New CrossFit gym & New job!

No new travel post yet! I’ve barely made it to going through any more pictures from the trip! But I’m relaxing in the kitchen right now, eating breakfast after my first CrossFit class at a new gym. I keep hoping to sleep in a little bit, but it gets light here at 4:45! Diane gets in the shower at 4:15 and the light is already peeking out! I think tomorrow I’ll actually close my blinds. But I decided to take advantage of being awake and go to an earlier CrossFit class in hopes of getting a nap in before going to work at 3 today. Like I said, the people were very friendly. Everybody was asking why I’m living here for 3 months and making conversation. Pretty quick workout (5×1 deadliest and then 1×5, 3 rounds of 25 sit ups and 5 cleans). It’s the most I’ve ever paid for a gym but they didn’t seem very willing to negotiate, so I’m just going to suck it up and pay it. No other gyms near here to go to anyway.

I had my first day of orientation yesterday. Jessica and I (the girl who I will most likely be doing all my travel assignments with) just sat through some power points and really boring documentation classes. We both work today. I’m doing 3-11 shifts on this assignment and my schedule is really not very great, but I’m just going to suck it up. Maybe I’ll even end up liking it! I’m a little nervous to start working here since policies vary so much in hospitals and certain hospitals use certain drugs for things (some hospitals use ketamine for conscious sedation- we never use ketamine and typically use versed and fentanyl, for example) and doctors are always different. This charting system is completely different than what I’m used to as well! So, it’ll be quite an adjustment, I’m sure, but it’s 13 weeks and that’s nothing! It takes more than 13 weeks to really get good at a charting system and get the flow of a department, so I’ll be leaving just in time!

Being away from Jon is different! I cried quite a bit when he left on Sunday and was super bummed and it made me so entirely grateful that he got out of the Army and we’ll never have to do an entire year away from each other! But now I’m feeling fine. Still miss him, of course, but it’s so beautiful out here and I feel secure in our marriage, so aside from texting occasionally throughout the day and a quick phone call, we’ve not been in much contact. I do miss my furry babies though since we can’t text! 

Anyway, off to shower and clean up the kitchen! I really really want to get a nap in and I have some policies still to skim over before heading into work today (I have to be there at 1:45 for some more orientation stuff).


7 thoughts on “New CrossFit gym & New job!

  1. Yeah that sun sucks in the morning, my blinds don’t do a good job at blocking it especially since one is broken and I have a hard time sleeping past a certain hour because of it. The winters here suck in the dead of winter, the sun rises at 7am and sets at 4pm, so most people work when the sun is up and never get to see it. A lot of southerns that come up end up getting seasonal depression due to it. The summer solstice is in June I think, so the sun time will be slowly decreasing.

    Good luck at work! Hopefully it goes smoothly!

    • Yeah, I remember living up north before that the sun set really early. But I work till 7pm anyway in the winter and usually work overtime all winter long, so I get depressed even in the south (it doesn’t get light till after I get to work at 7am- I have no idea what time it actually gets light in the winter here cause if I’m off, I’m asleep past then). And it did NOT go smoothly, but thank you 🙂

  2. I’m slowly starting to learn your traveling nurse position. I guess I’m a bit confused, so for a year you work in 3-4 different places? That seems intense but worthwhile to see different areas and things. I know how hard it must be with Jon not being there for you. I hope you are enjoying it up there!

    • Well, there are a bunch of agencies that you can work for, and you can switch back and forth between them. Travel nursing assignments are typically 13 weeks but there are some shorter and some longer ones. So you just sign on with an agency and then get contracted to work at hospitals (you get to choose which hospitals out of the ones that offer travel positions) for the length of the assignment. And then you can either switch companies and keep traveling elsewhere, keep traveling with your company in a new location, or quit traveling all together. Mine is a year limit because that’s what Jon is allowing me to do (which, at 13 weeks, should be 3-4 assignments).

  3. Haven’t been around reading in a while–where are you working at now?! How exciting to see different places though. And to check out a new crossfit gym–i just switched to a new box and love it 🙂

    i want out of the army like yesterday. the boyfriend is currently deployed and it sucks so bad. him and i have talked about if we’re both going to stay in or what we’re going to do-the thought of doing the time apart for 9+ months again is less than thrilling!

    • Yeah, I always thought I’d be fine with it (if he deployed), but leaving was harder than I thought! I feel fine now that we’re not having to say goodbye, but I also know he’s at home in a safe place, and I’m sure I’d be nervous ALL THE TIME if he was deployed! I was supportive when he was deciding if he wanted to stay in or get out no matter what he decided, but he knew I would have rather had him out! I’m working at a hospital just outside of Boston for now!

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