My first year after college!

I’ve been a college student for the last TEN YEARS! I finished my bachelor’s in May and hope to go back to grad school next fall, so I’m trying to soak in every moment of my one measly year off school.

Today I made it to the gym, which means I’ve gone for the last 2 weeks without missing any days unless I worked 12 hour shifts (I work 2 of them a week). The gym is closed already when I get off work at 9 so they get to be rest days. It seems so much easier to make the gym part of your schedule when you’re not in school! When I was working full time (and going into overtime on a regular basis so that I could pay my tuition) and then coming home to do school work, plus having my house to keep up, food to make since I try to eat moo-Paleo at home, and have some sort of social life, the gym was always the first to go. I obviously really value being active and healthy, so it really sucks that I let that slip so easily, but sometimes it just feels like something’s gotta give!

It is so incredibly nice to be able to wake up when I want, meander over to the gym for a nice morning workout, and then come sit down and enjoy the world of blogging and eat my homemade breakfast and a nice cup of coffee. My free time belongs to me. I don’t think I even had free time in the last 10 years. I really think every second of every day was taken up by a laundry list of things that needed to be done. This is the first time I’ve been able to just relax on my days off! It really makes me dread grad school, but I really want to get my master’s so I guess I need to just suck it up.

Hard work pays off. But then again, not working so hard really pays off too sometimes. I think in the last few weeks, my cortisol levels have decreased. I say that jokingly kind of. I have no idea what my cortisol levels are. But since I live in a pretty constant state of stress (hello Type A), I imagine my cortisol levels will contribute to a death 10 years early.

I am so envious of people who finished their bachelor’s in 4-5 years and then have just taken the last 5-6 years to enjoy life! I know ended up taking 1 1/2 years off of school because of the Army (by the way- I count this time as my college years because I wasn’t enjoying my life during basic and AIT and my deployment, while it was relaxing, I was definitely not living my life how I wanted) and went a nonconventional route of finishing my ASN (associate’s in nursing) and working full time while getting my BSN, but still…

I bet they have enjoyed far more cups of coffee without some schoolbook in front of their face!

photo 1-6

My mornings like this are the best… And I kind of dread the days where my cup of coffee is enjoyed over research papers and discussion postings.

photo 2-5

And to end this, I really love this breakfast food. One smashed banana, two eggs, some vanilla, cinnamon, whatever… Scramble it like scrambled eggs and it’s the best. These are the same recipe as Paleo pancakes (although I make my pancakes way better) but for lazy people who don’t have time to sit and make them turn into pancakes. It tricks you into feeling like your getting bread for breakfast too because it just kind of has that consistency to me. Satisfies me. I have the best food ideas.

Survey time!


Hiiii my name is Liz! I’m 28, closing in on 30 (I think this blog will have to change to at30something when the time comes). I’m currently in Plymouth, MA on a travel nursing assignment but my home is in Dunwoody, GA, just north of Atlanta! ATL represent.


 From The Westin.


This part is so fun now that I’m married! On my side, I have my mom and dad (happily married 33 years), my oldest sister Tonie and my oldest brother KJ, who are technically my half siblings. Then I have my sister Annie and her husband Pat, and my favorite (and only) nephew Tank! I also have a brother, Jake. And I’m the youngest! (As we’ve talked about, I have youngest child syndrome, which is why I need a blog to talk about my life.)


These are definitely not the professional pictures and the only picture I have on my computer with Jake is one where he’s messing with his glasses. My oldest brother, KJ, wasn’t at the wedding because of his job! But there’s my cutest little Tank!!!!

On Jon’s side (my husband), we got lots of little ones in the family! His mom and dad are also happily married, also over 30 years. His oldest sister Jessica is married to Ryan and they have our youngest nephew, Levi! His next to oldest sister, Rebecca, is married to Brad and they have our only niece, Zoe, and another nephew for us, Slade. Zoe was the first baby on both sides 4 years ago and Jon and I definitely have a soft spot for her! Next up is Jon’s twin sister, Jamie Lynn, who is married to John and has a son named Micah and is pregnant again with another boy. Jon’s youngest brother is married, but his wife is pretty much nonexistent, and he has a son, Devyn.


