Quick Trip Home

Despite being home finally, I’m pretty irritable! I just can’t help it! After working five days in a row and sleeping on and off for probably a total of 8 hours over the next two nights, Jon and I woke up early to drop his Jeep off yesterday morning. I did go to my old CrossFit gym for this awesome WOD:

12 Days of Christmas (Done like the song, 1 HSPU, then 2 pulls up and 1 HSUP, then 3 wall balls, 2 pull ups and 1 HSPU and so on)  19:06- not too shabby!

1 Handstand Push-up (or Muscle Up) a/b/c) Banded or Box HSPU
2 Commando Pull-ups a/b/c) Banded regular pull-ups
3 Wall Balls (20#/14#) (10′/9′) RX+ @ 25#+/ 16#+ a/b/c) < Rx (I did 12#, f’ those 16s)
4 Clapping Push-ups a/b/c) HRPU
5 Box Jumps (24″/20″) a/b/c) < Rx
6 Sit-ups
7 Double Unders (21 Singles)
8 Air Squats
9 Mountain Climbers
10 Walking Lunges
11 Kettlebell Swings (1.5pd / 1.0pd) a/b/c) < Rx (I did 12kgs)
12 Ring Dips a/b/c) Banded or Bench dips

I was so happy to be back at my old gym and really got in a great workout! Jon and I went to the pool afterwards and then I went to get my hair done, which I HATE doing! It still really needs to be cut but I’m doing that in September.

Anyway, so then my grumpy mood starts. I hadn’t eaten since breakfast at 11 (two eggs and blueberries), so I was starving! I also wanted to get dressed up but knew I’d be way too fancy for where Jon and I decided to double date with Crista and Billy. I was so excited to see both of them though that going somewhere fancy got overlooked (totally fine).

But I was HANGRY. And then Jon drove the way that there is always tons of traffic so it took us forever to get to dinner. My sushi was so so…



(Crista and Billy on top.) Dinner was good, but I was exhausted when we got home! And we came home to a dirty, raw chicken kitchen since Jon didn’t ever clean up his cutting board AND his laundry is still all over the place (not even a big deal- but see how irritable I am!).

Today I had to work and still am so. freaking. tired. I did fall asleep around 10:30 last night (woke up at 5) but I got up a few times throughout the night. So my sleep isn’t feeling very restful and I don’t do well without sleep!

It was great to work with my old group but found myself irritated throughout the day again. And then Jon wanted to take the car to work since he didn’t want to get there early, but traffic is so bad heading north to my work that he didn’t get to my work till 4 to pick me up and I actually got off at 2:30 today. And then the supply guy cleaned out the fridge and threw out my glass pyrex containers and the rest of my lunch so I was STARVING (and still am). And I’m still exhausted.

So this trip, while it’s nice to be home, is really not the best ever. I’m still so glad to have come home, but I know I’m being irritable. I just want a good night of sleep (tonight will be, hopefully- we have NO PLANS other than brunch with my padres tomorrow and I plan to have a day on the couch). I just don’t do well without sleep or with being hangry, and poor Jon is getting the shit end of the stick. It just sucks having to work 98 hours in a two week period, PLUS my entire flight home and trying to fit in getting to see everybody! Not relaxing at all.

I’m off to try to nap for about 30 minutes and then we’re heading down to Gina’s for the evening to have a little get together! Hopefully my mood improves!



First Day Back in Atlanta!

I’m HOME! After working till 11:30 last night (thankfully, it was a fairly good day at work), I went home, was exhausted, threw some stuff in a suitcase and crossed my fingers that I actually had stuff still at home, and then hopped in bed for a lovely 2 hours and 45 minutes of sleep!

Waking up at 3:45 was not easy this morning, but Jessie’s bright, smiling face at 4:30 helped a bit! I think I yawned about 2190 times at the airport though. Thankfully, my flight managed to go fairly smooth and aside from about 3 minutes of turbulence where my heart was about to pound out of my chest, I actually didn’t get nervous! Well, at least not in comparison. I still didn’t enjoy the flight at all.

I landed at 10am and was so excited to see Jon! Driving through Atlanta is always so welcoming too! I love this city! We made a quick stop at Whole Foods, went to the pool for about an hour (and fell asleep), and then met Kassie for lunch at Tin Drum! Having friends that work right near your house is awesome!

photo 1

We enjoyed our lunch and it was great to catch up with Kass! Afterwards, Jon and I went home to shower and take naps! I slept for a glorious two hours and had the most impossible time waking up! It felt so good to be back in bed with this!

photo 3(1)

photo 2(1)

My loves! Once I managed to wake up for good, we headed out for Mexican food with my mom and picked up her car! I have been craving Mexican so bad since there isn’t any good Mexican in Boston!

photo 5

Delicious! Jon and I left my parent’s house and came home to watch a movie! I was so excited about the warm weather and being back in Atlanta that I got the urge to take a walk instead. I really love taking walks with Jon through the residential area across the street from the condos! It became one of my favorite things to do in the months before taking this assignment and I loved it just as much tonight!

