Martha’s Vineyard Weekend

This weekend, Rachel and I decided to go to Martha’s Vineyard! We left early on Saturday morning (like, way too early for having worked until 11pm the night before) and hit a ton of traffic! We had to take a ferry from Falmouth to Oak Bluffs in Martha’s Vineyard. Once we got there, we ate some not very good fish and chips and then it took about 2 hours to get to our hostel from Oak Bluffs!

Just a warning for those of you going to Martha’s Vineyard: Every review I read said that you can take the bus for $1. It’s $1 per town, so some bus rides are $3 or more. Buy a $7 day pass FROM THE START (not after spending $20 on bus fare) to get around the island or you waste money because it’s expensive. Also, the bus schedule kind of sucks, so we did spend a lot of time coordinating our bus rides!

After checking into our hostel, we headed to the Aquinnah Cliffs!

Martha's Vineyard Aquinnah Cliffs


Martha's Vineyard Aquinnah Cliffs


We walked around the beach for awhile and stumbled upon a nude beach! Lots of elderly naked men! Not very attractive! Far too much penis for me! I already have to look at penis all day at work, haha. It began drizzling so we headed out of Aquinnah and back to Oak Bluffs!

Once in Oak Bluffs, we walked around and did some sightseeing! We found this bakery and had the best donuts/cheese danishes ever! This place is highly rated and comes up on tons of Martha’s Vineyard website! For a good reason too!

Back Door Donuts

We enjoyed our donuts and some pizza and then walked out to the water.

Martha's Vineyard

The next morning we woke up early and headed out to Edgartown! We loved Edgartown! It was so cute!

 Martha's Vineyard

I had some awesome fudge the night before from Murdick’s and was super excited that they had a cafe there! I got the best mocha of my entire life from the Murdick’s Cafe in Edgartown! It took them about 15 minutes to make it too so it’s a good thing it was so amazing!


We headed to South Beach after, but it was way too cold to stay there and there wasn’t anything in that area other than the beach, so we headed out!

Martha's Vineyard

Next we hit up Island Alpaca and saw these cute little guys!



It started getting really rainy looking while we were there and then rained on us at the bus stop. Luckily we managed to stay fairly dry.


Gotta look cute in the rain. Not. Anyway, we got back to the ferry and made it back to Plymouth at a decent time, were I looked at grad schools and skyped with my mom, dad, and Jon all at once (Jon was having dinner with them). Exciting night!

Now I’m headed off to work!

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