Tuesday Update! Nursing BS, Dinner with Friends, Markets!

Last night I ended up meeting up with Kassie, Carly, and Billy in Atlanta! Traffic was surprisingly not too bad (score!) so I was super pleased! We met at 10th & Piedmont for happy hour and got our food for super cheap! We had a few glasses of wine and then Billy decided to go home and study (he’s in law school- no time for fun) while the girls went to another little bar in Midtown.

10690061_10100165959498142_1178648311414005839_nKassie, Carly, me.

I ended up leaving around 9pm so Jon and I could see each other for  a little while! I was super excited to find out that Nashville is on episode 3 of this season so we watched the first episode last night! Then we headed to bed after he gave me a nice massage! I think that’s what I miss the most when I’m traveling! Massages for my sore muscles!

I’m enjoying my nice fine Tuesday by completely all this nursing BS. I have never missed a skills day ever in my life, but since I was traveling, of course I missed it. And now I have to provide documentation of all these scenarios when I haven’t even had any of these patients in how long? Months. It’s been 13 weeks since I’ve worked and in the last few days, I did help in a code, but it wasn’t my patient or my documentation. And most of the critical patients have paper charting since we don’t have time to use the computer in critical situations! So I’m just typing up stuff about whatever and hoping it’s okay. Waste of time. Because writing BS papers about my job means I’m competent. Okay.

I actually did have a decent morning. Jon and I went to IKEA first thing to look for a dresser for the guest bedroom, but decided their furniture is too cheaply made and walked out empty handed. I had been wanting to go to this market downtown that people keep talking about. It’s apparently some hidden gem that’s been there for awhile and is actually right next to where Jon has class! It’s the Municipal Market, or the Sweet Auburn Market.


It was super cute! They had produce and a bunch of food bars. I had an arepa and some fried plantains even though I was full from breakfast! I would definitely go back and try some of the other vendors that they had there! I’m surprised it wasn’t more packed too, but I did get there around 11 so it may have been too early for the lunch crowd.

I dropped Jon off at class and then went and sat at CVS for the longest time waiting on a flu shot. It’s required by the Portland job but my hospital here hasn’t started giving them yet. I got home and faxed in a bunch of documents and now I’m doing my skills packet. I just remembered that I need to get my emissions tested because my tag fee is due on the 24th of this month (my mom is the primary signer so I get to pay the money on her birthday instead of mine- I never want to be the primary signer on my car now). I feel like the list keeps piling up of things that I need to do! (Also, renewing my GA nursing license- I need to add that to my list too.)

I skipped the gym at noon since I had things to get done. I may go at 4:30 or 5:30 but am considering going for a run and just going some bodyweight stuff along the way and then doing a quick shoulder workout when I get home since all I have is 10# weights here. Tomorrow and Thursday are back to work and then it’s my last weekend before heading out to Portland!

Time to get back to this work so I have some time to get my workout in while it’s still light out today! Anybody else notice how early it seems to get dark these days?! I’m dying to go to Stone Mountain but I don’t think I’ll make it before traffic and I really need to get this done so they don’t suspend me from working!



6 thoughts on “Tuesday Update! Nursing BS, Dinner with Friends, Markets!

  1. Eek, good luck with getting the nursing stuff done. I never realized that nursing had all the complications of documenting things like that. I guess I figured with computers, they would know what patients you had, what you did, etc, without you having to write about it. But it makes since that in a critical time you would be caring for the patient and not working on a computer to log everything!

    It looks like you had fun with your friends (I love your shirt, btw) and with Jon at that market. I have never been to an IKEA but I don’t think cheap furniture is really worth it either if you can afford something better. I’d still love to go one day just because.

    It’s getting darker earlier here too, but it’s been so rainy lately that we don’t see the sun too much. Today is the first sunny day in Charleston in over a week.

    • They do have records of ALL of it! I can pull my charts on patients for years back, BUT I would have to sit there and find all the complaints, and it works for psych patients where we use the computer but I don’t know where the records are for the codes and stuff like that since it’s on paper. I would never have to do this had I just gone to the skills day so they could do really quick check offs for me! I just got that shirt that I was wearing! Thank you 🙂

  2. Tag fee, what is a tag fee?
    IKEA does have some cheap furniture, I hate that you have to assemble it yourself. Though I find that the quality of their couches doesn’t ass up with the price tag, they should be cheaper. I will probably be buying my next bedroom set there as I have no money, but that’s okay because it’s just for my first apartment.
    The sun is rising at a later time! It’s so dark at 5AM, it’s still night when I wake up now and get on the highway. I miss the sunlight when I get to work. =[

    • Registration fee for the car. I usually call it a tag fee. Jon and I ended up just spending money on a nice bedroom set but I’m just sitting here now having a panic attack over the cost of bedroom sets. Ahhhhahfdgfd!

      • Oh ok. Here in MA it’s $45 every two years for whenever you registered your car, such a pain. Some states, like CO you have to pay taxes with it, costs like $100+ depending on your car. That sucks.

        I would have just gotten the IKEA furniture for the guest bedroom, especially if that room is going to be used seldomly. You could have always painted over anything that was scrachted. The more expensive stuff for your bedroom lol.

      • Yup, we have a tax! I pay about $200 a year in taxes on my car but it decreases as the value decreases. The more expensive stuff IS for my bedroom! I’m just switching our dresser now to the guest bedroom!

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