Truro Vineyards, Cape Cod, and Blue Hills

This weekend has been a totally Rachel filled weekend! Yesterday Jessica decided to head out onto a boat and neither Rachel nor I were too enthusiastic about it, so we decided to head to Cape Cod. While the boat may have been pretty awesome, I want to get out and see the land, not just the water!

Rachel got here and we headed out to the Cape and decided to get some breakfast. We didn’t find breakfast since it was fairly late, so we stopped at a little tiny restaurant in the middle of nowhere. I had a southwest burrito that was really good but upset my stomach for the entire rest of the day! Emergency bathroom breaks were had on my burrito’s behalf.

Our first big stop was at Truro Vineyards. I had seen it the other week when I was driving around and thought it looked so cute! We both loved it! The wine tasting was outside under a little roof and it was just beautiful out! We did a tasting and shared our glasses so we could test out all the wines! My absolute favorite was the Cape Blush wine, but then again, I love rose wines so that was to be expected. Rachel bought Jon and me a bottle for our wedding gift! (Jon won’t drink a rose, but he finds me entertaining after a couple glasses of wine, so I’m sure he’ll enjoy the wedding gift as well!) We also got to keep a wine glass so I was pumped!


IMG_2608 2


After our vino adventures, we decided to head to a lighthouse. The weather was absolutely perfect! I am seriously loving the summers here in Massachusetts! Although we’ve had some humid nights where I’m absolutely dying without central AC, I really do think this weather is amazing! I could definitely head up this way (or to Maine) every summer!


It was nearing 5pm but Rachel and I were determined to go to a beach! So on we went! A good thing about going after 5 is that you don’t have to pay since the lifeguards come off duty at 5! It was like we won the lottery! Woohoo! Or maybe I just felt like I won the lottery since we don’t have to pay to park at the beach in Florida and I’m anti paying to park EVERYWHERE! 


Of course I relaxed in my baby beach chair. This thing is the best. It’s so easy to get in and out of my trunk because of its small size and I fit perfectly in it. I do sometimes wish I had two cup holders, but I guess kids don’t usually double fist.


Loved the beach! We decided to stop at a little seafood house on the side of the road since Rachel was dying for lobster rolls. I just had a grilled cheese cause my stomach was still upset and then we headed back to make it to the Plymouth fireworks!

No pictures of those, but trust me, you don’t need them. They were pretty pathetic. Most of the time at the fireworks was spent wondering how many people were on heroin since it’s such a big deal here. Rachel headed home after our fireworks so we could rest up for our hike today!

Today we decided to hit up the Blue Hills, just south of Boston. We had a bit of a rough start since I forgot the Deet and since Lyme disease (along with heroin) is so common here, there was no way I was about to enjoy nature without some Deet! But eventually, we were on our merry way!


The beginning of the hike was fairly strenuous but not too bad. I wasn’t a big fan of all the little rocks all over the place because I kept slipping on them, but it definitely wasn’t terribly difficult out there. 

IMG_2654 2 IMG_2660

The best part of the hike was seeing the Boston skyline! I was definitely wishing that I had brought my long lens with me, but maybe I will try and hike it again at some point! Or not. There was an awesome breeze up at the top and it was super enjoyable to sit up there. We made friends with some rock climbers and Rachel got their numbers so we could possibly climb with them, but who knows if it’ll ever happen! They were super friendly though and just confirms that people up here really are super nice!

IMG_2664 2

Our hike was only 2 hours total (super short), so I had plenty of time to head to Target and Whole Foods. I’ve been enjoying my weekly Whole Foods visit for my fried plantains and mac & cheese (yes, I’m still against eating pasta and yes, I do really enjoy my weekly mac & cheese- I can’t help it!). I did accidentally buy decaf coffee at Target though. WTF.

I headed home to make some dinner/lunch for work.


I know that looks like vomit, but it was good! I made chicken in coconut oil and taco seasoning, some Spanish rice, and then mixed that together and added some corn, black beans, and refried beans. I even ran some up to Jessica at work and she confirmed that this was actually a delicious dish. I had 6 servings too, so plenty for my Mon-Thurs (boooo) work week this week! 

