Almost time to go back to Mass & Assurant Health Insurance!

If you’ve ever been away from home for extended periods of time, I think you may know this already- but sitting on your couch is seriously the best thing ever. I can hear Jon snoring in the bedroom, my cats are chilling on the floor, and I’m just chilling on the couch. Although I’m excited to get back to exploring up in Massachusetts (and to see Vermont next week!), I will definitely be missing my own house when I get back up there! All I want to do tomorrow for my last day in Georgia is sit on my couch. It won’t happen, but that’s what I want.

I had my last shift at work today. Yesterday and today were both good days, but I’m just overly exhausted from my schedule for these two weeks. I could barely keep my eyes open in the car when Jon picked me up last night! But even today was such a nice, controlled chaos. I miss the organization in this place! I miss having private rooms! I miss having time to get to know my patients and actually having the privacy to do so. I’m already looking forward to my shifts in September, which I really need to schedule soon!

I also looked at jobs today at other hospitals in the area. I know I won’t be back until the summer for good, so I obviously can’t apply, but I’m really excited to get new experience when I get back! I want to do some resume building!

Also, in some not so good news, I looked up my insurance company today because I was going to give them a call regarding where my payment was billed to (since I just had to switch all my bank accounts, I had no idea). Come to find out, they have tons and tons of complaints about not paying bills and not covering services. I read multiple stories about how a surgery went to get pre-authorized and Assurant had said that they “might” cover the procedure. Uh, what?! I have had four surgeries and was never told that in the past, and my ENT was shocked when they called me to update me and the insurance company said that they “might” cover it (to have a small skin tag removed from my throat that has been repeatedly infected). It’s a PRE-AUTHORIZATION! So basically, they sound like a scam and I can’t believe I’ve been paying into them for over a year! After this assignment in Massachusetts is over, I’ll be taking my insurance through the travel company for that assignment, and then I should be able to switch my health insurance to another private company because it’ll then be considered a life event so I’ll be able to apply at that time. I can’t now since it’s not open enrollment. I only went with Assurant because I had found them on a military website that somebody told me about so I figured they’d be trusted, and I had such issues getting health insurance last year because of my “pre-existing condition,” which shouldn’t matter anymore. At least I hope not. Also, I just looked up the “health exchange” plans. For over $200 a month, the plans still have a deductible of $6000, family is doubled, and some of them go up to $36000 for a family out of network deductible. Are you kidding me?

I think people who voted for Obama because of this “affordable” healthcare were idiots. Sorry, democrats. Those that voted for him because he was black were really, really dumb. And ignorant. And clearly don’t believe that the color of your skin doesn’t matter (as they preach about how racism is still alive).

I digress. I’m off to wake up Jon so we can go have a sushi date tonight! I was unimpressed with the sushi I had the other night, so I’m still in need! 




2 thoughts on “Almost time to go back to Mass & Assurant Health Insurance!

  1. Nothing beats home- I love traveling but there’s no couch like your own couch.

    I voted for Obama because I considered him the lesser of two evils (that’s generally the reason why I vote for anyone). I’m socially liberal but don’t really consider myself a member of either party.

    I used to work for Assurant, although not the health division (I worked for Specialty Property, it was my first job out of college). Even at my job working FOR Assurant, we didn’t have their insurance and I always heard it was bad! So I’m not too surprised by this but hopefully your surgery will be covered…

  2. So sorry about that health insurance debacle!! How ridiculous. You know it is bad when the people that work in healthcare can’t even figure out how it works…just think of all those out of the system, it must be so scary for them!

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