My first gym selfie & travel nurse updates

This morning (Monday morning- it’s midnight after work) I was really NOT motivated at the gym at all. I ran 0.5 mile (yup) and then did legs. I actually managed to get through back squats, deadlifts, and good mornings fairly well but by the time I finished that short leg workout, I was over it. After a few quick pull ups and an ab workout, I was out the door. But not before taking my first gym selfies ever. And last. Look at how awkward I am. How do you even pose for a full body photo of yourself?


Helloooo long torso and short legs! And lack of hips. I rarely look at photos of myself and think that I look like I’m only 5′, but I look pretty short here. Every time I’ve weighed myself lately, I’ve been 101.4lbs, so this is right around that weight, I’m sure. I don’t really weigh myself much and only do if a scale happens to be in the bathroom I’m in. If I ever get back to 105lbs, I’ll do a comparison photo. But I doubt that’ll happen cause it takes a lot for me to gain weight.

After the gym, I had an interview for a job in Portland, OR. I was technically offered the position from my paper profile but wouldn’t accept a position without speaking to the manager. I have to be honest, the manager did not sell me on the job. I expected some sort of info about the hospital but she said, “I was told you wanted to speak with me” and then let me take the entire lead and provided very unimpressive answers. It seems like their nurse/patient ratios are good and it’s either 2p-2a or 3p-3a shifts with mostly block scheduling. That sounds pretty good to me, however, the pay leaves a little to be desired still. The one benefit of it, which I initially was really put off about, was that this is an 8 week assignment. I really want 13 weeks, but Portland is going to be rainy and once it snows, I can’t hike the surrounding mountains because of the snow (unless I learn to drive in snow). Since the start date is October 13th (earlier than I wanted), I would be finished before Christmas. Jon can come up and we can take a California road trip (TAHOE IN WINTER!) and I can fly home to work before my next assignment, all over Jon’s Christmas break from school! Score! So, I think I’m going to accept it and then Jess is going to work on getting an ICU/ER position in Portland or Salem for the same time. Also, if the weather sucks, we can move on to our next assignment earlier! I think New Mexico may be next!

My second to last night at work was fantastic! People have been bringing me food to work and tonight it was actually something healthy! Then the Panera crumb cake showed up, but that wasn’t actually for me. I just ate a lot of it. It was a slow night at work and I enjoyed plenty of snack breaks and chats with my coworkers! Definitely going to miss them! They really are a fun bunch to work with! I’m bummed to be leaving here in the fall too! I bet it’s beautiful in the fall up here!

I’m about to get in bed, enjoy the 50 degree weather, and relax for a bit. My energy level is still lacking so I think tomorrow will either be a nice rest day or perhaps a day in Boston. Not sure which, but the weather has been great so I’d be fine with either!

4 thoughts on “My first gym selfie & travel nurse updates

  1. I’m so confused. Next are you driving down somewhere else? Are you going through NJ? (So sorry,so slow LOL).

    Portland would be such a pretty place and the weather is actually a lot better then you would think. I don’t know, I have been been wanting to move out west for a while now so.

    • I read that it starts raining in October usually 😦 And the guy I know who lives there said that it’s just a constant annoying drizzle. I’m hoping to catch some nice days before it sets in for the winter. I’m not going through NJ 😦 Bummer! I was planning on it but then Jon decided to fly out here for our drive back, and since we took that way up here, he wants to take the scenic way back! I actually already thought that I’d be missing out on meeting you! We WILL meet one day!

  2. I look at food and gain weight.

    Like you, I also have a long torso and short legs which is really hard when you’re a short girl. I’ve never taken a gym selfie because our locker room has a sign that says no cameras… and I’ve only been in the locker room a few times anyway (the joy of working from home: I don’t have a gym bag, I just kinda go).

    I think Portland would be a fun place to visit but like you I wouldn’t want to be up there in the winter when you couldn’t get out and do anything. Sorry the manager was so crappy when you wanted to talk! I wouldn’t want to accept a job without some form of human interaction first either.

    • I only had my phone at the gym yesterday because I wore pants and a jacket and nobody goes in the locker room (I’d never have taken it with people around, haha). I always go to the locker room to use the bathroom before working out or to drop clothes off in the winter! I think Portland will be fun because I know somebody who lives there, so it’ll be nice to go somewhere and maybe have more of a social life than I did here!

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