We never made it to watch a movie! Instead I cleaned up the house and then we hung out for a bit but decided that we were too tired to start a movie! I’m about to get some sleep so we can wake up early to take the Jeep to the shop and hopefully catch the 9:30 WOD at my old CrossFit gym that I went to when I lived in my apartment!

Alrighty, just wanted to leave a quick update! Be back soon!


I’m just going to make a quick food post before studying for my GRE for a few before hitting the hay. I am so tired and hate. my. job. I had a miserable day at work when I shouldn’t have because none of my patients were anything major. It’s just everything else that I hate, and more and more I realize that I cannot fathom another few years of bedside nursing. But what other options do I have where I can pay the bills with a nursing degree? Not many.

Anyway, since being in Massachusetts, my eating habits haven’t varied a ton from at home. I ate a lot more different types of foods at home, but the basics are the same. The big thing I’ve cut out?


Noosa. My beloved Noosa. They do sell it at Target here, but Target is pretty far away and I actually did buy it once but never ate it. I hate to admit it, but my body is doing so much better without Noosa. I ate 3-4 times a week on work days and always had a lot of *ahem* bowel issues after eating lunch. Mostly, I just pooped. A lot. I haven’t had any yogurt at all since being here and that issue seems to have gone away. I feel way less bloated too. So, it’s hard to part with my Noosa, but I think our love affair is over. (Thankfully, I notice no issues with cheddar in my eggs and goat cheese in my potatoes.)

People here like to eat. They like to eat cupcakes and macaroni and all kinds of other things but they like to bring enough to share! When Jess lived here, she’d buy Trader Joe’s peanut butter cups too and I would snack on them all the time. She brings me cupcakes to work (she’s the best- but not for my belly). A girl I work with is always bringing in food. And I hate my job and am so frustrated and starving here that I just want to eat it all. I’ve also been way less strict about eating out in the last few months, so added together, I’ve been including a lot of bready foods (and peanut butter cups) in my life.

I am craving them BIG TIME. I never thought I would. I transitioned into Paleo really easily awhile back and did it strict for months. I never felt like I was having a hard time with it. Even when I added some unhealthier foods back in (mostly at restaurants), I was still able to have a bunch of fully Paleo days without giving it a second thought. I rarely had cravings at all and actually found that I had quite the opposite. A bowl of mac & cheese back then sounded horrible because it made me feel so horrible. If I ate just one cupcake, I would feel it for the entire rest of the day and often would wake up the next morning being able to tell that I ate something that I shouldn’t have the day before. But tonight all I wanted tonight were donuts or cupcakes or mac & cheese or A DECAF CUP OF COFFEE! (I can’t drink caffeine later in the day so I have decaf at home now.) Jess offered to bring me dessert at the hospital and it was so hard to say no! I even have a headache tonight and I’m attributing it to not having my snack fix.

After work, I was still feeling hungry so I ate a sweet potato and a little bit of kefir. I don’t have any healthy snack foods and everything I have left to eat is for my lunch tomorrow. I feel a little better but am still totally have cravings. It’s strange how just eating those foods even one time a day is still addictive. I’m really feeling the need to clean up my diet and exercising though so I’m going to have to try not to give in so much.

Aside from that, no new news. 12 hours of work to go and I fly home! I should probably pack tonight, actually. Ugh.

What is a workout

Not a whole lot new these last few days! I am trying something new in my workout routine (I use routine loosely, since I don’t have any specific routine at all). On days that I can’t go to CrossFit, I’m convincing myself to spend 20 minutes doing SOME sort of activity! Thursday I went for a short run with push ups, squats, and lunges. Yesterday I ran a mile on the treadmill and did a little bit of ab work in the morning. Today I woke up and ran about a mile and did some abs and some push ups after. I was sweating by the end of it. I made it 25 minutes today and that was it.

I tend not to think of a workout as something that only lasts 25 minutes unless I’m at CrossFit (or just running- 25 minutes is still a longer run for me). But it’s pretty easy to fit in 25 minutes of activity in my day so I just need to DO IT. Especially with such a busy schedule coming up, CrossFit won’t be happening nearly as much, which is fine. But I tend to get lazy and not do anything at all for a month at a time when that happens (although, working as an ER nurse is a physically active job). It was nice to get outside this morning before work too! I actually am really wanting to do a Body Pump class when I’m home, but I cancelled my gym membership at home since there isn’t an LA Fitness anywhere near me here. I think I can pay a daily fee and go, so I may do that.

Anyway, two work days down, three to go (till I see Jon). Last night I had THREE patients all night. THREE. The last time that happened to me was Christmas two years ago! I was loving every second of it. I’m sure either today or tomorrow will make up for it (and Friday was horrendous), but at least 1/5 of my shifts was a super calm day.

I have to go clean up my room and get ready for work! Have a good day, everybody!



To have babies or not to have babies?

Something you may or may not know about Jon and I is that we don’t know if we want kids ever. When we were camping in Maine, we had a  nice long talk about how if we had kids, this wouldn’t be happening in our lives (we only went to Maine cause of my travel job in Massachusetts). So the idea of getting pregnant isn’t like, “Ooooh well it might as well be now.” It’s more like, “BUT I DON’T WANT STICKY KIDS FOR THE REST. OF. MY. LIFE!!!!!!”

