Popped my hip at the bottom of a squat!

All of my road trip blogs are up to date! So I’m back to my boring old travel/gym/life blogs.

I mentioned briefly that I hurt my hip when it popped at the bottom of a squat last week. I wasn’t able to sleep last Monday night and took pain meds on Tuesday in order to get a good night of sleep. The constant pain is gone, however, any lifting my leg at all is very painful. If I am driving and have to push the brakes, it hurts. My hip wakes me up throughout the night when I move. It hurts if I internally or externally rotate my foot. It hurts basically any time I’m not walking in a straight line or sitting still (and does hurt a bit now, just cause I may have hiked today but just a short one!).

I’m beyond frustrated since I was finally fully back into the gym routine and have gained most of my muscle back. I have been working on my mobility a ton lately and my squats are 1,000x better than they used to be. My hips were opening up much better, I was able to keep my feet facing almost all the way forward at the bottom of a squat… And then, on a light squat (105#), my hip popped. I think it was actually from coming out of my squat too quickly since the weight was so light. WTF.

I have no idea what this is. I thought about whether or not it’d be worth it to try and go to a doctor. They’d need an MRI to see what’s going on. I could go this route and am considering it, but all they’ll do is probably tell me that I need to somehow stay off of it in order for it to heal. Well, I’m a nurse, so I can’t work and do that. I try and drive with two feet most of the time but it gets dangerous around other cars, so I can’t do that all the time. I try to lift my leg with my hands to take the pressure off of my hip. I probably definitely need to not go hiking at all until it’s better, but I’m in Portland for 8 dang week and I’m not supposed to hike! WHAAAAT?!?!?! I’ve skipped the gym now a bunch of times because I find it getting aggravated when I go and since I hiked today (for like 45 minutes), I gave it a rest tonight.

I’ve had too many injuries from working out lately. And this one was just stupid. I should have come out of my squat more slowly and almost always do. And I should have warmed up my hips better than I had. I usually spend time stretching them out specifically whenever there are squats in a workout, but I arrived to a new gym at the last minute so didn’t.

Ugh. I wish I had just skipped that gym day and my hip would be fine!

I’m really frustrated with this whole thing and am really hoping for a speedy recovery, but since I’ve had 0 improvement in over a week, I feel pretty discouraged. Uuuuggghhhhh….

Back to your regularly scheduled, non whiny blog tomorrow.


5 thoughts on “Popped my hip at the bottom of a squat!

  1. Just reading your title was painful. I’m not surprised you had to take meds to go to sleep with that.

    I’m not sure what to do… I hope it will clear up in a few days maybe but there’s no way you can just stay off of it with work :(. I know some people do massages or chiro, and I don’t know if that would help or not. Still, it sucks to be hurt or injured and also away from home so you don’t have the resources (Docs you know, Jon, etc) that help you feel better.

  2. I always look back at things like this and think “if only I had skipped x,y,z.”. I really hope it clears up soon. I would whine the entire time honestly. That sounds painful.

  3. Why are you trying to squat with your feet facing forward? In addition to not warming up, moving fast and loosing form, that’s probably why you popped your hip as well, putting too much pressure on it from having your feet rotated forward and not allowing them to take on more force as they naturally would at an angle. Unless you’re an athlete competing, or not jumping on and off, I don’t see why you would squat with a weight with your feet pointing forward, especially if your body anatomy isn’t adapt for it.

    I know it’s difficult to stay off the gym after working so hard and seeing the work paying off. It’s hard to see progress on my back muscle, and I lost it all when I sprained my hand. But I would stay completely off the gym until it heals, you don’t want to worsen it. Maybe take a break from hiking for a week? A week won’t be too bad, you can relax on the Oregon beach! Hope it starts to heal very soon!

    • During a squat, your toes should face more forward to create the torque. It’s how It keeps your knees outside. Many many many articles talk about why you squat with toes forward as opposed to out. I definitely hurt myself coming out of the squat too fast. I never squat that fast and don’t even know why I did that! I’ve worked YEARS on getting my toes to point more forward though (they’re at about a 15 degree angle probably) so my knees can get outside of my feet and I can have a better squat and I have a WAY better squat than I did before. My foot positioning was the exact same as always.

      No relaxing on the OR beach here! It rains every day! I have to head inland to get some sun! One week isn’t going to fix my hip 😦 I’m not that hopeful! Honestly, I’m hoping the healing is less than 2 months at this point…

    • (By the way, let me clarify to that I don’t mean pointing straight forward with the toes! There should be a slight angle! But definitely not facing outward!)

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