looking forward to the snow.

    Yeah I don’t think your hip will be getting better with all the hiking, being on your feet all day at work, and still trying to make it to the gym. I would knock off the gym entirely until it heals, especially since you’re hiking and exploring putting more pressure on it. Hope it starts healing soon!

    • AH I JUST CAN’T! I miss going to the gym sometimes (I tend to skip it now when I don’t feel like going) and just hate losing all my fitness. I think because it HAS been feeling better, a lot of times at work I squat down to do something and it ends up irritating it! I don’t really notice it at all with hiking, but I really don’t do any hard hikes out here at all (the one was under 3.5 miles the other day and nothing crazy). The volcanoes are just so awesome! I would LOVE to hike up to the top of one! But it’s way too cold for that right now!

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