Quick Update: Portland Day


Happy post Halloween from the “sexy nurse.” Clearly my duck face could use some work. I’m a sexy nurse every year so maybe next year it’ll be better. I enjoyed three days at work this past week. I forgot what it was like to have critical patients, but I got my taste of it on Thursday night. I enjoyed it for one shift, but I think I’ve had my fill for awhile. Just give me abdominal pains and coughs for the next five weeks! I also dropped it like it was hot to pick up a roll of tape and I hurt my hip a bit again!

I made it down to Portland today for some adventures!

IMG_6644 1111111

You can walk along the water for a really long ways and cross all the bridges! It was another overcast day, but it was nice to get out and see the city!

IMG_6673 1111111


IMG_6753 1111111

IMG_6688 11111111

IMG_6736 111111

I tried Voodoo Doughnuts today as well! It was right near where I was walking so I decided to stand in line and finally try them! I’m honestly not sure what the hype is for! The donuts are really nothing special and Back Door Donuts in Martha’s Vineyard was 100x better! But I went. Portland staple.

IMG_6789 111111

I also bought new Michael Kors bag! I’ve never been to a Nordstrom Rack and hear great things, so I went. I found a bag for $99 and since it’s been years since I got a new purse, I went for it. I figured since I’m making the big money, I can afford it! Then I checked my Amex when I got home and realized that traveling across the US and paying our car insurance all in the same month is really expensive, and I think my health insurance is due on the 5th of this month (which I should get back since I plan on canceling in two weeks). Plus we have to pay for our bedroom set as well. So, that’s the last of the fun money! I need to start saving for the trip back home now since it’s only five weeks out and we have to catch back up on these bills! I may try to pick up two extra shifts in the next month. I just need to talk to the manager about it.

I planned on working out tonight, but after all the walking around today, my hip was bothering me. I decided to take it easy and have just been hanging out with Juliette and Roy at home!

Tomorrow I’m headed back to the beach to hang out with Ben and Kaitlin. His parents are there this time around, but I’m only staying till Monday evening and then heading back. Back to not spend any money at all.


4 thoughts on “Quick Update: Portland Day

  1. I’m honestly so jealous of all of the traveling you have done. I can only imagine how tiresome it is but Portland looks gorgeous.

  2. Bah it’s so hard not to spend money! I registered for a race on Friday which wasn’t much but then realized I need gas in the car, I had to pay a doctor’s bill, and of course Christmas is coming up soon so I need to be saving for that (not to mention it was the first of the month so mortgage was due). But sometimes you just need to treat yourself to a new bag especially if it’s on sale and been years since you’ve gotten a new one. Sorry the donut wasn’t as good- I hate when I visit a shop like that where you hear so many good things then it doesn’t live up to expectations 😦

    • I actually had read that the donuts weren’t anything special, so I wasn’t expecting anything amazing! I’m really not sure what makes it so special? I feel like I’m doing a great job saving money, but all those necessities add up! Car insurance, health insurance, mortgage, bills, tuition, GAS (tons and tons of gas)… Ah! But we don’t do many Christmas gifts so at least that doesn’t cost a ton!

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