Gym, Work, Life.

Yesterday was such a nice day! I relaxed a bit in the morning and then headed out to Kalmus Beach in Cape Cod. It’s just south of Hyannis and I love Hyannis! I hadn’t been out to the beaches near there yet and the road along the water was so cute! I loved it! Total beachy summertime feel! It was $15 to park at the beach (WHAT?!) but the beach was really nice. It was breezy and not too crowded and just totally perfect. I think I could have spent my entire afternoon there but I had errands calling my name!


After about an hour an a half, I went to Whole Foods, came home, cooked, went to Target, and came home again. Unfortunately, CrossFit never made it in my day because I had to cook and since the woman I live with goes to bed so early (she wakes up super early for work), I had to get my cooking done. Instead, I decided just to go for a 20 minute run with some air squats and push ups integrated in. I definitely got hot and sweaty so it worked for me! (And then it got super dark- totally forget how dark it is with no street lamps.)

I spent my evening finishing thank you notes from the wedding and then studied for the GRE. I have been trying to take a break from watching TV on my computer because I’ve had horrible headaches the last few days, so no sunglasses, headbands, or watching the computer. I finally don’t have a headache this morning!

Today I somehow got myself up for CrossFit. I really did not think I was going to manage to get up! It was a partner WOD.

“Fight Gone Bad”

Three rounds of: Wall-ball Shots, 20/14lb      Sumo deadlift high-pull, 75 / 55 lbs Box Jump, 20″ box       Push-press, 75 / 55 lbs      Row (Calories)

My partner and I got 326 reps. Not too bad! She is much newer to CrossFit so we only used 35# on our bar which was super, suuuuper light but I was really not motivated at all this morning so was personally kind of glad that I had a reason to go so light and do half the work. I ended up drenched in sweat (probably cause of the humidity) so I felt good about it!

Today starts my insane 2 weeks of work! Bummer. I’m totally dreading it but I get to see Jon on Wednesday morning so it’s worth it! And my beach day yesterday was really nice and relaxing!

Let me all leave you with a photo of just how adorable my parents were 33 years ago on their wedding day! My dad and my two brothers could be twins! Totally crazy! Also pictured: my sister, age 7 months gestation, in my mom’s belly. Talk about an itty bitty pregnant woman. I love my mom and dad!



4 thoughts on “Gym, Work, Life.

  1. I can’t even really tell your mom is pregnant! She doesn’t look like it.

    I have done that WOD. It was extremely hard, I remember that. I don’t remember anything much about it but I remember the name and all those wall balls and running from station to station to do it.

    • It sucks! It’s hard to forget! My mom was so small! She still has her wedding dress and it fits me pretty well still! She definitely got bigger with her other pregnancies though!

  2. That looks like such an intense workout. I honestly cannot even imagine. Your mom is absolutely gorgeous and 7 months pregnant? Oh my gosh.

  3. That looks like a great beach!! It makes me want a vacation!

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