Georgia Time & Haircuts

It’s Wednesday evening but I’ll post this for Thursday, since I’ll be working tomorrow (waaahhhh) and all. It really is so nice being home and I really wish I had stuck with my 3 week rule between assignments, but I’ll manage with these two! At least it’s more than I was home in the middle of my Plymouth assignment! I get to relax a little bit more and Jon is still having to work, so I get some alone time at the house which is really my favorite.

Tuesday was spent cleaning and getting my hair cut! I was so stinkin’ excited about my hair cut! I must have told Jon how excited I was about 12,000 times on our drive home on Monday. As a matter of fact, I told him so many times that he told me I was annoying him by repeating the same thing over and over again. Clearly men don’t get hair cuts. I could still rock my hair wavy, but straight was a mess. The ends were just all over the place and it wasn’t cute. See below (I’m the short one with too long of hair).


Malcolm worked his magic on my hair and I am SO GLAD that it is shorter now!

After my hair cut, I threw together some chili in the crock pot and then Laura and I went and got ice cream together and had a nice relaxing evening. It was a beautiful night out and I am loving the Georgia weather right now! Spring and fall are the best times of the year!


I had a weird filter on when Jon took the photo (I was wondering why all my cat pictures were coming out weird- fancy iPhones have too many options for me) so I ended up having to do my best to make it look more normal. But there’s my shorter hair! And me and Laura, of course. I’m hoping to be able to see her some more while I’m home, but it’s always so busy trying to fit in family time, husband/wife time, and friend time… AND me time (which is usually during the day while everybody works).

Jon and I made a quick Target run last night (need my shower caps and mine stretched out too much!) and then we went for a drive across from our house so I can learn to drive his Jeep. I used to drive it home from Florida occasionally but that was over 3 years ago. He wants to trade his Jeep in for a 4 door newer Jeep, but I told him he can’t trade in the Jeep for another manual until he teaches me how to drive it! I’m tired of only having one car that we can both drive! I actually did pretty well last night but I need way more practice before I go on any bigger roads!

Today I got a last minute phone call that my dentist had an opening for a cleaning, so I rushed out of bed to make it there to get these whites whiter. I kid. They’re not any whiter. But they are clean and the dentist adjusted the bite on my crown and my mouth feels 100x better now! I’ve been waiting to come home to have it done so my tooth has been super sensitive!

I made it to CrossFit in the afternoon! I was excited to go back to one of my old gyms, but nobody I knew was there! The owner came by briefly but there was a coach I’d never seen. Regardless, I had a good workout! We did 30 chest to bar pull-ups, 60 wall balls (I did 12#), and 90 double unders. I finished in 13:23, thanks to my double unders taking me 8 minutes. Felt good to sweat! It was also awkward cause the new coach asked how long I’ve been going to that gym. I said I had only gone for about 6 months prior to taking my travel assignment but that I had “been to other gyms before.” She then told me how great I was doing at everything and asked me if I can do handstands. I get it’s good to ask, but I got from her tone of asking that she was asking cause she thought I was new (also, by the amount of times she told me I have great pull ups). Then I didn’t want to be like, “Aaaaactualllly I’ve been doing it for 5 years,” so I just let it go. She was nice, regardless of how new she thinks I am. Maybe I should enjoy that she thinks I’m just some awesome person.

I’d like to say that I enjoyed the beautiful fall day taking a walk or going to the park, but I didn’t. Instead I came home and cleaned 13 weeks of fur off the floors. Jon just told me the other day that the cats don’t shed. They do. I tried to tell him that they do, but he said they don’t. I’m sure he has no idea they shed because I clean up the fur when I’m home and while I’m gone, it just accumulates under EVERYTHING on the floors. It was a serious job today. But the house is now spotless and I’m a happy woman!

This evening I headed to my parent’s with Jon. We hung out for a bit before going to Home Goods to look for a TV stand. We left with two nightstands for the guest bedroom (which is currently our roommate’s room). Coming home always breaks the bank because I don’t pay for anything while I travel. But then I come home and go to the dentist and get my hair cut (which is usually accompanied by a trip to Von Maur as well- the damage this time was only $21, not bad!!!), get my eyes checked, get my emissions done so I can get my registration this month for my car again… And then I make barely any money while I’m home and take time off work. Can’t wait to get some paychecks again! Travel nurse ones. Weekly.

Time to head to bed soon. Jon’s probably passed out already and I have to be at work at 7am, so gotta get some Zzzzzs.

2 thoughts on “Georgia Time & Haircuts

  1. Wow the haircut is cheap and looks great! I usually pay $40-45 with a wash and dry, but I go to a more expensive place because the hair dresser that I have been going since I was 17, got hired at this more expensive spa and salon, which is good for her because her income went up, but not so good for me haha.

    I want to learn how to drive standard but I don’t have anyone to teach me….someday….

    • Haha no, just my clothes were $21! The haircut was $65. I wish my haircut was only $21 though! That’d be awesome! I haven’t worked on the Jeep anymore but maybe tomorrow night we’ll go out and drive around again! I have tried to learn many times, so over the years I’ve definitely improved but I go SO long in between driving that I never get far with it! Mostly just taking off!

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