Quick Trip Home

Despite being home finally, I’m pretty irritable! I just can’t help it! After working five days in a row and sleeping on and off for probably a total of 8 hours over the next two nights, Jon and I woke up early to drop his Jeep off yesterday morning. I did go to my old CrossFit gym for this awesome WOD:

12 Days of Christmas (Done like the song, 1 HSPU, then 2 pulls up and 1 HSUP, then 3 wall balls, 2 pull ups and 1 HSPU and so on)  19:06- not too shabby!

1 Handstand Push-up (or Muscle Up) a/b/c) Banded or Box HSPU
2 Commando Pull-ups a/b/c) Banded regular pull-ups
3 Wall Balls (20#/14#) (10′/9′) RX+ @ 25#+/ 16#+ a/b/c) < Rx (I did 12#, f’ those 16s)
4 Clapping Push-ups a/b/c) HRPU
5 Box Jumps (24″/20″) a/b/c) < Rx
6 Sit-ups
7 Double Unders (21 Singles)
8 Air Squats
9 Mountain Climbers
10 Walking Lunges
11 Kettlebell Swings (1.5pd / 1.0pd) a/b/c) < Rx (I did 12kgs)
12 Ring Dips a/b/c) Banded or Bench dips

I was so happy to be back at my old gym and really got in a great workout! Jon and I went to the pool afterwards and then I went to get my hair done, which I HATE doing! It still really needs to be cut but I’m doing that in September.

Anyway, so then my grumpy mood starts. I hadn’t eaten since breakfast at 11 (two eggs and blueberries), so I was starving! I also wanted to get dressed up but knew I’d be way too fancy for where Jon and I decided to double date with Crista and Billy. I was so excited to see both of them though that going somewhere fancy got overlooked (totally fine).

But I was HANGRY. And then Jon drove the way that there is always tons of traffic so it took us forever to get to dinner. My sushi was so so…



(Crista and Billy on top.) Dinner was good, but I was exhausted when we got home! And we came home to a dirty, raw chicken kitchen since Jon didn’t ever clean up his cutting board AND his laundry is still all over the place (not even a big deal- but see how irritable I am!).

Today I had to work and still am so. freaking. tired. I did fall asleep around 10:30 last night (woke up at 5) but I got up a few times throughout the night. So my sleep isn’t feeling very restful and I don’t do well without sleep!

It was great to work with my old group but found myself irritated throughout the day again. And then Jon wanted to take the car to work since he didn’t want to get there early, but traffic is so bad heading north to my work that he didn’t get to my work till 4 to pick me up and I actually got off at 2:30 today. And then the supply guy cleaned out the fridge and threw out my glass pyrex containers and the rest of my lunch so I was STARVING (and still am). And I’m still exhausted.

So this trip, while it’s nice to be home, is really not the best ever. I’m still so glad to have come home, but I know I’m being irritable. I just want a good night of sleep (tonight will be, hopefully- we have NO PLANS other than brunch with my padres tomorrow and I plan to have a day on the couch). I just don’t do well without sleep or with being hangry, and poor Jon is getting the shit end of the stick. It just sucks having to work 98 hours in a two week period, PLUS my entire flight home and trying to fit in getting to see everybody! Not relaxing at all.

I’m off to try to nap for about 30 minutes and then we’re heading down to Gina’s for the evening to have a little get together! Hopefully my mood improves!



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