Newport Mansions

Sunday Jessie and I went to Newport, Rhode Island again for a Newport mansion tour! We got a bit of a later start than we planned since she worked till 3am on Saturday, but it worked out! I was feeling pretty under the weather (I have a pretty terrible cold in the middle of summer, of course) but it was one of our last days off together! Rachel was supposed to come but she cancelled, which I was expecting.

The mansions were really awesome on the inside and decorated in that old 1800s fashion. Such a horrible decorating style. Our attention span was too short to listen to any tours so we really just walked around (and we would have run out of time since we only had a few hours, and most tours took about an hour) and did some sightseeing. 

newport mansions

newport mansions

After some mansions, we decided to go grab some pizza in Newport. I forget the name of the place we went, but the pizza was not really amazing and it was really small for the price! But it was a cute little place to eat at and a middle aged man gave us advice on friendships (thinking we were in college- he told us things we’ve already figured out in our old age).


Once we finished dinner (with my perty ex-roomie Jess, pictured above), we headed out to the cliff walk that goes behind all the mansions. It was really pretty and of course, I just can’t get over how pretty the water is here. I really love Boston and the coastline up here! (I know we weren’t in Boston- just sayin’.)

cliff walk rhode island

 We got back around 9pm and I relaxed before a 9-9 work day on Monday! I was definitely feeling not great so it was good to lay down!

Today I had plans of working out at 10:30 but forgot to set my alarm! I woke up with quite the headache anyway but was kind of itching to get back to the gym! Tomorrow! Instead I showered and headed out the door to get some food for today since I had nothing left to eat!

photo 1-4

Who doesn’t want a picture of me running errands? (Don’t worry, I was parked- I hadn’t even left yet.)

photo 2-4

 I ended up skipping my eggs this morning since I bought a rotisserie chicken and had a ton of it and have to go grocery shopping again tomorrow to get real food anyway, so might as well eat all this up.

I’m headed in to work from 3-11 today (blaaaaahhhh) and tomorrow is going to be a day of errands. My car is going to the shop for an oil change and an 85,000 mile check (that may not be a real thing, but we’re heading down south and then across country again, so it’s time). Since I’m going to a Honda dealership, I’m sure I’ll pay out the ass for this, but I figure I don’t know what’s good around here and at least the Honda dealerships are nationwide if I have issues.

Gina and Kassie come Friday for the weekend and I am so excited! 

Also to come, a post about having one month left in Massachusetts!!! But this has been boring enough. I won’t bore you any longer!


5 thoughts on “Newport Mansions

  1. OMG why are you posting pictures of my house?!

  2. It looks like you had fun at the mansions- like you it’s so crazy when people think I’m in college, or younger, and try to tell me things I’ve already figured out in my 28 years :). I hope you feel better from your cold soon!

  3. Those Newport mansions are ridiculous, I’ve never been but I’ve seen plans and maps before. Maybe one day I’ll plan a day trip.

    I get my oil changed at a dealership and if I remember correctly I always pay $35 roughly, no more. Which isn’t bad and they top my fluids and check other things in my car and give me the checklist of it for that price. So I always know when I need to rotate my tires and such. Oil changes aren’t bad at dealerships, it’s other fixes that they will definitely over charge you with.

    Let me know if you have free time and what not, now that I have a job, I am no longer broke and can do things again.

    • I’ll let you know! I think I have time off the 6th and 7th and am heading to Boston to meet up with Jess cause her friends will be in town! Maybe we can meet up too?

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