The Lack of Motivation Continues…

Well, the lack of motivation continues! I did make it to the gym yesterday! I ran for 20 minutes and was having tons of pain in my left ankle so decided that I had enough. Then I did whatever I felt like. That consisted of pull ups, skin the cats, kettle bell swings, weighted walking lunges, toes to bars, light back squats with a long pause at the bottom (mostly to stretch), lots of stretching, tricep pulldowns. I had no rhyme or reason other than I already had a legs day, already had an upper body day, and I really just felt like getting in a bunch of random stuff. Besides, it’s good to keep your body guessing.

All I did yesterday was go grocery shopping and work on math for the GRE. I did buy some pumpkin cream cheese whoopie pies at Whole Foods (not Paleo or healthy in any way). Delicious. Then, let’s not even talking about how long it took me to remember how to do y=mx+b and how much longer it took me to remember how to graph that. After overcoming that hurdle, I called it a night. I’ll be back at it tonight though. I do feel like it’s pointless to relearn all of this for the GRE when I can go to a university that doesn’t require it, but actually, I kinda sorta maaaaybeeeee enjoy learning this again (don’t tell anybody). I always loved math back in the day and was really good at it. I just don’t retain things that I don’t use. I have too much other important stuff going on in this head.

Today I had my alarm set for 6:30 to head out to western Mass, but I didn’t sleep great and woke up feeling exhausted. My body was tired. I was tired. My motivation was still at 0. I turned my alarm off and slept till 10:30. I woke up still feeling pretty exhausted and under the weather… I decided to head to the gym in hopes of finding some motivation…

I did a mile on the treadmill and felt like I was an asthmatic, and then I did 3 rounds of 20 side lunges, 20 bicep curls, 20 sit ups, and 10 push ups. Then did some shoulder flyes cause I felt like it, and that was it. I was totally not motivated at all and am still not motivated about my day at all. It’s a beautiful day and much cooler out, so I thought of heading into Boston today to just sit at the park cause I love it there… And I thought about the beach. Or both. But I’m feeling too lazy to drive to get into Boston so the beach might win.

I’m realizing that after 10 weeks of going nonstop and traveling every day off, I’m a little burnt out. I still want to explore but I’m feeling the need to relax a little bit too. I’m kind of enjoying my relaxing time, actually. I should really enjoy these days before I go back to grad school in the fall and work 2 jobs…

This is the longest blog possible about how much I don’t want to do anything. Boring.

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