I’m just going to make a quick food post before studying for my GRE for a few before hitting the hay. I am so tired and hate. my. job. I had a miserable day at work when I shouldn’t have because none of my patients were anything major. It’s just everything else that I hate, and more and more I realize that I cannot fathom another few years of bedside nursing. But what other options do I have where I can pay the bills with a nursing degree? Not many.

Anyway, since being in Massachusetts, my eating habits haven’t varied a ton from at home. I ate a lot more different types of foods at home, but the basics are the same. The big thing I’ve cut out?


Noosa. My beloved Noosa. They do sell it at Target here, but Target is pretty far away and I actually did buy it once but never ate it. I hate to admit it, but my body is doing so much better without Noosa. I ate 3-4 times a week on work days and always had a lot of *ahem* bowel issues after eating lunch. Mostly, I just pooped. A lot. I haven’t had any yogurt at all since being here and that issue seems to have gone away. I feel way less bloated too. So, it’s hard to part with my Noosa, but I think our love affair is over. (Thankfully, I notice no issues with cheddar in my eggs and goat cheese in my potatoes.)

People here like to eat. They like to eat cupcakes and macaroni and all kinds of other things but they like to bring enough to share! When Jess lived here, she’d buy Trader Joe’s peanut butter cups too and I would snack on them all the time. She brings me cupcakes to work (she’s the best- but not for my belly). A girl I work with is always bringing in food. And I hate my job and am so frustrated and starving here that I just want to eat it all. I’ve also been way less strict about eating out in the last few months, so added together, I’ve been including a lot of bready foods (and peanut butter cups) in my life.

I am craving them BIG TIME. I never thought I would. I transitioned into Paleo really easily awhile back and did it strict for months. I never felt like I was having a hard time with it. Even when I added some unhealthier foods back in (mostly at restaurants), I was still able to have a bunch of fully Paleo days without giving it a second thought. I rarely had cravings at all and actually found that I had quite the opposite. A bowl of mac & cheese back then sounded horrible because it made me feel so horrible. If I ate just one cupcake, I would feel it for the entire rest of the day and often would wake up the next morning being able to tell that I ate something that I shouldn’t have the day before. But tonight all I wanted tonight were donuts or cupcakes or mac & cheese or A DECAF CUP OF COFFEE! (I can’t drink caffeine later in the day so I have decaf at home now.) Jess offered to bring me dessert at the hospital and it was so hard to say no! I even have a headache tonight and I’m attributing it to not having my snack fix.

After work, I was still feeling hungry so I ate a sweet potato and a little bit of kefir. I don’t have any healthy snack foods and everything I have left to eat is for my lunch tomorrow. I feel a little better but am still totally have cravings. It’s strange how just eating those foods even one time a day is still addictive. I’m really feeling the need to clean up my diet and exercising though so I’m going to have to try not to give in so much.

Aside from that, no new news. 12 hours of work to go and I fly home! I should probably pack tonight, actually. Ugh.

2 thoughts on “Food

  1. I hope you have a good trip home! Maybe that will help you feel better? I’ve never tried that yogurt, actually. Our Harris Teeter has it but it’s crazy expensive so I don’t buy it- I usually get their store brand of Greek yogurt instead. I can definitely see how someone can stress eat at work and gain weight, and you are right about people bringing in food! Of course I always brought in food when I was in the office but we had a room where we placed it and it was easy to avoid if you had to. I do think sugar and processed foods are addictive though. If I stay away from them, I am fine, but when I start eating them each day, it’s hard to stop because I just want more.

  2. It is crazy how when you are eating well you are encouraged by your body to keep doing it and when you aren’t eating well it is the same. I have been in this exact same place with my eating. A month ago eating one cookie was like “that was good, but thats enough.” Yesterday I ate 4 without blinking, what the heck!? Time to get focused again I guess.
    I am so sorry your job isn’t what you want it to be. It is hard I think at our age with so many years stretching ahead. Hopefully today is a better day!

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