The only one not pictured here is David’s wife.

Jon and I have two fur babies, Tom and Fluff.


I’m going to try to find them cat sweaters so Jon and I can take family Christmas photos this year, but as of now, we don’t have a family photo with my main loves.


I’m a pretty baller ER nurse. I kid. But I am really an ER nurse. I have worked at my main job for the last 4 years, 3 of them as a nurse. All 4 in the ER. And now I’m traveling around doing ER nursing and will return to my job at the end!


The only picture of me I have at work!


I have a new found love for hiking! I’ve been doing day hikes here and there for awhile, but now I want to hike all the time! And I want to hike big things and do long hikes, not just easy peasy day hikes!

IMG_2118 2

TRAVELING! I think this should be number one! I LOVE to travel. Love it. Love everything about it! Below was my very first trip out of the US that I ever took, to Switzerland (on top) and Italy back in 2007! I’ve wanted to see the world ever since!



And of course, the gym. Is that lame? The gym for real. I started working out on deployment in 2008 and started CrossFit when I got back in 2009. I’ve done CrossFit off and on since then and have been at globo gyms off and on since then too. I love different things about my own gym time and CrossFit, but I’m thankful for a nice, healthy body thanks to both!


And lastly, I love doing anything with my friends. Although I am fairly good at being alone, I crave my friend time and am always so extremely happy to spend time with them! I don’t care what we do, I will be happy! I’m definitely happiest with my high school bunch, Crista (my only really close non high school friend in Georgia), or Jess (my nurse travel buddy).


Favorite food

If I’m going out to eat, Mexican and sushi! But in all honesty, I prefer eating at home, and I don’t have a favorite food at home. I tend to cook everything healthy and I mostly only enjoy it because it’s good for me. There are things I’d rather eat, but don’t really have a favorite.

photo 5

Favorite color

Green. I just love everything green. Bright green, dark green, forest green, any green.

Standard coffee order

Well, I mostly drink my Keurig. My favorite are Brown Sugar Cake k-cups (from Target). I tend to get mochas if I’m out. All time favorite though, European coffee.


 In Croatia with Laura last year, loving our 2+ coffee breaks a day to cool off! (And that’s my cute thumb splint from when I tore my ligaments.)

Standard bar order

Fireball whiskey and sprite. Hands down my favorite. But I also really love beer, although I tend to go easy on the beer because of the old tum tum.


My favorite beer is Weihenstephaner Hefe. Pictured on the right, but not in the correct glass.

Places I shop

Banana Republic outlet! Most definitely. And Von Maur.


Hello Von Maur dresses. The best. Especially for people my size.

Bedtime/wake up time

Whenever. I work a big variety of shifts, so it totally depends. At home, I would be in bed by 11 on work nights and up at 5:15. On days off, in bed by 11-12 and up around 9-10. These days, I go to bed anywhere from 12-3 and get up anywhere from 7:30-10.

Beauty products I can’t live without

I really like Almay. I love my Almay liquid eyeliner and would probably be lost without it. I would also be lost without concealer for under my eyes, powder, and bronzer. And as for hurr, I use S Factor leave in moisturizer and Aveeno leave in conditioner every single time I wash my hair. So those two as well. And I need my Vaseline for my chapped lips.

What I blog about

Myself. Duh. Cause I’m the best! And about my boring working out, my boring job, my boring marriage, my boring cats, and my boring food. Sometimes I throw in a fun traveling post, but not much lately.


First blog I read

Let’s take this back. I don’t actually know. I started blogging at 14 (yup, before it was cool). I actually used to read Amy Lauren’s blog back in high school! Aside from that, I don’t remember all of them, although I am actually friends on Facebook with some of those bloggers from back then!

