Whale Watching in Gloucester

Yesterday was WHALE WATCHING day! I was super excited about it! Unfortunately, we had to leave early (like, 11- you can tell I work until 11pm now) so I wasn’t able to make it to the gym. Jess came to the house (she has moved out so we’re not longer roommates!) and had some breakfast with me and then we headed up to Gloucester!

We went whale watching with Capt Bill since there was a groupon for it! It was a perfect day to go out on the ocean!


Thankfully, we both took something a little warmer to put on because it did get chilly out on the water! I’m not sure how long it took us to get out there- maybe 45 minutes or so, and then we started seeing whales!


Sadly, the whales were all around the other boats and only came near ours once! This one splashed one of the boats though!

IMG_3138 2

Humpbacks aren’t social creatures like other types of whales, and these two have been together for the last 4-5 days and had a third whale with them today too. The naturalist on the boat said that’s pretty rare and they aren’t sure why they’ve been together so much lately.

IMG_3128 2



Can you imagine being in that little boat? Also, note Boston in the background.


These whales were so amazing! I really loved doing this and I just love being out on the water anyway!


The tail pictures were my favorite! Thanks to Jon for buying me the long lens for my camera so I could zoom in on these! Most of them were actually pretty far away!

Once we came back to land, Jess and I decided to try Cape Ann Brewing Co. The food was decent, nothing special for sure, but the beer was pretty good! I actually really liked their porter and I’m not a porter person at all! I just ordered their wit beer but Jess had the sampler, so it was fun to try a bunch of the different beers.


We left Gloucester and headed down to have some cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory and then I came home!

I woke up too late for the gym today so I’m going to try and go this evening! I’m about to start a crazy 5 day work week and then I fly home on Wednesday morning (at 7am from Boston, after working till 11pm the night before) and then I work at home and leave Atlanta at 7am and work that evening again in Plymouth! So, aside from going home, these next two weeks are going to be really exhausting! I’m really dreading working 48 hours straight at this job here since we all know I feel about my job here!

Aside from that, it’s a beautiful day here! I’m going to head to the beach right now and then grocery shop, getting some fingerprints (I hope!) for my Oregon license, and go to the gym before cooking up some meals tonight! Sounds like a plan!


4 thoughts on “Whale Watching in Gloucester

  1. You had better luck from when I went whale watching in Gloucester, I barely got pictures of the whales. Those are some great shots! I love the Wachusetts porter if you ever come across it. I find that a lot of microbreweries their food are okay because they tend to focus on the beer so much more. Beer Works is a popular microbrewery here, they have about five locations. They’re always changing up their beers.

    • I’ll have to look at that too! I want to go to Blue Hills Brewery too since it’s not too far away! I really liked the pretzels at Harpoon, but that was their only food! The whales were awesome! I doubt they would have been as good without my lens though. They weren’t that close except at one point!

  2. That looks like so much and those shots are amazing. It’s really neat what a nice camera and good lens can do.

  3. Those are great pictures! The first time I went whale watching was right near Boston – sadly, I didn’t see any that day. Such a fun Groupon!

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