Cards Against Humanity and Running Errands

Last night ended up being quite a good night back in Atlanta! I took a quick nap and then got ready to head down to Gina’s house. Thankfully, she was open to having everybody over for a pretty last minute get together (we knew it was happening but had mostly planned on going out to eat somewhere). It ended up just being Kassie, Gina, Laura, Jon, Billy (Kassie’s boyfriend), and me, which was just fine! We all caught up and ate pizza (clearly, no clean eating for me going on here)!


Reenacting a wedding photo. This is way more awkward.


Kass, me, Laura, Gina. (I plan on cutting my hair in September! It it WAY TOO LONG but I don’t want to take up all my free time during this trip with hair appointments.)

I ended up getting super crazy with my Fireball and Sprite (I kid, I was not crazy at all) and we played Cards Against Humanity for a long time! Some of the cards played were hilarious! Definitely a good time with friends!

I finally managed to get a pretty decent night of sleep last night! Jon and I laid in bed till about 9:30 today and then went to my parent’s house so we could all go get breakfast at J Christopher’s. We didn’t make it there till fairly late because their air conditioning unit was getting worked on, so it set our day back a little more than we had planned. I love J Christopher’s so I enjoyed my breakfast and time with the padres is always good!

Jon and I headed to the outlets afterwards to get my rings inspected and cleaned. We stopped by Dick’s for a new hiking backpack for me. I actually settled on a Camelbak that has a good sized backpack. It’s really ugly (brown!) but it was on sale for $47 and I liked everything else about it. Can’t always look cute when I’m hiking! (My other backpack doesn’t have a chest strap, which is somewhat troublesome on some of the hikes up here- these rocks are no joke.) We then went to Abbadabba’s in hopes of finding my New Balance Minimus shoes but have to just accept the fact that they don’t sell them in stores anymore. Made a quick stop by Whole Foods, Nothing Bundt Cake, Wal-Mart, and then home!

Now we’re about to cuddle up and watch Heaven is For Real! I’m so excited for some couch time with my cats and husband! Woohoo! Best part of the trip so far! We were planning on making dinner but I typically lack an appetite the day after drinking (even two drinks- yup), so I think we’re going to save it for tomorrow and eat cake for dinner. So healthy.


2 thoughts on “Cards Against Humanity and Running Errands

  1. I love Cards Against Humanity- it always makes for a fun night even if you stay in and play that and just eat pizza. Sometimes a night in beats a night out and it’s cheaper too :). Hooray for your new backpack- even if it’s ugly maybe you can fix it up somehow (monogram? buttons? patches? I dunno, just throwing ideas out). Glad you are having a good trip home.

  2. Sounds like a good night! Yeah, I would want to spend my time back with my family and friends instead at hair appointments.

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