I’m going to watch some Hulu or Netflix or something now and then head to bed. It’s a 5 day work week this week and my throat is infected again! I’m going to see if one of the doctors at work can write me for antibiotics tomorrow and I think I’m going to see about having surgery in September between travel assignments! I’m so frustrated with this itty bitty little tag in my throat that gets infected repeatedly, especially since it would take all of 5 seconds to cut out and cauterize. Also, on the last random note, I was totally missing being home this afternoon! Jon met up with Crista since it was her birthday and I wished I could have gone to spend an afternoon with my friends and with Jon too, and I would love to just cuddle up and watch a movie with Jon and the cats! And yes, I know I was the one who wanted to travel, but I still miss him (since I have to constantly remind Jon of this!).


Happy 5 years of CrossFit


Yesterday (/2 days ago, depending on how you look at it- I haven’t gone to bed yet) I celebrated my 5 year CrossFitaversary. The top left picture is in my WOD notebook that I got when I first started CrossFit. My wise coach told me that I should write down anything I do in there and I haven’t missed writing down a WOD yet. You can see what nice handwriting I have there since page 1 always needs to be pretty.

The top right is at my height of my CrossFit time (I just reread that phrase and can’t decide at all if that’s the phrase), sometime in mid-late summer 2012. Clearly my shoulders were way more beastly than they are now. I used to be awesome at pull ups. I could easily knock out 25 without a break and not even think twice about it. Not anymore.

Bottom left was this year’s WODS. I haven’t gotten any cuter while working out. And after 3 rounds of that EMOM with 65#, I had to take off weight to make it 55#. My shoulders are so pathetic these days.

Bottom right was me this morning after the “11 July” WOD. I’m still not cute when I work out. That was after a car ride home to air out or I’d look worse. I promise. The tomato face left me a bit on my ride home.

I still definitely love CrossFit. I still think it’s a great way to work out. How I work out has definitely changed though. I think an injury really puts things into perspective and honestly, I’m probably lucky I never injured anything worse than I did. I had one minor back problem for about two weeks at one point, a shoulder issue for about a month, and then the torn ligaments in my thumb, which was a total of 7 months off. I would have never dropped weight in the middle of a WOD before like I did yesterday (and that is probably one of the few times I’ve ever taken weights off). I would have just sucked it up and did 65# and my form would have been ugly. Not these days. If my form feels like it’s off, I drop weights or I stop. I do sometimes wonder if people think I’m crazy at the gym (mostly the coaches cause everybody else is busy dying while they work out), but at the same time, I’ve realized that it’s just not worth it to risk your body. I can’t put myself into a position where I can’t work and I can’t make money. I don’t have paid time off in the bank. I don’t have any sort of healthcare coverage for extended periods of time off. And besides, it’s my health.

I don’t even feel like talking about CrossFit. That’s how you know when you’ve been doing it for 5 years. It’s boring to talk about. Then again, I had a crazy day at work and don’t really feel like thinking about anything. I couldn’t even have a conversation with Jon tonight without getting pissed off about USAA again!!!! If you’re a man, you should probably listen to your wife when she asks you to do something a certain way so that all of these issues could have been avoided in the first place. And while you may call your wife “controlling,” there is clearly a method to her madness because all of these banking issues that you’re having as a couple wouldn’t have existed if you had just let yourself be controlled for the 5 seconds it would have taken to just add the bank accounts to the same log in as yours instead of CREATING A NEW ONE which your wife specifically asked you NOT TO DO!

(But, man out there, your wife loves you. But just listen, okay? She’s a really smart woman. And while she may think that you can pour water on an engine which is totally crazy and you know is totally wrong, she actually does know how to take care of all of these silly organizational tasks and knows how to take care of banking and most other money/bill related things.)

