I’m about to start working on pictures in a minute, so all of you will have another traveling post tomorrow (or whenever I get to it, since I have 3 days off this weekend!).

Work was much better last night! I had a preceptor who was my age and helped out with patients and still took initiative so that I could look at the charting a little bit more in depth. We were also much slower last night (still fairly busy) so it definitely helped out a ton! I was feeling much better about the job, but still not very excited about working at this ER in general. The manager asked me how I liked my first day and I told her it was disorganized (she didn’t comment) and when I was talking to my preceptor, she said the travelers often say the same things that I am. I wonder why nobody has listened and tried to fix it? Not my job though. I’m only here for 13 weeks!

I skipped the gym today, which I had planned! I’m only paying for 3 days a week because of the cost. I’m so sore though! I was disappointed to look at the WOD for today and kind of wonder who programs their WODs. On Tuesday, we did cleans and sit ups. Yesterday, we did hand stand push ups, pistols, and pull ups. The WOD today was hand stand push ups and cleans… ??? Who would EVER program HSPU two days in a row? Again, only 13 weeks… and it’s the only CrossFit close enough to go to!

Today is the first overcast day! I’m going to start looking at New Hampshire cause Jessica and I are thinking of going to the White Mountains tomorrow. If she decides not to go, I still probably will head up there tomorrow. Takes about 3 hours to get there, and I could stay in a cheap hotel overnight or head back later on in the evening after exploring. 

I work again from 3-11 today, so I may shower after I eat and then head over to DSW and to occupational health (which is in an entirely different location than the hospital) for a mask fitting. Yup! Pictures to come next post!


5 thoughts on “Ramblings

  1. I’m glad it was slower and you were able to learn more about your job. That is weird they haven’t tried to fix it.

    Do you have any plans to come south anytime soon( cough NJ cough)?

    • Haha, not yet! It probably won’t be until Sept that I head as far south as NJ! You’re still far from MA!!! But I will let you know when I do!

  2. Let me know when you go into New Hampshire! You have to drive by my house up there if you’re going up 93, you literally have to drive by me because I live right on the highway into New Hampshire. I haven’t been to the White Mountains in so long, I was close by two weeks ago, they are a drive even for me. Bring cash for the tolls. I’ve been wanting to hike up Mt Monadnuck and see the Boston skyline up top.

    Oh the Merrimack Outlets in Merrimack, NH are nice to shop at and there’s not a ton of people in. I like going there. Plus it’s nice to shop in NH because there’s no sales tax. Though in MA there’s no sales tax on clothing and shoes, but on everything else there’s sales tax.

    We won’t be getting much rain from here on out, July is coming and it’s not a very rainy month. It starts raining a ton again in September.

    • Ok I will e-mail you! Today, Friday, I already have plans to go into New Hampshire actually to do the karatin treatment, it’s the place I was telling you that does it for $50. But Saturday I have nothing. I have gone camping and have my own sleeping bag, but only here in MA, I’ve never gone camping in the mountains.

  3. Glad your job went better on the 2nd day! But yeah if all the travelers say things are disorganized, maybe they should listen to them? That’s a LOT of hand stand pushups to be doing at Crossfit, don’t really blame you to skip… may as well make the most of your 3 visits per week.

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