Sick Days

Yesterday I never ended up working out! FAIL. I kid. I spent far longer working on my stuff for work that I had expected and had to make two calls to Apple. By the time I finished, I decided to head to Ashley Furniture since Jon and I wanted a TV stand or a cheap dresser for the guest bedroom since we’re renting it out. I found a few things I liked and then came up with the great idea of buying a new bedroom set for Jon and me so that our old dresser could go in the guest bedroom! That way we aren’t investing in cheap furniture or a TV stand that we’ll want to replace in a few years when we sell the condo.

I picked Jon up from MARTA (he had class and I drove him there) and we headed back to Ashley Furniture to look at what I had found. We ended up buying a new bedroom set and then I had a (fake) panic attack over how much money we just spent. I really hate spending large amounts of money and while we have plenty of money in our bank account, I have been getting so excited seeing our savings account finally creep back up lately! And that money is all for grad school! Bummer. But it is a really nice bedroom set and Jon will finally have a dresser of his own! It gets delivered on Friday so expect a photo sometime soon!

I worked today and had a decent day! I swapped assignments with a nurse and am so glad I did because he spent his afternoon with an extremely critical patient! I did get a patient who projectile vomited all over the waiting room, but I’ve seen worse.

I started feeling a little iffy around 2pm and kept having hot flashes and nausea. Thankfully I got off work at 3, because when I got to my car at 3:15, I proceeded to vomit in the parking lot (thankfully, I took an emesis bag with me- you know nurses come prepared). Then I got pulled over on my way home by a state trooper for going 77 in a 55. I think he took pity on me as I told him in my really pathetic voice that I threw up before leaving work and just wanted to get home (as I threw my empty emesis bag out of my purse to grab my license). He gave me a warning. I owned up to speeding though so maybe he just appreciated that I wasn’t crazy.

I’m still sick but took some anti nausea meds and am eating saltines now, thanks to my wonderful husband who has to go out every time I get sick to buy bread products for me. He’s the best.

The only positive aspect of this is that I really did not want to go to CrossFit today (it looked really hard and I’m not in the mood) and was going to feel guilty for skipping another day. Now I had a legitimate excuse! I just hope I feel better tomorrow cause I have to work a 12 and then clean up our entire bedroom (we store stuff under our bed) before our set is delivered on Friday!

2 thoughts on “Sick Days

  1. The good thing about buying a good bedroom set is that you won’t have to buy another one for years as long as you take care of it. Furniture is so damn expensive, as if renting a place or buying a house wasn’t bad enough, then you have to furnish it to continue breaking the bank.

    That sucks that you’re not feeling well. Hopefully you’re not catching anything, hope you feel better tomorrow!

  2. I hope you feel better soon. I am with you on furniture- I definitely want quality even if it means spending a little more. You won’t have to deal with replacing it as soon and replacing/purchasing anything big is always stressful so you’re saving some future stress too.

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