Two weeks into travel nursing!

Last night I got off work at 11 after a really slow 4th of July (THANK YOU RAIN!) and could not sleep! How irritating! I fell asleep at 5am, after it was already light out. Since I hadn’t slept much at night, I ended up staying in bed till 12:30 this afternoon, which means that I’m wide awake now at 1:30am! Ah! I’m about to take some benadryl!

It’s been a full week at work now since I’ve been on my own (5 shifts this week). I was completely frustrated when I got to work today because I couldn’t find anything I needed! At the end of the shift, another nurse got a STEMI (ST elevation myocardial infarction/heart attack). I heard the doctor say it when a tech showed her an EKG, so I let the charge nurse know as she walked back into the nurse’s station. She didn’t do anything. So I decided to go get my feet wet since I haven’t had a STEMI at the new hospital!

It felt pretty good! I must say! I’ve had my fair share of STEMIs now (at my old job) and frequently hang nitro and realized how completely comfortable I am at this now. The doctor kept reiterating that he wanted two IVs and I really had no idea why he even felt the need to say it. Clearly he was going to get two lines, right? I had been planning on a second line since I walked through the curtains (cause we don’t have doors). I enjoyed it. I got all the meds, started the second line, drew blood, medicated the patient… It was good. And I didn’t have to document a single thing! Woohoo!

Anyway, aside from that, I’m still obviously missing Jon, but I think I’ve settled in a little more. I miss him, but I’ve been so busy this week with work and going into Boston with Rachel that I haven’t had much time to think about it. I’ll be going back home on August 6th (for a few days so I can get some shifts in at the old job) and I’m really excited to see him and be at home. But I’m pretty content with this traveling gig right now and am looking forward to the next one. I’m actually googling how to get an Oregon license by endorsement! Anyway, Jon and I usually talk every night when I get off work for at least 15-20 minutes and some days, that’s all we talk. I have been able to FaceTime him randomly if he isn’t working (he only works part time because of school) so that’s been nice too. Although working so many 8 hour shifts can be a bit of a pain and I wish I had more time to just travel, I think it’s good to stay busy since I think I’d miss him more if I had the time to do so. I can’t believe how quick time is going already though. I know August will fly by since I’ll be working 5 days in a row, flying home for a week, and then coming back to work 4 days in a row so two weeks will be gone before I know it! And then I leave in September!

Tomorrow I’m going to Providence and Newport, RI with Jessica! I’m excited to spend time with her and get out and travel! I think I’m going to go ahead and take some Benadryl now so I can hopefully get tired sometime soon and get in bed so I’m not miserable tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “Two weeks into travel nursing!

  1. Glad you had an easy fourth at work. I haven’t been getting any sleep because of the heat. Have fun in Rhode Island!!!

  2. I’m glad the 4th was easy for you at work and hope you can get some rest!! It looks like you’re having fun hanging out and travelling up there, it’s neat that you’re not missing Jon quite as much and still getting a good experience out of travel nursing.

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