I take preventative measures, obviously, not to get pregnant since I do know how one gets pregnant. But I notice that now every time I get sick, I think “WHAT IF I’M PREGNANT?!” I got sick way more this last winter than I have ever working in healthcare. I have no idea why. I was always getting a cold or losing my appetite or feeling nauseous. And every time, I wondered if I could be pregnant.

This happened again recently. I was getting nauseous at night and even got up one night thinking I was going to vomit. I, of course, realized that it has been a month since last seeing Jon and I could totally be growing a tiny human inside of me!

The thoughts I have are literally something like this: If I got pregnant now, I could still fit at least two more travel assignments in. I wonder if Jon would go back to work full time so I could have better insurance. I could be a stay at home mom and never work again. That sounds nice. Should I just try and go to Iceland now, before I get too pregnant? What if I never travel again? Kids cost so much money. I wonder what Jon would say if I was pregnant. I really would rather travel than have kids. Maybe Mom and Dad will watch them all the time and I can just take the baby a few days a week. I wonder if I can leave it outside if it cries. Maybe we should just sell the condo and then Jon can be a stay at home dad while I keep on travel nursing.

So, clearly, even in my 28 years of life, I don’t have that baby itch. I think I could be a really cute pregnant person as long as I don’t swell into a balloon like my sister did, but then I realize that I will have to live in sweatpants and t-shirts since they don’t make maternity clothes for 12 year olds. Therefore, I can’t even be a cute pregnant person. Sometimes I even wonder if my hands get too fat to wear my wedding ring if people will just think I’m a pregnant high schooler and I’ll get hate stares all day long. Hopefully they’ll note by crows feet and know that I can’t possibly be in high school anymore.

Also, even if I was a cute pregnant person, I would have a child in my house for 18 years. Taking all of my money. I want to travel. I don’t want to pay for diapers and Lunchables (just kidding, if I ever do have kids, they will not eat Lunchables)! But if I have kids, I could teach them how to do laundry and clean bathrooms at the age of 5, and then they can get jobs at 16 to pay for anything they need. I could have slave babies. I might never have to clean my house again!

Maybe I should practice abstinence just to be sure that I never get pregnant. I don’t think having kids for the sole purpose of cleaning your house is acceptable. And I’m pretty sure Jon might not keep his vows to me if abstinence were to happen. Men. Always thinking about right now and not the possible babies we might be creating! That baby would really put a damper on our lives, Jon!

By the way, I’m not pregnant. At least not as far as I know. That middle of the night nausea was probably just from eating too many Trader Joe’s peanut butter cups or something. Praise the lord.

(And before people be hatin’, I wouldn’t actually have slave babies, I don’t think… I’ll just keep my fingers crossed and my chastity belt on in hopes of never having to face those decisions.)

Gym, Work, Life.

Yesterday was such a nice day! I relaxed a bit in the morning and then headed out to Kalmus Beach in Cape Cod. It’s just south of Hyannis and I love Hyannis! I hadn’t been out to the beaches near there yet and the road along the water was so cute! I loved it! Total beachy summertime feel! It was $15 to park at the beach (WHAT?!) but the beach was really nice. It was breezy and not too crowded and just totally perfect. I think I could have spent my entire afternoon there but I had errands calling my name!


After about an hour an a half, I went to Whole Foods, came home, cooked, went to Target, and came home again. Unfortunately, CrossFit never made it in my day because I had to cook and since the woman I live with goes to bed so early (she wakes up super early for work), I had to get my cooking done. Instead, I decided just to go for a 20 minute run with some air squats and push ups integrated in. I definitely got hot and sweaty so it worked for me! (And then it got super dark- totally forget how dark it is with no street lamps.)

I spent my evening finishing thank you notes from the wedding and then studied for the GRE. I have been trying to take a break from watching TV on my computer because I’ve had horrible headaches the last few days, so no sunglasses, headbands, or watching the computer. I finally don’t have a headache this morning!

Today I somehow got myself up for CrossFit. I really did not think I was going to manage to get up! It was a partner WOD.

“Fight Gone Bad”

Three rounds of: Wall-ball Shots, 20/14lb      Sumo deadlift high-pull, 75 / 55 lbs Box Jump, 20″ box       Push-press, 75 / 55 lbs      Row (Calories)

My partner and I got 326 reps. Not too bad! She is much newer to CrossFit so we only used 35# on our bar which was super, suuuuper light but I was really not motivated at all this morning so was personally kind of glad that I had a reason to go so light and do half the work. I ended up drenched in sweat (probably cause of the humidity) so I felt good about it!

Today starts my insane 2 weeks of work! Bummer. I’m totally dreading it but I get to see Jon on Wednesday morning so it’s worth it! And my beach day yesterday was really nice and relaxing!

Let me all leave you with a photo of just how adorable my parents were 33 years ago on their wedding day! My dad and my two brothers could be twins! Totally crazy! Also pictured: my sister, age 7 months gestation, in my mom’s belly. Talk about an itty bitty pregnant woman. I love my mom and dad!