Boston Day! Top of the Hub and Duck Boat Tours!

Yesterday was another awesome day with Jessica (and Christina, for the first half of our day!). I barely managed to drag myself out of bed at 11am, after receiving a call from my scheduler at work at 8:30 in the morning after not getting off until 11:30 the night before. Makes no sense, just like everything else at this job. I won’t even get into our conversation, but I will just say that I am so thankful for what an awesome scheduler we have at my home hospital.

Jess and I headed out to pick up Christina and take the T into Boston just after noon. We decided our first stop would be the Skywalk  at the Prudential Tower! I have been dying to do this as I absolutely love the Sun Dial in Atlanta! We got there and the Skywalk was closed, so we opted for the Top of the Hub, which is the restaurant at the top of the Prudential Tower. We decided to get a table and enjoy a drink, which ended up being a mistake because Jess and I were so tired the rest of the day! What old women.

IMG_2693 2

Too bad the reflection shows up in the sky! Ah well! Absolutely love this city! I think Jess and I talked about that a million times yesterday! I am so incredibly grateful to be living in this amazing area for 13 weeks! Even with the lack of real Mexican food and sushi, I still love it. Cities with water are my absolute favorite!


Christina, Jess, and me! (Got that shift for $5 at Charlotte Russe the other day- hollaaaaa- love a good deal). We enjoyed some Kobe beef sliders and decided to be on our merry way! At the bottom of the Prudential Tower is a Cheesecake Factory so we decided to enjoy some cheesecake outside on such a beautiful day!



We were pretty psyched to walk outside and see that fountain to sit by! After our cheesecake, Jess and I fell asleep for a few minutes sitting outside. It was so nice outside! Christina headed off to meet up with her boyfriend and Jessica and I decided to do a Duck Boat tour!


These boats drive on land and go in water! I’ve seen them all over the place and have been wanting to do them so we were actually pretty excited about it! Sadly, our guide was extremely difficult to understand because he mumbled a lot, so I really have no idea what he was telling us about Boston. It was nice to sit down and enjoy the ride though. We definitely saw some areas that we want to go to next time we make it to Boston. Hopefully next time we wake up earlier and get a nice, early start on our day. Oops.

IMG_2718 2


I really love being on the Charles River! I loved our Charles River tour when Rachel and I did it and this was awesome too! The sun was setting and I wish we could have just stayed out on the water the entire time! How can somebody not love this city?!

Our tour ended and then Jess and I headed back to Plymouth! We had to eat at Burger King on the way back (I don’t even know the last time I had fast food- Jon and I didn’t even get it on our entire road trip that we took a few weeks ago). It was disgusting and we waited forever, but we found that nothing is open at 10pm aside from bars, and neither of us wanted to spend a long time eating.

I’m just getting ready now to go to work! I work today, tomorrow, and Monday. Tomorrow will be my first 12 hour shift at this hospital and I’m dreading it a bit, but at least I didn’t have to add an extra day at work to hit my 40 hour mark for this week! I definitely needed my day off yesterday and it was so nice to have a day off where I got to spend time with people! My excitement for travel nursing has been renewed a bit! I just have to have the time to go exploring or else I get too down with how much this job sucks! Jessica and I have been talking about our travels after this assignment (we’re going to NYC right after this assignment ends for a few days!) and I am super excited to start seeing some more new places! There really is just nothing more amazing than seeing new places! I still absolutely love that my career (/temporary career- until I go back to grad school) allows me to do this and I also am glad that I fully take advantage of this opportunity and am constantly exploring on my days off!

(Sometimes I need to talk about how grateful I am for doing this so when my job sucks and I’m near tears at the end of a day because of how rude the doctors are here, I have something positive to look back on and remember why I’m doing this.)



One thought on “Boston Day! Top of the Hub and Duck Boat Tours!

  1. I’m glad you guys had fun (aside from having to eat at Burger King, yucky I don’t eat there either). But you did get drinks and Cheesecake Factory so it’s all good. Boston looks like a really beautiful place and I love seeing your pictures. Glad you made the most of the day off 🙂

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