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Yesterday we drove from Boston to Burlington, VT! This is a little town along our way that we loved (that we only drove through cause Jess is a poor navigator, but that’s okay!).

Internet at the hotel is too slow to upload more pictures but WE LOVE BURLINGTON! And all the rest of Vermont! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! I never want to leave!




7 thoughts on “Vermont!

  1. Burlington is pretty much the greatest place ever 🙂

  2. Burlington is their biggest city and it has about 50,000 people in it lol. Vermont is gorgeous, I want to take that Ben & Jerry’s tour one day.

    • I could tell it was the biggest city after seeing the others! I loved it. I want to do a travel assignment in Vermont! It was amazing!!!!

  3. Burlington is gorgeous.

  4. Hubby & I just arrived in Warren, Vermont, too–about 45 minutes away from Burlington. Small world! 😉

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