What a busy week! After returning from Vermont, I worked 3-11pm the next day! The following day, I worked 9-9. I did another 9-9 today. I’m loving these 9-9 shifts since they tend to be nice and slow in the morning and end earlier than I feel like I should be getting off since I’m used to working till 11 now! 

Unfortunately, I’ve been sick so I’m exhausted! I noticed a bit of a runny nose after flying back in town last week and by the time I was in Vermont, it seemed to get worse. Camping didn’t help and now I’m really congested and my head is hurting and I’m exhausted 😦 Woe is me.

I have discovered a new, really fantastic show! Real Housewives of Melbourne! I know, I know! It’s Real Housewives! And I do have a soft spot for the Real Housewives of the OC and New York, but this may be my new favorite. Since I’ve been to Melbourne, it’s neat to see places that I’ve been to and I also like that the ladies so far aren’t super crazy. And their accents are just so exotic. It’s like I’m getting to travel all over the world and I’m still actually sitting in my bed.

I’m actually going to get in bed now so I can enjoy an episode! Tomorrow Jess and I are going back to Rhode Island for a Newport mansion day! Super excited!


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