Those Travel Nurse Problems

Paperwork never ends. All you non married people who are changing your name when you get married, just brace yourself. I’ve been really hating on American Express lately because I have been calling them for two months trying to get them to switch my Delta Skymiles number to the one that I actually use. Today I finally called Delta to see if they could merge the accounts and they can, but first I have to fax in my marriage license to change my name on my Skymiles account so they can merge the two (which I need to change anyway). Thankfully I brought my marriage license to Mass with me, along with all my other important documents.

But last night I started on my Oregon nursing license and there is SO MUCH to do! I have to have my college transcript sent with a piece of paper to Oregon. I still have to request my Georgia license to be verified, which is more paperwork (and money) to send to Georgia since Georgia isn’t on the online verification system. Ahhh! I’m so tired of having to do all of this! And getting licensed is getting progressively more expensive because each state you’re licensed in has to verify your current licenses with the new state which is $25 in Georgia and $30 for every state using Nursys (the online system), and we’re not reimbursed for that part through the travel company, but I think I’m going to work on getting reimbursed for that part as well. And even though I’m reimbursed the actual licensing fee once I get a contract in that state, I still had to pay over $200 last night and won’t see that money again till October! I need to work on my Arizona license too., which is tons of paperwork again! AHHH!!!!

I’m so boring. Last night I watched A Little Bit of Heaven (I think that’s the name) with Kate Hudson. Watch that movie if you want to cry for 30 minutes straight. I’m serious.

I skipped the gym this morning. It’s the first time I’ve felt guilty about it but it’s so humid out and I couldn’t sleep again last night despite being exhausted because my sheets and legs were literally wet from the humidity. It was so disgusting. So I continued sleeping this morning instead of getting up for the gym, which means I’ll probably have a hard time sleeping tonight since I didn’t get out of bed till 11:45. Benadryl, we’ll be friends tonight. Can’t miss the gym again tomorrow!

I made a cup of coffee in the Keurig a few days ago and forgot to put a cup under it first. Coffee went everywhere. Who does that?

I will be flying home on August 6th and coming back on August 13th (most likely). I work August 13th, but if I get an early flight, I can still make it to work at 3 easily. I’ll just be seriously exhausted since I’ll have to wake up so early, but I’m a big girl. I think I can handle it for one day. I’m beyond excited to see Jon but bummed because I’m going to work all day Sunday while I’m home, and then I’m also working Friday and Monday (and so is Jon). With the hours worked there, I should break even on the cost of the flight. I want to save my Skymiles for when I have an assignment in Portland because that flight is going to be more expensive!

I’m going to stop rambling and go finish my coffee, clean the kitchen, and shower for work. 

Newport, RI and Roomie Hangouts

finally got to spend time with Jessica this week! After living together for two weeks now, I figured it was bound to happen at some point! Sunday we headed out to Newport, RI in the early afternoon. We didn’t really have any plans and didn’t stay for all that long, but we want to head back and do a tour of the mansions there.

We started the day with breakfast at the White Horse Tavern– the oldest tavern in the US. (There she is below.)



I had cranberry and pecan french toast that was pretty decent but way too sweet for me! I barely finished two pieces! The breakfast there was pretty pricey too and there really weren’t all that many options. I’m also a big eggs and bacon kind of girl and they didn’t have an option to just add a scrambled egg. They did have an $8 egg breakfast but ain’t nobody paying that much for eggs. I could have bought 32 eggs at the store for that price. The tavern was really cute on the inside though and the service was great.

IMG_2465 2

After breakfast, Jess and I spent the afternoon walking around Newport! It was super cute and for the most part, there was a nice breeze! I also found an art store that was closing out and bought this beauty!


I was so excited about how cheap it was (still expensive- but for an original painting WITH a frame, it was a really good deal for art in the US- European paintings are always way cheaper). I can’t wait to take it home in September and find a place to hang it! Pretty much everything I have in my house is from my travels somewhere and I was looking to find a piece out here, so glad I was able to get this already!