How did I start blogging

I have no idea. I started on Kiwibox, which is now a completely different type of site. Back then it was a “journal,” not a blog. I started this blog because every blog I’ve ever had was anonymous (except for live journal, and if you know my old name, you can still google it and find it). I started reading public blogs and decided to start this and stop sharing all my dirty little secrets! So here we are!

Why I blog

Youngest child syndrome.

Thursdays with Liz!

Well well well!!! These last few days have been pretty much filled with snot and exhaustion. Pleasant, I know. I actually never fell asleep on Monday night since I skipped the Benadryl and then spent all night in a snot filled misery. I called out of work Tuesday and felt pretty under the weather all day. I managed to make it in for a quick workout at 7:45 at night since I felt like I had restless limbs. I did a very easy mile run and some minimal lifting and felt 100x better when I left. The power of the gym.

Yesterday I ended up working 9-9 to make up my hours that I missed. I came home and worked on learning parabolas.I called Jon last night and we went over some basic exponent stuff that I never seem to keep straight. We were trying to figure out if normal people really do well on the math portion of the GRE. I mean, history majors take the GRE (and nurses, who clearly don’t need to know any of this math). I’m sure they never had to take very advanced math courses. I just don’t want to take it and completely bomb the math portion and then get a terrible score on the GRE.

Anyway, today I wanted to wake up early but that definitely didn’t happen! Life is exhausting when you’re sick. I slept till 10:30 and then headed out to the gym. I ran 3 miles on the treadmill (luckily, nobody else was in the cardio room while I blew snot bubbles into my shirt, #imsosexy) and then did some lighter squats with pauses at the bottom. I’m trying to continue working on my form (it has improved a ton over the last year) and the pause at the bottom helps stretch me out. I did some abs and then just some random stuff before stretching it out and calling it a day.

I made it home and showered and got ready in 15 minutes before heading out to meet Jessica and Baby Jonny (her boyfriend) for breakfast! It’s nice to enjoy time with other people since I feel a bit socially isolated here still (which is really okay for the most part!).

Anyway, now here I am, enjoying my Marylou’s, just dreading the days when Marylou’s is no longer close by.

photo 1-5

I can’t believe tomorrow marks my ONE WEEK left in Massachusetts! Ah! The time has flown by and I’ve grown accustomed to my coworkers! While I still get frustrated by this job at times, I am so thankful for the wonderful people I’ve met! I am really kind of sad that I will probably never see any of them again! But that’s the nature of travel nursing, I suppose! I’ll be on to new adventures with a new group of people, hopefully that are just as great as the ones here! I told them all that for each of the next 5 shifts I work, I expect going away surprises (mostly in the form of food)! We’ll see who remembers my demands!  In all seriousness though, it has been a great 13 weeks, although I haven’t forgotten how much I hated it when I first got here and am dreading learning a new charting system again in the very near future!

And in even more positive news, tomorrow marks ONE WEEK till I get to see my husband!


Throwback to 2009 when we first got home from Iraq! This was at one of our post-deployment events in Chicago! (Side note: This was an unplanned throwback, I am not a #tbt kind of girl.)

Have a great day, everybody! I’m off to start cooking for the next 4 days of work!

Counting calories. Counting protein. The pointless “diet.”

I just read a blog about a girl who is trying to lose weight and get toned. She’s majoring in all these molecular sciences and says that she knows the science behind how to lose weight. Fantastic! Awesome! BUT, the only thing she tracks on a daily basis on her blog are calories and protein.

In general, I totally disagree with tracking your food intake by using calories, fat, carbs, anything. Unless you are an elite athlete of sorts or use your body to to an extreme, I think it’s pointless and that it’s unhealthy. It puts an emphasis on your intake and when you emphasize something for long enough, it becomes an obsession. I don’t think obsessions are ever good for you, especially with food.

I’m not against tracking for a week or so to see where you stand. Actually, it’s probably good to know your general intake at times. In the past, I’ve tracked everything and gotten a general idea of where I stand. I think the emphasis on intake should be how you feel and on eating real food.

