Flowers can turn a day around!

After a horrible day at work of being yelled at by doctors (some of the doctors here are downright rude- that would never fly at home), having two back to back critical patients (one didn’t make it in the end- family decision) with no help at all, and one pee break and no lunch break, I was so glad to get home and see these on the counter:


 They really did put a smile on my face and turn my evening around! My stress seemed to disappear quickly! Jon and I have been having a rocky few days, but he listened to me complain about work and was supportive and understanding of everything I was saying and then I got these! All is okay in our world again! Happy wife, happy life.

I did manage to make it back to CrossFit this morning too! I woke up feeling sleepy but not nearly as drained as the last 3 days! My antibiotics kicked and I actually felt pretty good (and starving from the last 3 days of my lack of appetite) at the gym today! Then Jess and I met for a huge breakfast before we both headed into work!

Tomorrow, Jessica, Christina (a girl we work with), and I are headed up to Boston for the day! I’m hoping to make it to the gym at 9:30 tomorrow, but we’ll see! I may be dreaming big since it’s 1:30 and I’m wide awake! I was also super excited today to hear that Rachel got off work next weekend so we’re going to Martha’s Vineyard!!! And Jessica and I worked on our schedule for next month and we’re hoping for a trip to Vermont, the White Mountains, and then I’m hoping Gina and Kassie make it to Boston for Labor Day weekend. (I may need to talk to the scheduler about this… I have a lot of days blocked off as not wanting to work at all.) Aside from that, I took a look into savings today and Jon and I have managed to save a good amount of money in the last 3 weeks which totally makes me excited because I’m old and super responsible! Thank god wedding expenses are OVER so we can save again (yes, our wedding is 100% paid off, one whole credit card statement later)!

Anyway, off to get ready for bed and to relax! It’s finally not so humid out so I’m sure I’ll sleep great tonight!



5 thoughts on “Flowers can turn a day around!

  1. I’m really sorry to hear about your week but I’m glad that the flowers cheered you up. They are beautiful and I hope this week is better 🙂

  2. I hope you guys have fun at Martha’s Vineyard next weekend and in Boston this weekend. So sorry that the doctors there were so mean to you guys- they shouldn’t be like that- and that one of your patients did not make it. The flowers are really pretty and glad they perked things up.

  3. Those flowers are gorgeous!

    When I worked at the North Shore Medical Center, I didn’t like the doctors there and my co-workers agreed that the doctors where snobby as well. Everyone would eat in the cafeteria including the nurses, but the doctors wouldn’t socialize with anybody but doctors nor talk to anyone who weren’t doctors, I wouldn’t even look at them as they probably wouldn’t look at me with my hardhat on. Except probably from curiosity. The big top dogs of the hospital administration would go into the hospital cafeteria and sit down to eat and say hi to me, but the doctors had their noses shoved high up their asses.

    Have fun at the Vineyard and Vermont! There should be a list online where to find Heady Topper.

    If I ever find someone that wants to marry me, I hope to pay off my wedding asap, I don’t want debt for a one day event like my cousin is having. I rather keep it small than go over board. The rain has seemed to finally stop so hopefully no more humidity!

    • Our doctors at home could be rude at times, but our charge nurse there stuck up for us and would tell them not to speak to us like that. Here, it’s just normal. We do have a few awesome doctors but it’s really unprofessional (in front of patients) and demoralizing! But the rudest one will go out with everybody after work so I don’t get it! I’ll definitely look into Heady Topper! You will find somebody to marry you and DEFINITELY have a cheap wedding! It’s the way to go!!!

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