Portland Assignment!

I figured I’d do some Portland updates! I’m one week in today! Woohoo! 7 to go! As far as work goes, I’m glad to only have 7 weeks left. Don’t get me wrong- I actually like this hospital, but something about only having to get through 7 weeks of work is really nice! I miss my Mass work crew a ton. They were just so fantastic and fun and had so much energy! I feel like my work crew here is just dragging. They’re boring. Time goes slow. Not a ton of interaction between coworkers. However, it’s a totally different pace here! I think Portland is slower in general. Nobody even speeds here! But really, the pace is way slower. I have kept my rooms filled back to back but lab comes to draw labs, we have people who specifically do our EKGs, and the doctors rarely order IV meds on patients, so I end up not even putting IVs in most patients. I think I’ve put in 4 IVs all week and at home, I put in 4 in an hour sometimes. I’m sure if I had a critical patient or a really sick patient, it’d seem busy here. I don’t feel like teamwork is up to par with my home job either, but I’m finding that they’re just really helpful at that job. I’m definitely liking it though! The time drags at work because I spend 12 hours at a much slower pace that I’m used to, but really, I needed this! I hope it stays this way for the whole 7 weeks! I’m actually considering coming back here in the summer next year because it’s just that nice!

Adjusting to the evening shift has been difficult. I’m exhausted at the end of my shift and these days are actually 13 hour days, not 12 hour days. I’m used to 6:45a-7:15p (or earlier), and here I do either 2:45p-3:45a or 1:45p-2:45a. Even more draining when I’m doing 3 in a row! Today I slept until 3:30p and was so drained when I woke up. I almost didn’t even get out of bed but knew I had a time crunch at that point (I had dinner with a friend- I’ll update the social aspect another time). I was dragging and not feeling well through the grocery store and finally gained some energy when I ate at home. I have worked 3-3 shifts in the past, but not regularly, and it’s actually a bit harder than I had expected! I’m feeling a bit zombie-like. I’m sure it will get better, but I’m definitely going to need to adjust!

The time change from Georgia is also strange! Jon and I don’t talk much (we really didn’t when I was in Mass either, though). I get a 10 minute break at work (their policy is actually three 10 minute breaks and one 30 minute break, but that’s excessive!) so I typically call him during that and then talk to him while I’m at dinner sometimes. Today I caught him for about 15 minutes while I was getting ready to leave tonight and he was on the bus on his way home from an air show. I don’t feel stressed about the lack of interaction though. I’m just happy to hear his voice when I do! And besides, we only have 7 weeks to go and we should get to spend a whole month together!

I haven’t worked out at all. Still missing it a ton but know that if I even step foot into the gym, I’m going to aggravate my hip because that’s the nature of a hip injury. I’m giving myself one more week and then am going to try and go in and at least do something! The pain is still not any better than two weeks ago and actually seems more irritated lately. A lot of tenderness with palpation and it continues to wake me up frequently through the night when I move.

I also am enjoying where I live. I mean, it’s free, so you can’t beat that. I actually haven’t even seen the girl I live with (Juliette) much. Since I went out of town this week on my days off and worked the nights she was home, we haven’t seen each other since last weekend. I was hoping to go to a winery with her today but ended up sleeping through it and she was still gone when I was up. But I’m very comfortable here and have taken time to help clean the kitchen up every day (she works full time and has a 2 year old son) so that she won’t have to do their dishes when she has time to spend at night with her son! And her son is adorable and reminds me of my nephew, so I love it!

So, assignment #2 is definitely going well! I’m very happy with the hospital and the living! I just wish my hip was better so I could get in some good hiking! More updates later!


5 thoughts on “Portland Assignment!

  1. Yeah, that’s a big difference between the East and the West Coast, a different pace of life. We’re always on the go here. Glad you’re enjoying it, I knew you would! If your hip is still irritated and waking you up, I don’t think that within another week you’re going to be ready for the gym. My friends that work night shift, they all say after 1-2 weeks, they get used to it and it becomes normal to them. You’ll get the hang of it! I think it’s even harder for you because the shifts are longer and it’s less days instead of 5 days which will make it even more of a habit.

    • I can do some things without it hurting, I just have to be super careful. Pushups and upper body are okay, I think I could do deadlifts just fine, and as long as I run slower than usual and flat, it seems to be okay too. Ahhhh I don’t know! I’m so frustrated with it! I’m hoping I get used to it cause I’ve been SO TIRED all weekend long! I’m dragging!

    • It actually felt better today! Not 100%, but much better than it has been feeling! I put my pants on without having to hold my leg up with my hands! Ah! I was so excited! So hopefully it continues to get better over the next few days! I am definitely still struggling, haha. I was EXHAUSTED by 2:30am tonight!

  2. runninginscrubs

    I feel like I might have missed this, but are you in the ED in Portland? I’m sorry about lame coworkers, maybe you’ll warm up to them and vice versa- I felt the same way when I started my new job- I told my roommate I didn’t see myself being friends with any of them. I’m so jealous of your travel nursing!

    • Yep, I’m in Portland! LOVE IT! They do seem to be getting better, 1 by 1, haha. I’m finding a few that I enjoy but still nothing like the old crew! But I’m only on the start of my 2nd week! Travel nursing is THE BEST! It’s so awesome!!!!! I could do it for a long long time if I didn’t have a dang husband at home!

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