I’ve been building muscle over the last five years, and when I quit working out or eating my normal amount, I lose weight. When I start working out and increase my food intake (because I’m hungry from working out), I build muscle. I am still building muscle now. How do I know? I can see it. I make gains in my weight lifting. Do I have any idea how much protein I eat on a daily basis? Not a clue. I don’t know how many carbs I eat. I don’t know how much fiber I eat. I don’t even know how many calories I eat. I pay attention to what I put on my plate and make sure I’m eating nutrient rich foods. I’m not some crazy athlete. I’ve gone through periods where I lifted heavy and worked out about 10 hours a week, and still made strength gains. I now have weeks where I spend 0 hours at the gym and weeks where I spent 7-8 hours at the gym. On gym days, I make an effort to increase my intake because I know I burned off more energy and need to refuel. On days where I don’t work out, my intake is still healthy (typically), but less.

Now, say, if I was going to the gym and doing the same lifts and never increasing my weight or never seeing any physical gains, would I look at my diet? If I was constantly tired and drained, would I look at my diet? Absolutely. Then I would think something in my diet is lacking because clearly, I’m dragging. Gains aren’t happening even though the physical work is there. And then there will be more than just looking at protein. Am I lacking because I don’t have any carbohydrates so I don’t have the energy to lift heavier? Do I need more protein? Are my chicken sausages just not enough?!?!?!

I just don’t get the point of picking ONE thing to track. You want to track protein? Well, what about cholesterol? What about fats?! (Fats are SO important!!!!) In the blog I just read, I saw hardly any fats at all. The omelets were egg whites (who doesn’t eat the yolk anymore?! It is so good for you!). There were plant of veggies and some tofu, but not much else.

I’m glad that nutrition is becoming more recognized these days. I haven’t decided if it’s because I surround myself with healthy people so of course I see health related articles and statuses all over Facebook or if it really is becoming a big deal all over the US! Staying fit and eating real food is really the only way to turn the healthcare industry around and to lead long, healthy lives. For the average person, this means doing anything active and making sure your plate consists of plenty of different colors that didn’t come from a box. In time, you learn how to pay attention to your body and to how you feel. You know what to eat and what not to eat and don’t have to count to figure it out…

(Again, people with exceptional fitness goals here are exempt from this belief… Fueling a body for 26.2 miles of running or becoming the next Ironman may take a little more nutritional planning.)


Gym, Food, Coffee?

I made it to the gym again! Woohoo! I was so irritated because I couldn’t  find my keys! I looked for 45 minutes and was at a loss as to where they could be (I use TWO rooms in the house- the kitchen and my bedroom) so I gathered up my spare and headed out.

I ran 1.5 miles and then did back squats, deadlifts, good mornings, one legged squats, and then stretched. I was sweating up a storm and made it in and out in about 50 minutes. I would have had more time had I not spent 45 minutes (literally) looking for my keys. But I feel pretty happy with making it to the gym every day that I was off this week! Granted, I’ve been lazy because of being sick so I had plenty of time, but still… I really want to make the gym a part of my daily routine. I do go fairly regularly and have for years, but definitely nowhere close to how much I’d like to go!

I found my keys in my tupperware container.     ????????????

And now I’m eating this:


I’ve been lazy with my cooking, so last night I baked some chicken in salsa, heated up some black beans, and made it a meal. I’m taking it to work with me today but I fried up some plantains and have an avocado to stick on it at work. It’s actually really delicious. I thought about putting rice with it but I need to really cut out eating grains again (after my pumpkin cream cheese whoopie pies are gone…). And of course, some zucchini, blueberries, and my daily cup o’ kefir.

