Rocky Mountain National Park!

Wednesday was a fantastic day of traveling! It was my first “zero” day as Jon calls it. No actual progress made on the road. I slept in until 7:30 and then enjoyed a morning chat with my aunt. My other aunt and uncle stopped by as well, which was really nice! I just can’t believe how long it has been since I’ve seen my family!

I headed out around 10am to go to Rocky Mountain National Park. It was an amazing drive through the Big Thompson Canyon! I was in awe at the scenery! I was even more excited to finally be getting into the mountains that I had been seeing from afar!

I ended up parking and taking the bus up to the Bear Lake area, which is also the starting point for a loop where you can go to view other lakes as well. Bear Lake was really gorgeous! I was a bit confused about where to access the other trails, but I also tend to overlook simple things when I’m hiking alone (in a crowded place anyway- I’m careful if the trails are lonely!).

IMG_5052 2 1111111

I started out on my ascent to see the other lakes after a brief stop at Bear Lake. My hip was definitely in discomfort during the hike, but it wasn’t too bad. I also ended up passing a girl who was hiking alone and then she’d catch back up when I’d stop to take photos! We started chatting and completed the rest of the hike together!

The lakes were gorgeous up in the mountains! Each lake kept on getting better and better! (The internet connection at the hotel is SO SLOW so these are all the pictures you get!)

IMG_5057 2 1111111

IMG_5093_2 11111

IMG_5149 2 1111

IMG_5175 2 1111

The whole hike was about 3.8 miles, I think? It didn’t take very long and was a really easy hike overall. It was a constant incline up but not very steep so really doable. I drove around the park a little bit after the hike and did a little sightseeing, but then I had to head out to make it back in time for dinner!

I went to dinner with my aunt and uncle (the ones I’m staying with) at a Hawaiian place and then went back to their house to relax for a bit before preparing to head out very early on Thursday morning! I really enjoyed having some family time with my dad’s side and am really hoping to make it back to Colorado to see them again soon!


One thought on “Rocky Mountain National Park!

  1. Those lakes are gorgeous! The mountains are too, I want to go back and visit my friend in Denver and see the mountains one day.

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