We also got our very first picture together! Awwwww, roomie love (my Mac just changed that to rookie love). And yes, I was holding my hair for the picture because it was windy out. Don’t hate. I ended up googling things to do in the area and found Ft Adam’s State Park, so we headed over. It was on the water (as all the forts are) and did some walking around.


Pretty amazing views there! I love the water up here. I still have only had one beach day where I have spent some time sitting on a towel, but I don’t feel like I need it. I’ve been to beaches and got my tan on in my previous, non-travel nursing life. I just want to walk around and see all the rocky beaches and wharfs and marinas. And there are so many in Massachusetts so I’m pretty much happy no matter where I go. Even the most ghetto areas have coastlines that I like.

On our way back, we decided to get dinner at a Chinese place in Fall River, MA. We yelped it and found a place with 4 1/2 stars and 6 really good reviews. It was totally in the ghetto and served ghetto quality food (for the record, I’m really good at finding places to go in the ghetto- it’s becoming my new thing, which is also how I know that I like the coastline in ghetto areas). I can’t even remember what it was called now but if any of you ever go to Fall River (which you should probably just avoid), avoid their Chinese. If that one had great reviews, I can’t imagine what the other Chinese in the area is like.

Back on track now. So, I lazed around Sunday night and then Monday morning, Jess and I had our hospital orientation which was soooo boring. We were done by noon though so we had time for lunch in Plymouth before I had to go to work. We actually had breakfast for lunch (we both love breakfast- we’re a match made in heaven) and then went to see Plymouth Rock and the Mayflower from afar.


The Mayflower. In our scrubs, because we’re totally awesome nurses. And because I was totally working right after this picture was taken. Thankfully I only had to work 4 hours. They were busy hours but easy (I don’t think my old job has ever had a Monday that good).

After work, Jess and I headed down to Cape Cod for a Mexican dinner. I’ve realized that Mexican food is just really not all that great when you’re so far from Mexico. The Mexicans making my food (maybe they weren’t Mexican, but they looked like it) didn’t even speak Spanish. They didn’t even have queso. WHAT KIND OF MEXICAN IS THAT?! Clearly not. But my burrito was actually really good for the fake Cape Cod Mexican that it was.


Definitely had a good time with this girl. We walked around and ate ice cream and I imparted all the wisdom I’ve gained in my 28 years on this planet. But really, we did have good talks and I’m really glad we ended up finding each other on (/

Anyway, this was pretty lengthy, but all I did today was go to CrossFit and then head to Salem and Gloucester. I ended the day with lots of traffic and a trip to Whole Foods. Salem was alright, but not good enough to write a whole blog post on right now. Maybe if I’m bored later and am impressed with any of my pictures. And now I’m about to FaceTime Jon and sit in wet misery because the humidity has come back in Plymouth and we’ve already established that nobody in Massachusetts believes in air conditioning.

Alrighty, have a good night everybody!

Two weeks into travel nursing!

Last night I got off work at 11 after a really slow 4th of July (THANK YOU RAIN!) and could not sleep! How irritating! I fell asleep at 5am, after it was already light out. Since I hadn’t slept much at night, I ended up staying in bed till 12:30 this afternoon, which means that I’m wide awake now at 1:30am! Ah! I’m about to take some benadryl!

It’s been a full week at work now since I’ve been on my own (5 shifts this week). I was completely frustrated when I got to work today because I couldn’t find anything I needed! At the end of the shift, another nurse got a STEMI (ST elevation myocardial infarction/heart attack). I heard the doctor say it when a tech showed her an EKG, so I let the charge nurse know as she walked back into the nurse’s station. She didn’t do anything. So I decided to go get my feet wet since I haven’t had a STEMI at the new hospital!

It felt pretty good! I must say! I’ve had my fair share of STEMIs now (at my old job) and frequently hang nitro and realized how completely comfortable I am at this now. The doctor kept reiterating that he wanted two IVs and I really had no idea why he even felt the need to say it. Clearly he was going to get two lines, right? I had been planning on a second line since I walked through the curtains (cause we don’t have doors). I enjoyed it. I got all the meds, started the second line, drew blood, medicated the patient… It was good. And I didn’t have to document a single thing! Woohoo!

