Back to the gym!

I decided to join a regular gym for my last 3 weeks in Massachusetts! I got up yesterday and headed out to CrossFit and on my way, I started thinking about the cost. They’re really strict on their payment (the owner isn’t as much, but he’s not there often) so I knew I’d either have to pay the drop in fee ($20) or buy the 10 class punch card ($140?). So I got out my schedule book and realized that if I go out of town when I have 2 days off at a time, I can only go 5 more times. Why pay so much?Then I hit a detour that would have made me late anyway, so I skipped CrossFit.

I ran errands all day long. Target, grocery shopping, fingerprinting (for Oregon- the guy did a HORRIBLE job so I know the FBI will kick these back too, but Jon is mailing me another card so I’m going to go to a different PD next time), made all the phone calls to my recruiters that I’ve been putting off, taking my car to the shop, signing up for the new gym, cooking… All the boring things.

Last night, I went with Jess to get dinner on the water. I had plans of the gym after but my headache was back and I was not feeling it at all. So I came home and researched some stuff about New Hampshire cause I think I may go on Monday and tried to figure out the T since I’m staying in Woburn this weekend with Gina and Kassie.

Today I finally made it back to the gym! Woohoo! I ran a mile, did three rounds of 30 air squats, 2 rope climbs, and 10 kettle bell swings. Then I did some pull ups, abs, and started on shoulders and got so nauseous. Like, thought I was going to puke right there. I had to go recollect in the bathroom and I just hung out for about 10 minutes before walking out of the gym. I looked in the mirror and was so pale. Looked awful. Not sure what that was all about! I had only spent 30 minutes at the gym and I can easily work out for longer than that! So strange! But it felt good to do something active again and I definitely got a nice good sweat going in that short time!

I made it to the gym earlier than usual but was feeling pretty nauseous still, so I’m hanging out on the deck! About to shower and eat before work today! I do a 3-11 today and a 9-9 tomorrow, which is always really tough because of the short turnaround between shifts! But tomorrow night Kass and Gina land! I’m so excited! I’m going straight from work to pick them up in Boston and then we’re spending the night in Plymouth before going back to Boston on Saturday morning!

And then I may not be back until Tuesday evening if I decide to head to New Hampshire when they leave on Monday! I want to check out some covered bridges and do some of Mt Washington, even if I don’t go to the summit! I guess it’ll depend on the weather and how many people are hiking that day!

Have a great holiday weekend!


4 thoughts on “Back to the gym!

  1. I hope you have a great weekend with your friends :). I remember you talking about Gina and Kassie from way back in the day so I know you’re excited to see them.

    Sucks that you looked so pale after your workout! But you are right on CrossFit, you can still do that style of workout in a regular gym, at least for as long as you have left there. So why pay the high fees (I think $20 to drop into a gym is crazy expensive anyway).

    • I definitely prefer to just go to CF, but this gym actually has a rope and kettle bells so I can do some stuff! And they have squat racks but they were full! So I think it’ll be totally fine for 3 weeks. I am SUPER excited to have Gina and Kass here! It’ll be so fun to have my friends visiting since I haven’t been able to enjoy a lot of the stuff here with people I’m really close to!

  2. I love this! You sound just like me with the gym stuff! And your husband’s name is Jon? My fiance’s name is Jon (Spelled the same too!)! How crazy! Where are you thinking of going for your next assignment?

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