While I was cooking last night, I witnessed some neighborhood drama. A guy drove down the road and hit a car on the side of the ride. His wife and kids were in the car. All the neighborhood kids and adults were outside and saw it. The man who hit the car got out and started swearing up and down and telling the guy that he parks his car too far in the road. He was asking the guy if he thought he was better than him (cause he’s a steel worker) and what kind of jackass parks his car in the middle of the road! How dare he be so pompous to think his car can just be in the middle of the road! Anyway, as he’s dropping F bombs all over the place, all the little kids are just horrified. And the adults, clearly. And me, cause who would ever really think that somebody who parks “in the middle of the road” (he doesn’t- really- AND the roads here are so wide!) must do it because they think they’re better than their neighbors. The guy said he actually parks a little further out because he wants people to slow down since the kids are always out playing basketball in the street. What kind of adult acts like that?

Another thing I’m amazed that people still do: smoke. I guess with all the indoor smoking bans, you forget that people actually smoke. It honestly takes me by surprise whenever I see people light a cigarette. Especially younger people. Don’t we know better?

I track my condo complex online for recent sales. I was super super super pumped to see that our exact same condo (except ours is cuter- nicer kitchen and bathrooms) sold for $40,000 more than I bought mine for! And the three bedrooms went for a little over $50,000 than I bought mine for, so I’m really hoping the market stays this way! We aren’t selling yet, but probably in 2-3 years. I definitely like seeing such a big increase in the price of the condos nearby!

My neck is so sore from my swollen glands! I can’t wait to get over being sick!

It is BEAUTIFUL out today! It’s breezy and cool and sunny! Perfect! I’m totally loving it and am really going to miss this New England weather when I leave in 11 days! I can’t believe there’s so little time left here. I’m actually kind of sad. I love it up here! I’m also sad that I have to work on such a beautiful day!

Let me leave you all with a question. What happens when coffee beans go bad? I opened some coffee about 3 months ago now and still brew it in my Keurig occasionally. I haven’t noticed any difference in the flavor. I feel like it must be a lie when they say that it’s best within a week…

The Lack of Motivation Continues…

Well, the lack of motivation continues! I did make it to the gym yesterday! I ran for 20 minutes and was having tons of pain in my left ankle so decided that I had enough. Then I did whatever I felt like. That consisted of pull ups, skin the cats, kettle bell swings, weighted walking lunges, toes to bars, light back squats with a long pause at the bottom (mostly to stretch), lots of stretching, tricep pulldowns. I had no rhyme or reason other than I already had a legs day, already had an upper body day, and I really just felt like getting in a bunch of random stuff. Besides, it’s good to keep your body guessing.

All I did yesterday was go grocery shopping and work on math for the GRE. I did buy some pumpkin cream cheese whoopie pies at Whole Foods (not Paleo or healthy in any way). Delicious. Then, let’s not even talking about how long it took me to remember how to do y=mx+b and how much longer it took me to remember how to graph that. After overcoming that hurdle, I called it a night. I’ll be back at it tonight though. I do feel like it’s pointless to relearn all of this for the GRE when I can go to a university that doesn’t require it, but actually, I kinda sorta maaaaybeeeee enjoy learning this again (don’t tell anybody). I always loved math back in the day and was really good at it. I just don’t retain things that I don’t use. I have too much other important stuff going on in this head.

Today I had my alarm set for 6:30 to head out to western Mass, but I didn’t sleep great and woke up feeling exhausted. My body was tired. I was tired. My motivation was still at 0. I turned my alarm off and slept till 10:30. I woke up still feeling pretty exhausted and under the weather… I decided to head to the gym in hopes of finding some motivation…

I did a mile on the treadmill and felt like I was an asthmatic, and then I did 3 rounds of 20 side lunges, 20 bicep curls, 20 sit ups, and 10 push ups. Then did some shoulder flyes cause I felt like it, and that was it. I was totally not motivated at all and am still not motivated about my day at all. It’s a beautiful day and much cooler out, so I thought of heading into Boston today to just sit at the park cause I love it there… And I thought about the beach. Or both. But I’m feeling too lazy to drive to get into Boston so the beach might win.