Anyway, aside from that, I’m still obviously missing Jon, but I think I’ve settled in a little more. I miss him, but I’ve been so busy this week with work and going into Boston with Rachel that I haven’t had much time to think about it. I’ll be going back home on August 6th (for a few days so I can get some shifts in at the old job) and I’m really excited to see him and be at home. But I’m pretty content with this traveling gig right now and am looking forward to the next one. I’m actually googling how to get an Oregon license by endorsement! Anyway, Jon and I usually talk every night when I get off work for at least 15-20 minutes and some days, that’s all we talk. I have been able to FaceTime him randomly if he isn’t working (he only works part time because of school) so that’s been nice too. Although working so many 8 hour shifts can be a bit of a pain and I wish I had more time to just travel, I think it’s good to stay busy since I think I’d miss him more if I had the time to do so. I can’t believe how quick time is going already though. I know August will fly by since I’ll be working 5 days in a row, flying home for a week, and then coming back to work 4 days in a row so two weeks will be gone before I know it! And then I leave in September!

Tomorrow I’m going to Providence and Newport, RI with Jessica! I’m excited to spend time with her and get out and travel! I think I’m going to go ahead and take some Benadryl now so I can hopefully get tired sometime soon and get in bed so I’m not miserable tomorrow!

Charles River Tour in Boston

Today ended up being a pretty fantastic day! I didn’t end up waking up in time to go to the gym, but hey, after 3 nights at work, I’m just going to let it slide! I got ready for the day in Boston and then headed out to meet up with Rachel, one of the girls who is now traveling up here that worked with me down in Atlanta.

I was venturing onto the T for the first time since being here (it’s their mass transit, sort of like our MARTA but a lot more expansive) so I headed up to the southernmost station and the parking lot was full! I attempted to head to the next station that was only 3 miles away and somehow got lost in a parking lot. Seriously. My iPhone kept telling me to turn onto named streets in 50 feet while I was smack dab in the middle of the parking lot. I don’t even know where my phone thought I was and I was about to throw the thing out the window but know that I obviously can’t live in a city that I don’t know without my iPhone. iPhone saved. I did make it to the next station eventually…

And then I sat on the T and thought my train was going to come off the tracks. It bounces up and down and makes such horrific noises! But really, how can a train bounce up and down and not come off the tracks? I think I was sweating.

If I wasn’t sweating enough on the train, I got all my sweating in down in Boston! I also left my camera at home since it was supposed to storm today (spoiler alert: it didn’t- and I didn’t get any pictures of the awesome things we saw other than on my cheapo iPhone). I was actually so glad to be meeting up with Rachel! A familiar face is nice! Since Jessica and I work such opposite days, my interaction with people has been mostly limited to people I see at work and that’s just not the same as friend time.

We ended up eating pretty quickly after I got there at Zuma Tex-Mex Grill. The food was pretty decent and we spent the time catching up about how horrible my new job is and what she has in store for her (she starts her travel assignment on Monday). We decided to head over to do a Charles River tour after lunch!

Guys, it was hot today in Boston! We were sweating like crazy. I’m pretty sure we spent half of our walk talking about how much we were sweating and by the time we got down by the ticket area for the tour, our clothes were soaked. We sat inside a mall and enjoyed the cooler weather until our 4:15 take off time.


My hair was down and looked good to start with… And then we sweated and I couldn’t take it anymore! I just can’t look good in the summer! It’s too hot for this wavy haired girl! The tour was actually really pretty awesome. It lasted about an hour and really didn’t take us super far, but we got to sightsee from the middle of the river, so I liked it!





After we did our tour, we decided to get some dinner and head towards the 4th of July festivities (it was moved to today because of storms tomorrow). We ended up having pizza for dinner and having plenty of time left, so followed that by some ice cream. I’m pretty sure I consumed a year’s worth of sugar today between an iced milky way coffee, ice cream, pizza, garlic bread, and a vitamin water. Whatever. Thankfully that’s not my normal diet.

