Providence and some other ramblings!

A list, because I want to!

1. I managed to actually study something for my GRE tonight! I’ve been putting it off for 9 weeks now. I found the Khan Academy website that shows videos of basic math (since I was stuck on quadratic equations for a second). It’s all coming back to me now. Although, everybody on Facebook says it’s not worth it to study much of the math because it’s so complex. I feel like I should study something though! I can’t even make an educated guess on the answers when my math knowledge is so far gone! So I’ll probably do a few reviews here and there and then buck up and schedule a date for the GRE (nooooooo!!!!).

2. Speaking of GRE, I’m pretty sure I’m going to get my MSN (masters in nursing) instead of my MHA (healthcare administration). Not 100% positive yet, but I just don’t think I can afford to go the MHA route at this point unless I take out student loans, and I refuse to take out loans! For some reason, the MHA degrees I found from universities are way more expensive… I’ll do some more research, but at this point, the MSN is taking the lead.

3. I made it to the gym today! Woohoo! It felt good to be back to work out. I only did 40 minutes at the gym but felt good afterwards. I’m having to change up my gym time to later in the morning since it’s so crowded until about 11, and then it’s totally empty. Well, about 5-10 people were there today, but I got a squat rack with no problem and that’s really all I care about. I think I’ll do a longer run tomorrow.

4. I went to Providence after the gym. Luckily I didn’t waste time showering before I went since I sweat like crazy walking around Providence. The humidity is crazy this week. I loved Providence! I walked 5ish miles and then ate a $13 salad from UNO. I can’t believe places charge $13 for some lettuce mix, blueberries, walnuts, and goat cheese. But the salad is delightful so I sucked it up and paid for it, and then I sat outside and enjoyed the view depicted in the bottom image. Aside from the salad though, Providence really is adorable! I left around 5:30 and didn’t hit any traffic either, and I do love a traffic free city!

10385290_10100153675605162_2957669483070728196_n 10665109_10100153695335622_8637363250340714904_n

5. I booked Jon’s flight to La Guardia for September 19th! The countdown that Delta gave me was 17 days! Totally excited for him to get up here so we can do some weekend traveling before I have to head down south for some shifts in my ER.

6. Jon and I are renting out our guest bedroom. I think we have a tenant that’ll move in on the 15th of this month, so she’ll be there while I’m home. Is it bad that I DO NOT want to do this? I like my space and would rather it just be me and Jon in the 2-3 weeks that we have together before I head out west! But we can save the money from the rent for our road trip in May and not cut into our college money fund, so it’ll be worth it. I just need to suck it up and be okay with it. It’s a short term lease, so she’ll be gone in early December and then we’ll discuss if we want another tenant till I get home for good.

7. Time to go. Maybe I’ll do a few more math videos or go through some photos or something. Back to work tomorrow (BLAH) so I need to try to get in bed early. Tomorrow is a 3-11, followed by two 9-9s, so I can’t sleep in tomorrow or it’ll mess up my sleep schedule.


5 thoughts on “Providence and some other ramblings!

  1. Honestly I completely understand about not wanting to rent out your guest bedroom. Yes, you can make some money but I love my personal space as well.

    Good for getting on your GRE…honestly, I have no interest in going to grad school and the GRE also reaffirms that.

    • I’ve looked at one university that doesn’t require it (I WILL apply), but don’t want to be limited by not taking it! So I’m just going to do it! And probably do terrible on it! I’m telling myself that renting the guest bedroom is really only temporary and then we never have to do it again!

  2. I hate paying more than $10 or so for a salad. That’s just the maximum salad price point for me or something, unless it’s a really good salad or it has salmon/shrimp on it. My favorite salad is actually from Earth Fare and it’s only $5.99 and huge :).

    Good luck with the MSN, I think that’s a good way to go because surely you could move into administration with that, or teach if you wanted to do that. Plus the fewer loans you take out, the better. Student loan debt just sucks :(. I never took the GRE but I looked at grad school and am glad I did not go, for my field it’s really not worth it but I don’t blame you to go.

    • You used to be able to get into management with a bachelor’s degree in nursing but things are changing! Now they want an MSN! Jon said he was fine with me taking out loans but I really hate the idea of being in debt for college for SO LONG! I don’t have any loans now and want to keep it that way! I had the salad the other night and LOVED it, so that was the only reason I spent that much on it (I never even order salads). It really is an awesome salad but still a ridiculous price!

  3. I love Providence too! Hubby is from Barrington, RI, so that’s “home turf” for him. We were hoping we could get a travel assignment there!

    I can definitely understand not wanting to rent out your guest bedroom. That’s got to feel a little uncomfortable, especially if it’s part of your main house and not in a separate area!

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