Those Travel Nurse Problems

Paperwork never ends. All you non married people who are changing your name when you get married, just brace yourself. I’ve been really hating on American Express lately because I have been calling them for two months trying to get them to switch my Delta Skymiles number to the one that I actually use. Today I finally called Delta to see if they could merge the accounts and they can, but first I have to fax in my marriage license to change my name on my Skymiles account so they can merge the two (which I need to change anyway). Thankfully I brought my marriage license to Mass with me, along with all my other important documents.

But last night I started on my Oregon nursing license and there is SO MUCH to do! I have to have my college transcript sent with a piece of paper to Oregon. I still have to request my Georgia license to be verified, which is more paperwork (and money) to send to Georgia since Georgia isn’t on the online verification system. Ahhh! I’m so tired of having to do all of this! And getting licensed is getting progressively more expensive because each state you’re licensed in has to verify your current licenses with the new state which is $25 in Georgia and $30 for every state using Nursys (the online system), and we’re not reimbursed for that part through the travel company, but I think I’m going to work on getting reimbursed for that part as well. And even though I’m reimbursed the actual licensing fee once I get a contract in that state, I still had to pay over $200 last night and won’t see that money again till October! I need to work on my Arizona license too., which is tons of paperwork again! AHHH!!!!

I’m so boring. Last night I watched A Little Bit of Heaven (I think that’s the name) with Kate Hudson. Watch that movie if you want to cry for 30 minutes straight. I’m serious.

I skipped the gym this morning. It’s the first time I’ve felt guilty about it but it’s so humid out and I couldn’t sleep again last night despite being exhausted because my sheets and legs were literally wet from the humidity. It was so disgusting. So I continued sleeping this morning instead of getting up for the gym, which means I’ll probably have a hard time sleeping tonight since I didn’t get out of bed till 11:45. Benadryl, we’ll be friends tonight. Can’t miss the gym again tomorrow!

I made a cup of coffee in the Keurig a few days ago and forgot to put a cup under it first. Coffee went everywhere. Who does that?

I will be flying home on August 6th and coming back on August 13th (most likely). I work August 13th, but if I get an early flight, I can still make it to work at 3 easily. I’ll just be seriously exhausted since I’ll have to wake up so early, but I’m a big girl. I think I can handle it for one day. I’m beyond excited to see Jon but bummed because I’m going to work all day Sunday while I’m home, and then I’m also working Friday and Monday (and so is Jon). With the hours worked there, I should break even on the cost of the flight. I want to save my Skymiles for when I have an assignment in Portland because that flight is going to be more expensive!

I’m going to stop rambling and go finish my coffee, clean the kitchen, and shower for work. 

4 thoughts on “Those Travel Nurse Problems

  1. That really sucks that they don’t provide you an ac unit where you’re staying. I don’t have the money to buy one for my room so I suffer through two fans but the upstairs of my house has central air, all the bedrooms are taken right now upstairs. Some of the cool air makes it downstairs though, so it’s better than outside.

    My flight to Seattle was around $500 and that was because my mother gave me the money to pay for it about three weeks before I had to fly out, it was $400 about a month and a half in advance. To Denver, one was $350 and the other was less than $300, it could have been $220 if I flew in the morning but I had work. Portland could be cheap, more people probably fly down to Atlanta than Portland. The beaches there look very interesting, especially with the different rock designs.

    • Jon looked at Portland tonight and they’re $500-600. Flights have gotten a lot more expensive lately! I used to be able to fly to Wisconsin for less than $200 and that never happens now! I have one small fall and it’s just not enough here! And it’s SO humid again! Ahh I hate it! The lady doesn’t even have AC in her bedroom so I doubt she’ll be buying them for us!

  2. I cannot imagine being anywhere without AC, but I guess that’s because I live in the South and everyone has it here. I hope you get everything straightened out with the name change and the nursing licenses, too. I never changed my name except on Facebook (lol).

    My biggest keurig mistake is leaving the old cup in there, then making a cup… so I have my mug under there with my creamer and sweetener and the coffee that comes out is weird looking. Yuck!

  3. that traveling nurse

    I just watched “A Little Bit of Heaven” too. I was in a crying mood, so it was perfect! Good luck with all the paperwork. Safe travels!

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