Bad Day!

I started out having a good day today. I made a great breakfast and cleaned up the kitchen. Then I had to leave to run some errands!

1. I stopped by Bank of America to see if they could give me a money order and notarize my affidavit of citizenship (that I already submitted two years ago to the Georgia Board of Nursing). They wouldn’t do either because I only have a credit card account. Not even if I gave them cash. Fine.

2. Went to the lawyer’s office across the street like the bank told me to. They only notarize for their customers.

3. Went back to the bank to cancel my credit card cause if they can’t give me perks, why even bother?

4. Went down the street to find the notary that the lawyer’s office told me about. I couldn’t find it.

5. Followed my GPS to the UPS store. It took me to the middle of a neighborhood.

6. Found UPS. Got my forms notarized with no problems.

7. Went to the USPS store to mail fingerprints for a background check.

8. Couldn’t find the address to mail my fingerprints to. Called Cogent, was told I also have to include the registration number on the back. Don’t know it.

9. Go buy an envelope anyway. Stand in line for 25 minutes to do so.

10. Get to my car. Try to turn it on. Try again. Nope. Car is not starting.

11. Call Jon. Cry. Call State Farm Roadside Assistance and try not to cry. (Remind myself not to get angry at Jon for telling me 3 weeks ago not to change my battery when Valvoline recommended it).

12. Sit in car for 45 minutes and wait for somebody to jump me. (Thank the sweet heavens for not letting my battery die yesterday while I was 7 miles into the woods with no other cars or cell reception.)

13. Get jumped by a nice fellow. My car, I mean. His battery box jumped my car.

14. Take car directly to O’Reilly so ($130 later) a girl from Georgia can change my battery.

15. Go look at kittens at the humane society to cheer me up.

16. Feel bad for a Siamese cat that was too sweet for its own good. I can’t save it. Cry to the cats at the humane society. (Overly emotional.)

17. Sit in car and cry some more. Not sure what I was crying about.

18. Work out. Some hip pain. Made it to a 6.2 on the treadmill with no pain.

19. Grocery shop.

20. Forgot mouthwash.

21. Go to Safeway for mouthwash and exit with mouthwash and Tillamook Fireside Smores ice cream.

22. Go home. Eat ice cream.

23. Address a ton of envelopes.

24. Be thankful for my husband who, despite telling me not to change my battery, is still my husband. And I love him lots and miss him like crazy. Be thankful again for not breaking down in the creepy wilderness in the middle of nowhere yesterday. Be thankful that I at least have $130 to spend on that stupid battery. Be thankful that I can still work out, even if a speed of 6.2 is exciting for me these days.

25. Time to watch A to Z, the new show I found while OnDemand surfing last night. Must prepare for 3 days of work.

6 thoughts on “Bad Day!

  1. Feminine and Feline

    At least your day involved kittens and ice cream.

  2. Sorry you had a crummy day :(. Car problems are the worst, ugh. Especially when you’re not around a husband or a dad or a man to deal with them. I hate working on my car or having it worked on; I don’t even like putting air in my tires so I go to Costco and ask the guys to do it (btw they will check your air pressure and refill your air for free and they won’t check your membership to do it here, although I am a member).

  3. UGH I’m sorry to hear about all of that. Hopefully you will have a better day. It always seems like everything piles up at once no?

  4. runninginscrubs

    Ugh those days are the worst, I’m sorry! At least you had ice cream 🙂

  5. That’s so dumb that they won’t give you a money order, banks should give it regardless even if you don’t have an account if you’re giving the money cash. It’s an exchange of currency that they charge you a fee on, that is a business, and they loose business in not doing that.

    AAA is really nice to have because they will replace your battery right there on the spot instead of taking your car somewhere later. Even change your spare tire for you. And, if you are stuck with a friend in their car, you can still call AAA. My uncle called AAA for me and I got my car towed with his membership, I need to get AAA now talking about it.

    Now you have a new battery and won’t need a new one for a few years, you’ll probably have a new car by then. One less worry!

    • I have a AAA card too! Jon just said call State Farm so I did! I think I was too frazzled after my day to even figure anything out! It worked out though cause O’Reilly was right there!

      I thought the SAME thing about the bank! It was ONLY $25 too! Come on!!

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