I’m realizing that after 10 weeks of going nonstop and traveling every day off, I’m a little burnt out. I still want to explore but I’m feeling the need to relax a little bit too. I’m kind of enjoying my relaxing time, actually. I should really enjoy these days before I go back to grad school in the fall and work 2 jobs…

This is the longest blog possible about how much I don’t want to do anything. Boring.

Boston Weekend!

Since we have impending storms for the day and I’m sick again, I’m wasting one of my last two day off stretches being lazy and not traveling! Womp womp. Feeling a little guilty about that, but I have about 0 motivation (I am still going to make myself go to the gym right after this, though).

Back to a quick weekend of my girls’ weekend! I must say, it really was fantastic to have my friends in Boston with me! I got off work at 9 on Friday night and went to pick them up at the airport. We came back to Plymouth and spent the night where I live. We stayed up talking about the high school reunion and telling stories and it was totally a fun little sleepover.

We got up early on Saturday and drove around Plymouth a bit (they loved it here) before heading to Boston! We checked into our hotel and then ended up driving back down to the train station. We got into Boston around 1pm and went straight for the Public Garden and Boston Commons (the oldest park in the US). This is by far one of my favorite areas in Boston (followed by the Charles River). It is just beautiful!

Boston Commons & Public Garden

Boston Commons & Public Garden

We spent quite a bit of time in the parks and I think I could have sat down and spent an entire afternoon there. I’m secretly hoping for a gorgeous fall day before I leave so that I can head back to Boston and just sit at the park for an entire afternoon. I am going to miss Boston a ton when I leave!

Parish Cafe

After exploring for a bit, we settled on Parish Cafe  for lunch since somebody had recommended it to Kass! Hands down, the best food I’ve had since I’ve been in New England (we all know I’m not a big fan of the food here though)! I had some turkey and brie sandwich with a cranberry sauce. It was heavenly. I wish it was more convenient to me because I would eat there again every day if I could! This even beat The Skinny Pancake from Vermont!

Declaration of Independence

We spent the majority of our afternoon walking along the Freedom Trail. You can download an app on your phone and then you follow a brick path that takes you by historical landmarks! This building was where the Declaration of Independence was first read and also the site of the Boston Massacre. One of the things I love about Boston is the historical aspect mixed in with new buildings (see the tall building peeking out overhead?). Atlanta doesn’t have much history because of the fire and I really think it’s just so awesome being surrounded by some of the most historical stuff in the US, as well as insanely tall glass buildings!


IMG_3921 2

We went in search of famous cannolis for quite awhile! The whole North End is basically Little Italy, but it was insanely crowded there! So much that I didn’t enjoy it at all! We stood in line for about 20-30 minutes to get our cannolis from Mike’s Pastry and then sat by the water to enjoy them. Unfortunately, I found that I’m not a huge cannoli person, but they did have a really awesome amaretto one. I would recommend trying it if you’re in the area. We asked a guy to take the photo above of us and were so happy a good one came out! It’s the only good one we have of the entire weekend! (By the way, left to right is me, Gina, Kassie.)


Our night ended at the Harpoon Brewery, where we enjoyed plenty of beer! Well, I enjoyed one big one and two little ones since I had to drive home later that night! I was pleased to see that it was not nearly as busy late at night as when Jon and I went last time! We were close to the last to leave there and then headed back to our hotel room for the night!

Sunday morning we ended up wandering around Cambridge since it was also recommended to Kassie. I don’t think we found the right area, but we did enjoy a nice little breakfast and then crossed the Charles River. Unfortunately, it was really humid out and kind of miserable in the morning! Once we crossed the river, we ended up going in and out of shops for awhile to cool off! Kassie’s goal for the day was to find Chinatown, which we eventually made it to!


Bubble tea was huge in China (Kass and Gina lived in China for 4 months teaching English, and Laura and I went for a 2.5 week visit a few years back while they were there!) so they were so excited to see an authentic bubble tea place! I got a coconut one that was seriously delicious! I have no idea what it was called (probably a Chinese symbol since everything was in Chinese), but I’d definitely go back! (Also, I skip the bubbles because they’re disgusting.)