We got down near the festivities and realized that the crowds were just absolutely insane. We decided just to head across the river and view the fireworks from the other side and figured we’d be able to hear the band playing from over there too. Once we got to the bridge, we realized it was closed. It was another mile to the next bridge so we decided to just step it out and make it across the river to hear the bands. Another five gallons of sweat later, we made it to the festivities on the other side of the river! We couldn’t really hear the band and it was super crowded, so we sat down on a little bridge and hung out. We got to looking at train schedules and decided maybe we couldn’t stay till 11pm when the fireworks were supposed to end (she had to take a commuter train and the last departure time was around midnight, plus she had to switch on the T three different times).

We headed off to the T around 10pm and made our way through the crowds. At 10:10, they started the fireworks! A whole 20 minutes early! People were running down the streets to see them! We managed to see a few over the buildings but hearing fireworks from between city buildings was something else! It was so loud and the sound was resonating between all the buildings! We could also see the fireworks on most of the glass windows! I sort of wished we had stayed to see the show since it’s supposed to be number one in the country, but not enough to want to fight the crowds on the T after they ended.

I had a nice quiet ride home aside from thinking the train was about to derail and got a nice quick shower in. I’m about to edit some photos for a few minutes and head to bed. I work 11p-1a tomorrow (I picked up 2 extra hours) and Jessica has been texting me all night tonight about how horrible it is so I’m dreading it. I also have no food to eat tomorrow, so I need to go to the grocery store in the morning. The gym is closed for the 4th, so that’s off the morning schedule.

I’m looking forward to Sunday. Jessica and I are going to go have brunch at the oldest bar in the US (White Horse Tavern) in Providence and do some exploring in Rhode Island! Although I still miss Jon, I am loving my days off and taking advantage of the traveling that we are able to do! I’m also off at 7 on Monday night since we have hospital orientation early on during the day, so her and I are going to hang out after I get off work too. I’m definitely looking forward to actually getting to spend some time with her since we haven’t spent much time together other than a trip to Whole Foods last week!

Mt Katahdin, Cape Arundel Inn, &

Back to some traveling posts! I don’t remember exactly where I was in the last post, so I’m going to just talk about my favorite day that we had! Hiking Mt Katahdin! We ended up staying in this really ghetto hotel on Wednesday night since the bugs in central Maine were just insanely horrible! We opted out of camping, which was kind of a bummer since the weather was so perfect for it and we had a good time camping at Acadia! When we woke up early the next morning, we got into the rental car to find that we were supposed to pull over cause our engine was too hot! I’ll probably get into this in another post (make a nice review on the Hertz in Portland, ME), but it ended up delaying our day by about 3 hours since we had to wait on Hertz to bring us another car. We did end up getting a nice breakfast at a local place and having some time to repack the car and organize our camping stuff.

I think we got to Katahdin around 11 and started our hike around 11:30. We had been told that it can take 8-12 hours to hike it (by the way, Katahdin is the northernmost point of the Appalachian Trail, and since we have the southernmost point in Georgia and have been there frequently, Jon really wanted to do this hike) and figured that we could probably make it in 8 since we’re fairly in shape.


There I am, in shape. The guy at the information booth had told us that there were two trails to hike to the top and that both were similar in difficulty. He actually told us this the day before and he told us we could hike out to a waterfall near the Abol campground and that it would be a good indication of how difficult the trail would be.

We got to the waterfall without any real issues (from the Abol campground). Jon has a really hard time with inclines because his heart rate increases so much and he loses energy (he’s actually been to a doctor for it), so we had a few breaks, but nothing major. We hit our first mile in 22 minutes and thought we were golden!

IMG_2141_2(That picture is actually on the way down, but that was the waterfall.) We kept on hiking and realized that it was getting harder and we ended up taking way more breaks for Jon. We passed a few people going up who were asking us how much longer it was which I didn’t really get since we were clearly on the ascent as well. Most of them never caught back up and we never passed them going down, so I assume they turned around.

