Another Gym Day & Hip Update

I made it back to the gym again today! Woohoo! I did another 3/4 mile at 5.3 and then decided I just couldn’t take trudging along any longer! I always do speed work on the treadmill! It’s actually the reason I like the treadmill! Take that away and put me running a mile in 12 minutes and no thanks. I do it to warm up a bit and to get my mind in gym mode, but how boring these days.

I did a few sumo deadlifts at 95#. That was as high as I could go, and I couldn’t touch the weights to the ground because my hip hurt whenever I got closer to the ground. Then I held onto a 35# weight and stepped about 18 or so off the ground onto a platform, and I tried to do some close legged squats with my feet out in front of me, but that ended up not feeling great for my hip either. I did some leg machines since I wasn’t satisfied with my leg workout and then did some dips, pull ups, hammer curls, and push ups. Nothing fancy today and definitely not anything in depth. I’m obviously not working to gain anything at this point- I just really don’t want to lose all of my muscle while my hip is healing.

Also, I really don’t want to get out of the habit of going to the gym. Once I get out of the gym routine, it’s much harder to get me back into it! I’ll put it off for 2-3 months and completely lose all of my muscle! Since I was just at a point where I wanted to go every day that I wasn’t working and I really liked that, I want to try to stick with it, even if I can only go trudge along for a slow mile and then do a few things. I mean, I’m not going to go every day- I’m still trying to recover- but I just want to make sure I don’t lose sight of going. I also think that mine and Jon’s lives are going to get busier in the coming year, and I want to make sure it’s already enough of a habit that when life gets crazy, the gym isn’t the first thing to go every single time, and then when it does have to go, I get right back to it.

I will end up seeing a doctor for this if it’s not getting better. It has gotten better, but the lingering pain is not improving at all now, and there’s still point tenderness also. However, I have changes coming up with my insurance in a few weeks, so there’s no reason to even start the process right now. By the time I found a doctor out here, went and saw him, and had an MRI preauthorized, I’d already have changed insurance companies! No use at this point, but perhaps when I get back from Oregon.

Anyway, my evening was spent cooking for my 3 days of work and I chatted with Jon for a bit. I’m about to go hang out with Roy (the little boy where I live) cause he gets so excited to hang out with me! I’ve been waking up earlier all week so I have a feeling I’ll wake up in time to make it to the gym before work tomorrow! Have a good evening guys!


4 thoughts on “Another Gym Day & Hip Update

  1. I hope your hip will be okay. That’s crazy about the insurance drama and I guess one downside to traveling, because you’d have to find a doc there and see them but by the time you really “healed” if you’re injured, you would be going back to GA and have to find another doc or something.

    I’m glad you made it to the gym though, I agree that going as a routine is a good idea. When I ran on the treadmill, I *only* did speedwork on it! I hated the idea of running on there in steady-state mode. Felt like a hamster wheel. I think I’ve only run on a treadmill once since recovering from my foot injury, though.

    • It is HORRIBLE at a steady state on the treadmill! I finally did a full mile today and it was a struggle not to just get off! The insurance is a pain, and I’m switching anyway at open enrollment most likely! I usually can get in touch with doctors back home for things like antibiotics, but these issues are trickier!

  2. runninginscrubs

    I’m glad you’re feeling better, even though it’s not completely there. I know exactly what you mean about falling out of habit- there were a few weeks there that I was running on the treadmill every night after work and felt great, then I started hanging out with my roommate and watching The Voice (haha I know, like a loser) and then time would get away from me and you know how it goes. Also, cooking ahead of time is the way to go, if I don’t I have SUCH a hard time eating well and not snacking on junk!

    • I ALWAYS cook ahead for work! I’m bad about preparing food for my days off, but no matter what, I will have breakfast and lunch set for work days! I think everybody gets on the lazy train and has a hard time getting motivated (or maybe just us)! I always feel great when I work out though and want to keep doing it!

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