Georgia Recap

I’m back in the great state of Massachusetts! I flew back yesterday morning and managed to stay calm on my flight home, surprisingly. But it was a relays smooth flight, despite landing in bad weather in Boston. Jess picked me up from the airport and we went to Whole Foods and stopped be a bakery and then I came home and napped. It was dreary and rainy and my room was so dark! Perfect napping weather!

I woke up for my 8 hour shift feeling pretty good! It was a fairly easy day at work but I’m still on the countdown till this assignment is over! (6 weeks.) I was psyched last night to come sit and catch up on some Real Housewives. I think I needed some relaxing time!

Today is BEAUTIFUL! I didn’t wake up for the gym but honestly didn’t have high hopes for making it this week. Instead I got up and cooked lunches for three days of work, sat by the pond, did two loads of laundry, unpacked, shower, made breakfast, and ate. I actually did have time for a quick workout, but it didn’t happen. I’m feeling the need to just spend some time relaxing so I’m just going to go with it. Besides, I have a feeling Jess and I will get our hiking in while we’re in Vermont this coming week!

I’m dreading work on such a wonderful day! I’m dying to just get outside and enjoy the weather! Not going to happen though!

A quick end of the week recap from Georgia:


I was so excited to see these two cats! I seriously love these two and was so happy to have Tom waking me up in the morning and Fluff’s silky furs sitting next to me.


Dates with Jon! My favorite! And I even took the time to curl my hair, which fell out not long after because I get too paranoid about burning my hair off.


I love making dinner with this guy. I’m usually the veggie cooker and he typically does our meats, but I love our teamwork and then sitting down to eat together. The pork chops were undercooked and then we never got them cooked right, but my green beans were awesome. 


Sushi Nam is our favorite sushi place! We got to sit outside and enjoy a really nice evening for Georgia!


We followed our Sushi Nami date night with a walk around the neighborhood! We had planned on walking around downtown but decided to head home for a more relaxing evening. I love our walks together!

Anyway, time to head off to do some dishes and put my clean sheets on my bed!

2 thoughts on “Georgia Recap

  1. I hated that rain, made the day just drag by and the traffic terrible. It did cool down the weather though.

    I use L’Oreal hairspay when I curl my hair with the curling iron or with the flat iron (which curls it better than the curling iron) and it doesn’t turn my hair crunchy and leave it an awful smell, it leaves it soft and smelling nice. Says alcohol free on it, and they have a more expensive one too that doesn’t crunch up as well that leaves it soft, my curls stays in to the next day.

    • I’ll have to look at the L’Oreal one! I didn’t even know that there was alcohol free hairspray! I use my flat iron too (I CANNOT figure out a curling iron) and I have a wand that I use and the curls hold better, but I left it in Mass! It is SO NICE out now too!

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