What is a workout

Not a whole lot new these last few days! I am trying something new in my workout routine (I use routine loosely, since I don’t have any specific routine at all). On days that I can’t go to CrossFit, I’m convincing myself to spend 20 minutes doing SOME sort of activity! Thursday I went for a short run with push ups, squats, and lunges. Yesterday I ran a mile on the treadmill and did a little bit of ab work in the morning. Today I woke up and ran about a mile and did some abs and some push ups after. I was sweating by the end of it. I made it 25 minutes today and that was it.

I tend not to think of a workout as something that only lasts 25 minutes unless I’m at CrossFit (or just running- 25 minutes is still a longer run for me). But it’s pretty easy to fit in 25 minutes of activity in my day so I just need to DO IT. Especially with such a busy schedule coming up, CrossFit won’t be happening nearly as much, which is fine. But I tend to get lazy and not do anything at all for a month at a time when that happens (although, working as an ER nurse is a physically active job). It was nice to get outside this morning before work too! I actually am really wanting to do a Body Pump class when I’m home, but I cancelled my gym membership at home since there isn’t an LA Fitness anywhere near me here. I think I can pay a daily fee and go, so I may do that.

Anyway, two work days down, three to go (till I see Jon). Last night I had THREE patients all night. THREE. The last time that happened to me was Christmas two years ago! I was loving every second of it. I’m sure either today or tomorrow will make up for it (and Friday was horrendous), but at least 1/5 of my shifts was a super calm day.

I have to go clean up my room and get ready for work! Have a good day, everybody!



4 thoughts on “What is a workout

  1. I’ve only seen an LA Fitness in Western Massachusetts, maybe they have one in Boston. Maybe you can sign up for the remainder at Planet Fitness? They don’t have a bar but they do have dumbbells and it’s just $10 a month.

    The three work days will be over before you know it and you’ll be in Georgia again!

  2. You can actually buy a BodyPump kit online at Amazon. I never realized that until recently, you get a few DVDs of it but I guess it has to get boring doing the same songs/tracks over and over with it. The library here has workout DVDs though.

    I’m glad you had a calm day at work (I know how crazy your job is) and will get to see Jon soon, hopefully that will help you through the rest of the assignment!

    • I haven’t gotten into any workout DVD type things. I could probably google some, actually! But I really like being in the class setting for things like that or I’ll want to quit a lot earlier than I would if I actually go to the class! I’m definitely somebody who benefits from having others around me!

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