As we kept going, Jon and I were just amazed by some of the rocks to climb.



I’m only 5′ tall, so some of the rocks to climb up were just ridiculous! We were walking through small streams and scaling rocks. It was absolutely nothing like the easy peasy hike to that first waterfall! Our second mile took us about an hour and 15 minutes and we honestly thought it couldn’t get much harder! We kept waiting for it to get easier and Jon had told me that the last 2 miles were above the tree line so I assumed that they would be easier!


After I took this picture (in which Jon lifted me up to the rocks because it was was so high), we ran into a man and his kid and asked if the trail was about to get any easier. He looked at us in all seriousness and said, “It’s going to get way harder. Good thing you’re small (he was looking at me, obviously), because it’ll be easier to get through some of the areas when you’re small.” I don’t even know what that means. We could tell we were almost to the tree line though, so we kept on going.


And then we saw this. And we both kind of looked at each other and thought about if we should keep going. At the same time that we were deciding, we were absolutely freezing our asses off because the wind above the tree line was so intense! There’s still snow at the top of Katahdin in some areas, so think about how cold it must have been. We stopped and ate some sandwiches and I tried to curl up underneath Jon’s legs and by his body somehow and my body hurt from my muscles being so tense from shivering/shaking so much.

IMG_2088 2

We decided to just snap some pictures where we ended and that making it all the way to the summit wasn’t that important. At this point, we were over 3 hours in, meaning each subsequent mile after numero uno was over an hour long, and I had been telling Jon all along how hard this trail was going to be to go back down due to how steep the rocks were. So, somewhere around three miles in, we turned back. Mt Katahdin won. And then I continued to absolutely freeze for probably the next mile back down. Our knees were killing us and we joked about how old we are now and then the inflammation set in and our knees finally felt better.

We did get some awesome views heading down though.

IMG_2093 2

IMG_2109 2

IMG_2118 2


We reached the end after almost seven hours. Our time down took almost the full three hours that it took to go up, which really wasn’t surprising. I felt like I was going much slower on the way down than we did on the way up. We were both pretty happy when our hike was over, especially since I ate two PB&Js at our turnaround point and was having some serious bathroom issues towards the end (this is the real world, people).  I think I ran to that nasty outhouse with flies everywhere and it seriously looked like a golden throne by that point.

On our way out, we stopped by this gem:

IMG_2151 2

After that, we headed back to Kennebunkport to try and stay at Cape Arundel Inn, where we had stayed a few nights prior and absolutely loved. Come to find out, they put an ad on Hotel Tonight for Cape Arundel Inn but were putting guests at their sister hotel that didn’t have a beach view (after we drove a few hours for this specific hotel and were paying $130 for the room which was way more than we wanted to spend- but we LOVED it the first time). We thought this was shady business, so cancelled that night. Let me just say, if you ever need to book a hotel on the day of, use Hotel Tonight! They have good deals and were seriously awesome in handling the whole fiasco with Cape Arundel Inn! We got a real person on the phone after a short hold and then when she had to go to call Cape Arundel Inn, she called me back to keep me updated despite not hearing back from the manager, but she didn’t want to keep us waiting. They were unable to fix the situation so they ended up refunding our room at Cape Arundel Inn so we could book at a place down the road (and they have a “no refunds” policy) and then gave us an additional $50 for booking whenever we want since we had to go through all that trouble! And that wasn’t even their fault- they had no idea Cape Arundel Inn was booking people for their sister hotel! Jon and I were both amazed at what a great job Hotel Tonight did getting everything taken care of and they were so nice about it! I have a feeling we’ll be booking everything on there from here on out. (This is NOT a paid advertisement, obviously, cause who would pay somebody with like, 5 readers for an advertisement?)

Anyway, off to bed. I just finished up three nights at work in a row and have tomorrow off. I’m meeting a girl from my old job in Boston tomorrow since she just came up here for a travel assignment closer to the actual Boston area. I’m pretty excited, but the weather looks pretty crappy for tomorrow. Bummer.