The last week of my first travel assignment!

Tuesday was my second to last day off for the week! I made it to the gym and had a decent workout, except I’ve noticed some knee pain randomly. Doesn’t seem too bad, but I’m wondering if it’s from consistently working out. Poor body isn’t used to that anymore!

After the gym, I decided to just head into Boston! The weather has been cooling off and was overcast all morning, but the forecast looked good all afternoon! It even got sunny right before I left! I decided I’d be fine to wear shorts since it was warm enough outside!

WRONG. I got on the T to go into Boston (after my 45 minute drive to the T station) and I was the only person on a crowded train in shorts. I can handle it! Then I noticed raindrops coming off the top of the train. But it wasn’t raining anymore!

I got off the train in Boston and it was so cold! I was somewhat miserable but determined to enjoy my day. Since it started sprinkling out, I decided to skip reading at the Public Garden and just head to Parish Cafe for a zuni roll!


Above was my view walking to Boylston St for my zuni roll. I love this city! I had kind of decided that this would be my day to enjoy my favorite things in Boston. I realized pretty quickly that it was too cold to head out to the Charles River (bummer- I seriously love the river going through the city but it gets super windy), so I just sat outside and ate my roll and then headed back into the park. I tried to read but was freezing and decided that instead of having my face in a book for the short amount of time I could manage in my shorts, I should go enjoy Boston.


I snapped one of my last views of the Public Garden and headed out. I decided that even though I was full, I should head to Chinatown and get my favorite coconut milk tea one last time! It was way shorter to get there this time than when I went with Gina and Kassie! Not even sure what way Kassie’s phone took us!


On the way, I spotted the little market where a guy let Kass, Gina, and I try his fruit! But now there were pumpkins to celebrate the fall! So cute! I love the markets in Boston!


I made it to Tea-Do and got my delicious tea and then headed back to the train! It was already almost 5pm and still getting colder so I decided to give up on my Boston day! I couldn’t sit in a cafe cause I was too full and I didn’t want to sit and read my book and the have to suffer in even colder weather later!


One of the last views before you get on the train…

Wednesday was my last day at work. I got my ass handed to me for 12 straight hours and ended my day with the first IV that I’ve ever put in somebody’s foot. I’m not sure why I don’t use them ever (that’s not true- it’s because circulation in the legs is not as good as it is in the upper extremities in most older people), but this woman had nothing at all (she had a lot of issues and her arms were horribly contracted) so I went with it. Right above the big toe. It was sad to leave and I don’t think it has hit me that those people are no longer my coworkers! Onwards!

I went to eat at UNO after work, all alone. I wanted to enjoy my last good salad! It was really cool out after getting off work and it was so strange getting in my car after eating dinner! For a second, I felt like it was a glimpse of what life would be like really living here. I really do love it in Mass. I would never live here since the cost of living is so high, but it definitely was a perfect home to me for 13 weeks. I honestly don’t think I would have changed anything about my first assignment!

I am getting even more excited about my Portland assignment! Not so much about work, but to have Adam (a friend from high school- actually, Kassie’s ex-boyfriend of 5 years) and a girl I went to college with! The girl from college (Juliette) lives outside of Portland but offered me a free bedroom and bathroom in her house! I can’t believe how nice people are! I am seriously considering, even though I wanted to live in Portland! To save that money would be awesome and would definitely help offset the fact that this assignment wasn’t paying what I had originally hoped! And it’d be nice to have girl time (though she is a mom now!).

This is officially my last day in Massachusetts! I had planned on leaving today, but quite frankly, I’m just not ready yet! It’s beautiful out (perfect day to go to Boston but I’m not doing that again!). I’m about to go walk the canal which is the one thing I’ve really been wanting to do, and then I’m heading to the gym for an afternoon workout before coming back to start laundry and pack the car! My landlady is working from home this week so I just chatted with her over my breakfast and she gave me some going away gifts (a bag of french vanilla Marylou’s Coffee! She knows me too well!). I have to upload all the pictures from my camera and return Jessie’s Keurig, so I’ll probably make a quick trip back up to work for a second to swap stuff in the cars!

I’m headed out around 5am tomorrow and surely won’t be updating over the weekend! I can’t wait to see Jon! 24 more hours from right now! I’m excited for the road trip home on Monday and our hiking/camping in the Catskills and a day in NYC! I found a plane crash site in the Catskills that I really hope we can find! There’s a lot of the plane still intact! I also love road trips so Monday will be fun!


3 thoughts on “The last week of my first travel assignment!

  1. Glad to hear your first assignment went as well as mine did! Enjoy your time off and I can’t wait to hear about your next assignment!

  2. What a whirlwind/

    I always found I get knee pain when my shoes are starting to wear. It’s like the number one (for me) sign that my shoes are wearing out.

    • I just got new shoes! I’ve been doing one legged squats with one on a bench behind me (surely there’s a name for it- I don’t know it) and I feel like I may have been angling my foot weird and causing it. I’d feel it after and tried to change it around the last time with better luck! AND I’ve been back to squatting regularly again so my knees are bearing a lot more weight than they had been for the last many months. I’ll have to pay more attention to it if it comes back when I get back to the gym!

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