Lazy Monday Morning

Happy Monday! Two shifts of work left for me and then I’m headed on out of here! I’ve been working the last 3 days and go in again at 3. I’m currently laying in bed and I’m too lazy to get up. Alternating 3-11 and 9-9 shifts is wearing me out. I got up for a second and decided that I wanted to enjoy the comforts of my bed a little longer before starting my morning!

I considered skipping the gym today but I’m trying to get myself over just skipping the gym. I always enjoy my workout when I go and have made it two weeks without skipping the gym at all, so why start now? I’m going to have to miss it a few times this coming weekend while Jon and I take our weekend trip and drive home! I haven’t decided yet what to do about the gym while I’m home and when I head out again. Anytime Fitness is all over the US, so I could do that, but there actually isn’t one near me in Atlanta. I already paid a month at my CrossFit gym there that I never use, but CrossFit doesn’t always line up with my schedule, especially since that one only had 7:30am and noon (and then evening), but that also doesn’t always work for me… We’ll see! I want to keep up with going to the gym but am not going to stress too much about it in the two short weeks that I get to be home.

Speaking of the weekend trip, I’m excited for Jon to get here! We meet Friday morning in New York and head out to hike/camp in the Catskills until Saturday evening. I’d like to camp more, but we’re staying with his friends again near NYC so he wants to get some time to spend with them also, so Sunday we’ll head into the city with them. Monday we’re driving home, with a stop at Shenandoah National Park, since we’re not in a huge hurry to get home!

Once we get home, we have a roommate! She moved in yesterday so it’ll definitely be different in our tiny house to have another person in such close proximity for the two weeks that I get to spend at home! Regardless, I’m super excited to go home and see everybody again! I was hoping for 3 weeks at home, but have a potential job lined up and may not get to enjoy that full amount of time. I’ll find out shortly, if I even accept the position.

I guess it’s time to drag myself out of bed and head out to the gym! Something about laying in bed his morning feels even better than it usually does! Maybe it’s the 57 degree weather!


4 thoughts on “Lazy Monday Morning

  1. I’m actually a member of anytime fitness and it’s been my favorite gym so far. That could because I’m so close to the one by my house and the fact that it has everything that I want or need. That being said I’ve been to several across the east coast that I really like too.

    • I think I was part of one a long time ago but I’m curious about if they have lots of free weights and squat racks! I plan on looking into them and then perhaps joining in Oregon! I like that there are SO many of them!

  2. I’ve had friends who were Anytime Fitness members and really liked it, mainly because they could go anytime (hence the name). Many of them had careers with weird schedules like your nursing schedule so a 24-hour gym was best. I’m glad you guys have a roomie so you can save some $$$ and that is cool outside there. It’s still so crazy hot here.

    • I actually didn’t even think about the schedule! I probably should have. It would definitely be nice! I think I’ll be working 3-3 but still, if I sleep too late it’d be nice to be able to go after if I wanted to. Surely it’s pretty empty at 4am! Definitely worth checking out!

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