We ended up walking around the shopping streets in Boston and going to look at random articles of clothing. I bought a really plain sweater from H&M and then talked myself out of spending any money on clothes! We went to UNO for dinner and enjoyed some air conditioning since we weren’t sure when the rain was supposed to start! They had awesome pizza and a really awesome salad with goat cheese and walnuts! I’m not a big salad person but I loved it (and later got it in Providence too).

After dinner, we decided to head to the Top of the Hub so they could enjoy some scenery from above the city. They enjoyed drinks and I enjoyed an espresso creme brûlée! So good!


 Kass really wanted to go out for drinks afterwards and get a taste of the Boston nightlife! I was so ready for bed, and on our walk to the train station we got poured on! So we called it a night and headed back to the hotel, where we all crashed before having to wake up at 5:45 to take Kass and Gina back to the airport after way too short of a weekend!

Providence and some other ramblings!

A list, because I want to!

1. I managed to actually study something for my GRE tonight! I’ve been putting it off for 9 weeks now. I found the Khan Academy website that shows videos of basic math (since I was stuck on quadratic equations for a second). It’s all coming back to me now. Although, everybody on Facebook says it’s not worth it to study much of the math because it’s so complex. I feel like I should study something though! I can’t even make an educated guess on the answers when my math knowledge is so far gone! So I’ll probably do a few reviews here and there and then buck up and schedule a date for the GRE (nooooooo!!!!).

2. Speaking of GRE, I’m pretty sure I’m going to get my MSN (masters in nursing) instead of my MHA (healthcare administration). Not 100% positive yet, but I just don’t think I can afford to go the MHA route at this point unless I take out student loans, and I refuse to take out loans! For some reason, the MHA degrees I found from universities are way more expensive… I’ll do some more research, but at this point, the MSN is taking the lead.

3. I made it to the gym today! Woohoo! It felt good to be back to work out. I only did 40 minutes at the gym but felt good afterwards. I’m having to change up my gym time to later in the morning since it’s so crowded until about 11, and then it’s totally empty. Well, about 5-10 people were there today, but I got a squat rack with no problem and that’s really all I care about. I think I’ll do a longer run tomorrow.

4. I went to Providence after the gym. Luckily I didn’t waste time showering before I went since I sweat like crazy walking around Providence. The humidity is crazy this week. I loved Providence! I walked 5ish miles and then ate a $13 salad from UNO. I can’t believe places charge $13 for some lettuce mix, blueberries, walnuts, and goat cheese. But the salad is delightful so I sucked it up and paid for it, and then I sat outside and enjoyed the view depicted in the bottom image. Aside from the salad though, Providence really is adorable! I left around 5:30 and didn’t hit any traffic either, and I do love a traffic free city!

10385290_10100153675605162_2957669483070728196_n 10665109_10100153695335622_8637363250340714904_n

5. I booked Jon’s flight to La Guardia for September 19th! The countdown that Delta gave me was 17 days! Totally excited for him to get up here so we can do some weekend traveling before I have to head down south for some shifts in my ER.

6. Jon and I are renting out our guest bedroom. I think we have a tenant that’ll move in on the 15th of this month, so she’ll be there while I’m home. Is it bad that I DO NOT want to do this? I like my space and would rather it just be me and Jon in the 2-3 weeks that we have together before I head out west! But we can save the money from the rent for our road trip in May and not cut into our college money fund, so it’ll be worth it. I just need to suck it up and be okay with it. It’s a short term lease, so she’ll be gone in early December and then we’ll discuss if we want another tenant till I get home for good.

7. Time to go. Maybe I’ll do a few more math videos or go through some photos or something. Back to work tomorrow (BLAH) so I need to try to get in bed early. Tomorrow is a 3-11, followed by two 9-9s, so I can’t sleep in tomorrow or it’ll mess up my sleep schedule.