Gym, Food, Coffee?

I made it to the gym again! Woohoo! I was so irritated because I couldn’t  find my keys! I looked for 45 minutes and was at a loss as to where they could be (I use TWO rooms in the house- the kitchen and my bedroom) so I gathered up my spare and headed out.

I ran 1.5 miles and then did back squats, deadlifts, good mornings, one legged squats, and then stretched. I was sweating up a storm and made it in and out in about 50 minutes. I would have had more time had I not spent 45 minutes (literally) looking for my keys. But I feel pretty happy with making it to the gym every day that I was off this week! Granted, I’ve been lazy because of being sick so I had plenty of time, but still… I really want to make the gym a part of my daily routine. I do go fairly regularly and have for years, but definitely nowhere close to how much I’d like to go!

I found my keys in my tupperware container.     ????????????

And now I’m eating this:


I’ve been lazy with my cooking, so last night I baked some chicken in salsa, heated up some black beans, and made it a meal. I’m taking it to work with me today but I fried up some plantains and have an avocado to stick on it at work. It’s actually really delicious. I thought about putting rice with it but I need to really cut out eating grains again (after my pumpkin cream cheese whoopie pies are gone…). And of course, some zucchini, blueberries, and my daily cup o’ kefir.

While I was cooking last night, I witnessed some neighborhood drama. A guy drove down the road and hit a car on the side of the ride. His wife and kids were in the car. All the neighborhood kids and adults were outside and saw it. The man who hit the car got out and started swearing up and down and telling the guy that he parks his car too far in the road. He was asking the guy if he thought he was better than him (cause he’s a steel worker) and what kind of jackass parks his car in the middle of the road! How dare he be so pompous to think his car can just be in the middle of the road! Anyway, as he’s dropping F bombs all over the place, all the little kids are just horrified. And the adults, clearly. And me, cause who would ever really think that somebody who parks “in the middle of the road” (he doesn’t- really- AND the roads here are so wide!) must do it because they think they’re better than their neighbors. The guy said he actually parks a little further out because he wants people to slow down since the kids are always out playing basketball in the street. What kind of adult acts like that?

Another thing I’m amazed that people still do: smoke. I guess with all the indoor smoking bans, you forget that people actually smoke. It honestly takes me by surprise whenever I see people light a cigarette. Especially younger people. Don’t we know better?

I track my condo complex online for recent sales. I was super super super pumped to see that our exact same condo (except ours is cuter- nicer kitchen and bathrooms) sold for $40,000 more than I bought mine for! And the three bedrooms went for a little over $50,000 than I bought mine for, so I’m really hoping the market stays this way! We aren’t selling yet, but probably in 2-3 years. I definitely like seeing such a big increase in the price of the condos nearby!

My neck is so sore from my swollen glands! I can’t wait to get over being sick!

It is BEAUTIFUL out today! It’s breezy and cool and sunny! Perfect! I’m totally loving it and am really going to miss this New England weather when I leave in 11 days! I can’t believe there’s so little time left here. I’m actually kind of sad. I love it up here! I’m also sad that I have to work on such a beautiful day!

Let me leave you all with a question. What happens when coffee beans go bad? I opened some coffee about 3 months ago now and still brew it in my Keurig occasionally. I haven’t noticed any difference in the flavor. I feel like it must be a lie when they say that it’s best within a week…

6 thoughts on “Gym, Food, Coffee?

  1. That’s so awesome that condos are selling near you. Back where I used to live, it is soooo hard to sell condos. I’ve had friends who have been trying to for over a year. I also monitor my neighborhood’s sales like crazy and see where the value of our home is. Gotta love Zillow :).

    I have had “expired” coffee before and it did not taste bad. I guess if it’s very expired it might, but just a little it is probably fine. I hope you’ll feel better soon!

    • Condos are pretty big in Atlanta! At least near the city. They actually built TONS of town homes and condos out in the suburbs too, but they cost the same as a house does so I don’t know how well they sell out there. But where I live, they still do really well since it’s just outside of the city and the houses cost SO much more in that area than the condos/town homes!

  2. Iron workers are fucking insane. They are animals and all the other construction workers will tell you they are animals. The stereotypical construction workers are basically iron workers. Back in the days, you used to spend the first 1-2 hours on a Monday bailing out the iron workers from jail because they had to go to work. You need to be insane to do that type of work to be on top of those beams walking one foot in front of the other, they usually have 1-2 deaths per year. I didn’t work too closely with them, but from all the construction workers, they are crazy.

    Wow, I can’t believe you’re leaving so quickly already. I don’t have any plans for the weekend yet, I should have this Friday off. So three day weekend for me, if you want to do anything.

    Don’t think coffee really goes bad, it just tastes off. Old coffee has this taste to it, especially when it’s not sealed tight.

    • I have to work all weekend 😦 I’m bummed to be working my last full weekend off! We should have met in Boston this past weekend! I actually thought about texting you but I was SO lazy! I can’t believe I leave so soon either!

      That guy really did sound like a jackass. I didn’t even think of it being that kind of steel working. I don’t know what I pictured him doing! I imagine that can’t be that far off from how he normally is. Most even tempered guys would never act like that!

      • Oh wow, that sucks that they’re making you work on your last weekend. What are your days off?

        Yeah iron workers are jackasses. It’s like one of my old construction co-workers used to say, it takes an animal to do that type of labor because it’s intense. The only thing holding them back from falling is a harnest attached to the steel itself, basically a roped from their back to the iron frame of the building. Which is why they have the a higher mortality rate compared to the other construction workers. They’re so stereotypical. Drinking, smoking, swearing, fighting, etc. It’s how they deal with their jobs.

      • I’m off this Thursday and next Tuesday and Thursday, but think I may head on Thursday to see a friend in CT. I was supposed to work today but called out sick so have to go in tomorrow to make up the hours!

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