1. I’m feeling better today! I actually ended up calling out of work, for like the 4th time this year (4 times more than I’ve ever called out of work in my life). I hate calling out of work but have also learned that when I’m sick, it can be impossible to actually get out of work and didn’t want to deal with it. I felt nauseous and exhausted when I woke up today, so decided to play it safe. I offered to go to work at 1 today but the supervisor said they didn’t need me. I need to go in to get my stethoscope though and had considered going in tonight from 7p-11p, but I’m glad I didn’t cause I was exhausted after running errands today.

2. I’m feeling the need to deep clean our house. I cleaned up mostly when I first got home, but I just want to purge! Since Jon and I are getting new bedroom furniture, I had to clean out some stuff from under our bed tonight and take the chairs out of our bedroom. The amount of cat fur I found was insane! I thought I already cleaned all the cat fur up! And we just have so much little stuff that we don’t need! Jon is worse and keeping little things (receipts, gloves, magazines) and I tend to hold onto my clothes more. So we have tons of random stuff that just needs to go! (Really, it’s NOT tons of stuff at all- I just hate clutter and hate opening drawers to see shit, shit, and more shit!)

3. No workout today. I wanted to run but my stomach was still a little off all day. No need to push it! But after 3 full rest days, I’m excited to get back to the gym tomorrow! The WOD actually looks good too so I just hope the furniture doesn’t come right at 12:30! I might try to get ahold of them earlier in the morning to get a better estimate of where we are on the truck.

4. I’m making a breakfast casserole for Jon’s work tomorrow. I meant to make them something before I left for Massachusetts since they gave us so much money for our wedding, but never got around to it! I’m making them this casserole. I hope it turns out since I can’t taste it before I take it!

5. Parenthood is back on! Time to go watch it! This blog sucked! Oops!

5 thoughts on “Randoms

  1. My house is in need of some deep cleaning as well (which is what I have been doing). I’m glad you were able to get off of work and just rest. I cannot imagine working as a nurse while sick. I know how stressful that must be.

  2. I’m glad you’re feeling a bit better but don’t blame you to miss work, it’s just not worth it and if you’re a nurse you probably shouldn’t go sick. It’s not such a big deal for someone like me who works at home and it’s an office job so no interactions or movement really but if I had an active job or was around people, esp. sick people, i would always call out if sick.

    I gotta purge the house too. We’ve only lived here for a little over a year and it’s way too cluttered…

  3. I hate missing work and school too when I’m sick. But seeing as you work in a hospital, it might be best for you to take the day off and get your rest.

    I hate waiting for furniture to arrive. They sometimes come earlier than they say they will and they sometimes come later than they say they will.

    I saw the first episode of Parenthood. Joel kissed Julia, saw something like that coming but not so soon. I mean the guy never took off his wedding ring and always helped out her family and always looked at her. I feel that she’s selfish sometimes, but I don’t blame her for not waiting around she does have her own life to live. The new guy she’s seeing, I don’t like him, he seems like an asshole. And Joel isn’t very understanding of her situation sometimes, I mean Julia isn’t understanding of Joel either. Just waiting until Ryan comes back because with Amber’s pregnancy he’s coming back.

    • I think Joel should have talked to Julia last season instead of brushing her off all the time! I think they’ll end up back together though, especially with how last night’s episode ended. I don’t really like the new guy either though. He’s too cocky. I can’t believe it’s the LAST SEASON! Ahhh 😦

      • Yep exactly, like Joel just needed some time apart but not to end the marriage and he should have communicated that with her. And she hesitated with that new guy when he asked to start dating. They dont seem right together, her and Joel just fit right. I’m not surprised that it’s the last season, the story line needed needed to be a bit more structured.

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